Black And White Party Cake Idea

by Robert Mendleton
(New Mexico)

My Woman's Black & White Cake

My Woman's Black & White Cake

Happy Birthday Darling :)

My wife is an elegant, beautiful woman and I wanted to surprise her with an equally elegant birthday party that she would enjoy for her birthday. She likes classic elegance, so I thought a black and white party was just the perfect idea – I knew she would love it.

I have to admit, I did have the help of a few of her best friends; otherwise, I could have never pulled this off. They helped me come up with great decorations that made the party area look spectacular. We had crisp white tablecloths on the guest tables and black tablecloths on the food tables. On the guest tables, we filled black vases with beautiful white lilies and the contrast looked spectacular.

For the invitations, we found elegant black and white party invitations that went with the theme perfectly. I made sure to let everyone know to dress in black and white to go along with the theme in the invitations.

I’ve made a few cakes, so I decided to try to make a simple cake for the black and white party. My wife loves chocolate, so I started with a chocolate cake. I decorated the cake with both white chocolate buttercream and dark chocolate buttercream, decorating in four triangles to give the cake a unique and special look. What I really loved is the look on her face when she found out I made the cake and I have to admit, it was tasty too.

Wow! Robert you did an amazing job! Sounds like you’re the model husband. Do you have any brothers? Or perhaps we could clone you so there’s enough to go around. Well ladies, what can I say—I think Robert has just about covered it all, right down to making the heart go pitter-pat. Well done!

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