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If you have decided to host a Black And White Party, then it is quite possible that you have opted to go with a dramatic and perhaps elegant affair. However, I realize it could also be a retro type of party, a fun get together, or perhaps a black and white racing theme.

For purposes of this article, I'm going to assume that you are hosting a more formal soiree, perhaps along the lines of the original black and white ball hosted by Truman Capote. Therefore, the invitation ideas that I've provided on this page will follow this line of thought.

Of course you will want to be sure to create a well-crafted invitation in order to set the proper tone for your party, along with eliciting the expected response. First of all, if time permits, why not make your own invitations. All that's needed are a few supplies and a little creativity. If this sounds like sommething that you dould like to do, here are a few invitation ideas for you to consider:


Black And White Check Partyware

BLACK & WHITE PARTY INVITES #1 - Select high-quality, white card stock and write out in calligraphy or type up party details in a fancy font using black ink. Tie a black satin bow around invite to add extra touch of color and elegance. Be sure to advise guests that they must wear black, white, or black and white attire and let them know if your party is formal or casual. Mail invitations.

BLACK & WHITE PARTY INVITES #2 - Select high-quality black scrapbook paper and either write out in calligraphy or type up party details in white or silver ink. Laminate and mail invitations.

Black And White Invitations

BLACK & WHITE POSTCARD - Select some black and white postcards that have interesting party-related pictures. Put party details on back and mail them.

MASK INVITATIONS - Cut 8 1/2" X 11" shiny black card stock into 4 pieces. Type or handwrite party details in calligraphy on textured white card stock. Cut finished piece with decorative scissors to 3" x 4 1/2". Glue to black card stock. up details on high-quality white paper. Laminate. Hole-punch, run black and white ribbons through hole and tie to black mask. Hand-deliver invitations.

BLACK OR WHITE TOP HAT INVITATIONS - Create a party favor using a black or white top hat. Using a pre-cut circle of tulle, fill the center with black and white Jelly Bellys and place inside the hat. Tie off the center with black and white ribbons. Attach written invitation to the top hat and hand-deliver invites.

BLACK OR WHITE SUNGLASSES - Using the instructions above for the party invites #1 or #2, create your invitation, hole-punch the upper right-hand corner, run a ribbon through the hole, and tie to a pair of sunglasses. Hand-deliver your invites.

Black And White Invitations

BLACK OR WHITE ROSE INVITATIONS - Using the instructions above for party invite #1, create your written invitation and place it in a black envelope. Address the envelope in white or silver ink. Glue or tape a single black or white rose to the outside of the envelope. Hand-deliver your invites.

BLACK AND WHITE ZEBRA PRINT INVITATIONS - Using a zebra print scrapbook paper, create the background to your invitation. Type up your party info onto a piece of white scrapbook paper and glue to the center of the zebra print. Leave at least a 1-inch border so everyone will see the black and white print. If at all possible, pop them into a black and white zebra print envelope. If this isn't an option, then go for a black envelope with white or silver print.

Variation: Do everything as noted above, except use a black and white polka dot print paper or a black and white floral print paper in place of the zebra print.

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