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A Birthday Cake Picture Speaks Volumes. Enjoy The
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this certainly holds true when it comes to birthday cakes. I am not only amazed at the creativity that people have, but their ability to put that creativity into cake-form and design wonderful works of edible art!

Birthday cake images speak volumes. They tell the world that someone cared enough to create a masterpiece in honor of another person. The homemade birthday cake photo gallery on this website allows you to share your homemade cake ideas, accompanied with photos.

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Photo courtesy of: Lacremepatisserie

So, once your party is over, there is no need to let it all end with the good-byes. After all, you spent how many hours planning your party, and then all the time that went into setting up your grand affair, along with making any cakes and costumes. Therefore, We'd love for you to share with us photos of your homemade birthday cakes, along with telling us your birthday party story that surrounded the cake. We in turn, will add your photos to our gallery. You may then invite your friends and family to visit your fun and fabulous homemade birthday cake page and re-live all the good times!

By the by, here's a shout out to all you Cake Divas--there is no need to feel like your cake is not up to snuff so to speak and therefore unworthy of submission. We would love to see your creation regardless of your level of expertise. After all, normal everyday people are searching for cake ideas that they can snag and re-create, so if everything is off the charts, no one would be making cakes.

Also, if your cake turns out to really be a total flop, we would still love for you to share it with our visitors so we can all perhaps have a laugh or two and learn how not to have the same problem. If this category fits your culinary skills, then either scroll down below to the "CAKE WRECKS" link and submit your "Whoops" cake, or go ahead and submit in the link that follows this paragraph and I'll move it to the appropriate category.

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The following birthday cake picture pages have been graciously submitted by visitors like yourself, or else our Cake Hound has sniffed them out and we have added them to the site for your enjoyment! Click on any of the categories below to view the various cakes of your choice:









Check back often as we are always in the process of compiling additional birthday cake ideas and photos to help with your quest to find the "perfect" cake that will inspire the creative diva that lurks inside.

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