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Fun And Fabulous Birthday Cake Videos
To Help You Create A Cake Extraordinaire!

Using a how-to video to help you create a birthday cake can be a great help. You will be able to follow along at your pace, so that you can easily decorate a cake that ends up being your own culinary masterpiece! It's like having your very own cake expert at your side, guiding you every step of the way to completion.

Videos of cakes help you to follow along at your pace, so you can easily decorate a cake that ends up being a culinary masterpiece! It's like having your very own cake expert at your side, guiding you step-by-step to completion. We have combed the Internet looking for the best of the best cake videos to complement the most popular themes. To view videos pertaining to a particular category of interest, click on the links below and you'll be able to check out these fantabulous birthday cake videos:

ADULT - Birthday Cakes Videos For Adult Party Themes (G-Rated Of Course)

HOW TO ADD A BOW TO A "GIFT BOX" CAKE VIDEO - On this video, expert Karen Weisman will teach you how to add a fun fondant bow to a cake. You will learn how you can turn any simple round, square or rectangular-shaped cake into a fabulous present cake.

FIRST - 1st Birthday Party Videos Of Cakes For Making Special Cakes

BUILDING BLOCKS CAKE VIDEO - Here's a great idea to "build" upon. If your little one enjoys playing with blocks, then this cake is sure to be a "high-rise" success.

PANDA BEAR CAKE VIDEO - This adorable panda bear cake is perfect for a little one who loves to snuggle and hug on their stuffed toy panda.

RUBBER DUCKY CAKE VIDEO - A rubber ducky party just wouldn't be complete without a rubber ducky cake. Quack on over and check out this fun video.

TRAIN CAKE VIDEO - Choo! Choo! All aboard! We're coming around the mountain to bring you this great train cake video. It's the perfect complement to a train theme party. Another plus for this cake is that you can easily add train cars to it to make it any length you want; therefore, you'll never be short on cake.

TURTLE PULL-APART CUPCAKE VIDEOS - Don't be slow or you'll miss out on this adorable pull-apart cake. So, crawl on over and take a look. If you want the look of a cake, but the ease of cupcakes, this little turtle cake is sure tp fit the bill and be a winner.

KIDS - Great Birthday Cake Videos For Various Kids Party Ideas

CANDYLAND PARTY CAKE VIDEO - This is a pretty cool and very quick Candyland cake video. If you opt to adopt this theme, then sweet success is sure to follow!

FIRE TRUCK CAKE VIDEO - If your kids like to play firefighter, then sound the alarm, fly down the pole, and bring on the fire truck cake.

ICE CREAM CONE-SHAPED CAKE VIDEO - What kid doesn't love an ice cream cone. They're sure to lick their chops when they see these great ice cream-shaped cakes coming their way.

JUNGLE ANIMAL CUPCAKES VIDEO - The kids will surely go wild over these jungle animal cupcakes. Learn how to make monkeys, lions, tigers, and zebras.

MERMAID CAKE VIDEO - If your little one loves Arial, then dive right into this video and learn how you can easily make her mermaid dreams come true.

PRINCESS DOLL BIRTHDAY CAKE - What little girl doesn't dream of being a princess? If the time has come for your little miss to take the throne, this is the perfect little girl cake that can serve as the grand centerpiece for a princess party.

ROBOT CAKE VIDEO - R2-D2 has nothing on this guy. This is a great cake that would be the perfect addition to a techno-type of party.

SPACE ROCKET CAKE VIDEO - It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this cake will make your space party out of this world.

TEENS - Perfectly Appropriate Birthday Cake Videos For Several Teen Party Ideas

BLUE JEANS CAKE VIDEO - Professional baker Liv Hansen shows you how to make a cool jeans cake for your pop star diva's next birthday.

FLIP FLOP CAKE VIDEO - This is a great cake for a luau or a beach theme party. Theis type of cake is definitely a colorful novelty which will surely make cake time more fun.

FOOTBALL CAKE VIDEO - Kick off your party with these great pull-apart football cupcakes. They're sure to make a touchdown with your crew.

GUITAR CAKE VIDEO - If your teens like to rock-out, then they will enjoy an electric guitar cake rendition.

PIZZA DESSERT VIDEO - What kid doesn't like chocolate, cookie dough, nuts, and marshmallows? Find out how to take these ingredients and turn them into pizza pizzazz!

SPORTS THEME CUPCAKES VIDEO - These baseballs, tennis balls, soccer balls, and basketballs are perfect for your sports enthusiast. You're sure to hit a home run at your sports theme party when you serve up these cupcakes.

TODDLERS - Birthday Cake Videos For Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

BARN CAKE & FARM ANIMAL CUPCAKES - If you're having a farm theme party, you'll want to be sure to fill your barn cake with these adorable sheep, pigs, and chickens.

BUTTERYFLY CAKE VIDEO - This cake is a perfect addition to a spring party. It's not only quick and easy, but a colorful beauty. You can easily change out the colors and make the cake match your party.

DINOSAUR CAKE VIDEO - Check out Liv Hansen's super easy Edible Rex dinosaur cake video to help you make the perfect dino birthday cake for your little dino-lover. Guaranteed to be a roarrrring success!

INCHWORM CAKE VIDEO - Mr. Inchworm is a terrific option for anyone who is feeling a little buggy or is fascinated with creepy crawling bugs.

PONY CAKE VIDEO - Saddle up your horses and ride on over to check out this darling little pony cake. Perfect for little ones who love horsies.

Birthday Cake Videos Conclusion

Hopefully you found just what you were looking for with these great how-to cake videos. Or, perhaps you were inspired to create a different theme cake and now have garnered the necessary confidence to know that you too can roll up your sleeves and create a great birthday cake.

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