Black And White Party Cake

by Maria
(Ringwood, NJ USA)

Black & White Zebra Print With Hot Pink Bow

Black & White Zebra Print With Hot Pink Bow

This zebra inspired cake is a rich chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling. Buttercream flavored fondant covers the cake. Vanilla/white chocolate/raspberry flavored fondant bow.

I first covered the cake with a thin layer of vanilla buttercream then put on the fondant. I cut strips of black fondant and placed on in a zebra look formation.

The bow I had to make the day before but the loops were still a little difficult so I put the button of fondant in the middle to give it a little more character. A hot pink fondant ribbon was used around the bottom of the cake for a border.

This cake literally took my breath away, and it’s a perfect cake to try to recreate if you are throwing a black and white party. The touch of pink really adds something special to this black and white cake as well.

Many people think that a black and white party has to be formal, but this cake gave me some fun ideas. Instead of something formal, consider using zebra stripes as the backdrop for your black and white party. It’s the perfect way to take this theme from formal to fun.

You can incorporate a zebra print in so many ways throughout your party. Add zebra print decorations to the room. You may even be able to find paper goods like paper plates, cups and napkins that come in zebra print, carrying out the theme to your dining or buffet table. Just make sure you don’t overdo the zebra print. If you use plates, cups and napkins with the print, thenuse plain black or white tablecloths so you don’t hurt your guests’ eyes. Remember, simplicity often looks best.

If you decide to make a cake like this black and white cake for your black and white party, remember, you do not have to use pink on it. Use another stand out color or just leave it plain black and white for a stunning effect. You can create your own masterpiece without a significant amount of work.

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