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What's a birthday without cake? Borrr-ing! What's a professionally made cake? Expensive! So what's the answer? Read on and find out; then you can check out the photos of the great options available.

To insure you have party success, you will want to serve up a yummy cake and of course you want it to look halfway decent if not extraordinary. But alas, you find yourself lacking in cake decorating skills; however, I have got the solution for creating a cake that not only has eye candy appeal, but is also really easy to create. Also, if you are pressed for time, this cake decorating option that I am going to discuss will work wonders for you. You can easily decorate a cake and provide the visual appeal that looks like a professional decorated the cake by using edible sugar art images.

These edible designs come in a wide variety of themes, they are colorful, and instantly create a professional looking cake without having to expend all of the effort and frustration that generally go hand-in-hand with for the novice when it comes to cake decorating. All you have to do is add a sugar sheet to a frosted cake and voila', you instantly have a beautiful cake that is worthy of being a centerpiece!

If you are really under the gun for time, you could shave off some additional time by picking up a frosted cake from your local grocery store, rather than making it yourself. Then all you will have to do is add an edible sugar art image, perhaps some theme characters, maybe press some sprinkles or edible sugar dots onto the sides of the cake, add a few fun candles, and no one will be the wiser that you made this fabulous cake in a matter of minutes.

Birthday Cake Design - Conclusion

As you can see, there is a wide variety of edible cake images from which to select and the above is only a sampling of what is available. So whether you are honoring a vet, celebrating the birth of a little one, insuring that your hubby feels extra special, or creating a memorable birthday party for your child, you have oodles of options from which to select.

Edible sugar art images are the perfect culinary delight that allow you to present an award-winning cake in a matter of minutes. They are sure to be your "secret weapon" to success!

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