Big Fun Dinosaur Party Ideas

by Jason Gaines

This Is One Lil' Dino That No One Will Fear!

This Is One Lil' Dino That No One Will Fear!

We had a dinosaur party for our son. We made huge dinosaur footprints out of chalk that led up the driveway to our front door.

We made some simple, but cute dino invites out of construction paper, cookie cutters, rubber stamps, and a little bit of glitter around the edges.

We hung pictures of huge dinosaurs on the walls. We also opted to save a little money by buying a Dinosaur Party Pack that has dino printed plates, napkins, some balloons, confetti, table cover, centerpiece and a bunch of other stuff. We hung a bunch of different colored green streamers on the ceiling to give it a look of vines. We put dino footprints all over the house using construction paper.

We used empty cereal boxes to make dinosaur feet for all the guests to use during game play and also for free play time.

We used dino-shaped cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches into dinosaur shapes. We had a bakery make a dinosaur cake; that was really cute.

The party was simple, a lot of fun for the kids and the cost didn't set us back.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

If you are trying to find a fun theme for a toddler birthday party, a dino party can be so much fun. It’s especially a favorite party idea for little boys. Jason had some great dinosaur party ideas to share, making me think of a few more you may want to use at your party.

If you have a knack for sewing, you might want to turn all your little tots into little dinos. All you have to do is make some long tails with a jagged edge to look like dino tails. Make them so they tie around the waist or use Velcro to make it even easier on yourself. Then as guests arrive, you can turn them all into baby dinos. When it's time to serve up the food, you can tie everyone's tail to their chair which will add to the decor.

I love the idea of cutting sandwiches into dinosaur shapes. You can also use those dino shaped cookie cutters to make dinosaur shaped cookies. Decorate them to look like dinos and you’ll have a great treat to serve your guests or you could box them up and hand them out as favors. Be sure to add some fun signs by your serving dishes and give your food names like dino eggs if you're serving deviled eggs, mini dino eggs for grapes, lava juice for your punch, dino claws if you're serving Bugles, swamp dip for any dip you might be serving, etc.

If you need to quiet the little ones down, a fun dino themed movie is something you might want to have on hand--just in case. You could also pre-record a Barney the dinosaur or Dragon Tales show if you don't have a dino-themed movie on hand. This way you can keep little guests entertained.

A fun idea for favors would be a dino coloring book and dino-shaped crayons.

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