Ben 10 Party Ideas

by Phoebe Ruth Marquez
(Davao City Phillipines)

Ben 10 Alien Force

Ben 10 Alien Force

A Ben 10 themed birthday party is a favorite among kids. Start by making an invite out of green or yellow paper and decorate it with Ben 10 stickers. Be sure to invite your guests to come dressed in costume.

Hang green and yellow streamers with black and white balloons or hang black and white streamers with green and yellow balloons. This is a really cheap way to create a festive party room that has the Ben 10 theme colors. If you can get your hands on some Ben 10 posters, that would be good to hang on the walls.

Create a place to take photos. Make an alien spaceship that has crashed out of cardboard boxes. You can paint it up and use tin foil and duct tape to decorate.

Be sure to serve up some green and yellow foods--things like green punch, lime and lemon Jell-O, pineapple chunks, etc.

More Ben 10 Party Ideas

If your kid is begging for a Ben 20 party, these cool ideas from Phoebe are definitely going to come in handy. I love the idea of making a place where they kids can have their photos taken at the Ben birthday party. Along with the alien spaceship suggested for the background, considering having some cool alien masks and dress up clothes that kids can wear in the pictures.

Green and yellow foods are definitely going to be a big hit at a Ben 10 party, since those are the theme colors of the show. If you want the food colors to stand out, make sure you use white tablecloths. Some other cool food ideas that you can use are deviled eggs that have been turned green with food coloring and cookies or cupcakes that are decorated in green and yellow. Yellow and green sherbet make for great food ideas too. You could even serve up French fries and hot dogs with mustard and green ketchup.

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