Ben 10 Cake & Alien Cupcakes

by Craig

Ben 10 At His Finest!

Ben 10 At His Finest!

This cake was my first ever attempt at cake-making. My son is a Big BEN 10 fan and looking at the prices of store bought cakes, I determined I could do just as good a job for half the price.

I decided to make a cake in the figure of Ben 10. This was a 20-inch figure, which consisted of chocolate sponge cake with a chocolate butter cream filling. I made 2 sponges and filled them with the chocolate butter cream. I then cut and shaped the cakes to form the Ben 10 figure. Then I covered the cake in fondant icing or frosting which was colored in the appropriate colors e.g Green for the pants, white for the T-shirt etc. I then finished the final touches with a paint brush and licorice flavoring.

As the cake was taken to my son's school, I decided to make 30 cupcakes for his school friends to enjoy. On top of the cupcakes I added a face on an alien made from fondant icing, which was colored in either red or yellow and finished with black licorice coloring. The alien heads were Four Arms and Heat Blast, as these are my sons 2 favorite alien characters from BEN 10.

The best thing about this cake-making experience was the look on my son's face and all his classmates when the cake was brought out to him by his teacher.

I am one very happy and proud DAD!

Reply: Great Cake Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Since we are on the topic of food, when trying to figure out what to serve at your Ben 10 party, be sure to think of the three G's that are associated with Ben 10--things that are green, gooey and gross. To help get you started, you could create a green Jell-O or you could capitalize on your green Jell-O once it is firmed up by adding some whip cream that is tinted green. You can also add some Gummy Worms to the mix.

Split pea soup would be another green food option. I know it's not your traditional party food, but then a Ben 10 party is anything but traditional.

You can cut sandwiches and decorate cookies in the shapes of stars and planets.

And remember, when all else fails, just give your Ben 10 food alien type of names. For example, you could serve a green martian milkshake. Just add food coloring to a vanilla milkshake.

Serve mini cheeseburgers and call them Out Of This World Burgers, UFO pizza, or perhaps chicken nuggets become moon rocks.

As you can see, all you need to do is get creative with your food and your theme. Now it's your turn to mesh the two together and see what you can create.

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