Beach Scavenger Hunt For Some Fun In The Sun!

Fun And Fabulous Beach Scavenger Hunt
A Fun Beach Activity For All Ages!

Scavenger hunts have certainly stood the test of time and have long been a favorite activity for just about any age range and group, and they still continue to top the list of fun things to do.

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Fun Scavenger Hunts For All Ages
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Holding a scavenger hunt at the beach is a perfect activity for a beach party. It automatically creates a whole world of opportunities that don't exist in a hunt that is held in your neighborhood. Also, there's just something about being in that beach atmosphere that makes things even more fun. This type of hunt can easily be adapted to fit a young crowd or a teenage shindig. It's a great way to have fun at the beach while giving everyone something to do while exploring and enjoying the coast! It's also a fabulous way to burn off excess energy while keeping everyone entertained and it will cost little to nothing to create it.

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To help keep everyone safe during the beach scavenger hunt, you'll want to start by equipping your teams with a garbage bag to carry all of their "found" items in, along with some disposable plastic gloves (enough for everyone of course), and Wet Ones, just in case someone needs to "wash up" while out on the hunt.

Prior to the party, preferably a few days or longer so you don't wait until the last minute and end up creating an unnecessary stressful situation, you'll want to make a list of items that you want your teams to try and find. To help give you a head start, I've listed below some suggested items that are generally found at the beach that you might want to consider putting onto your list. As you will soon discover, some of the items will probably be easy to locate and others will require a bit of digging, looking under rocks, and figuring out where something might tend to be located on a beach.

  • ___________Abalone shell

  • __________Coral

  • __________Driftwood

  • __________Feather

  • __________Fish bone

  • __________Fish hook

  • __________Fishing line

  • __________Kelp

  • __________Leaf

  • __________Metal - something made out of this substance

  • __________Moss

  • __________Newspaper - piece

  • __________Plastic - something made out of this substance

  • __________Popsicle stick

  • __________Rope piece

  • __________Rubber - something made out of this substance

  • __________Sand Dollar (A whole sand dollar receives 5 bonus points)

  • __________Seashells - 3 different ones

  • __________Seashell - 1 large (Whoever has the largest shell receives 5 bonus points.)

  • __________Sea Sponge

  • __________Seaweed

  • __________Starfish (A whole starfish receives 5 bonus points)

  • __________Stones - 3 different colors

  • __________Trash - 6 pieces

  • __________Wood - burned piece

Set up a place to meet as well as a time to meet for the teams. The winner is the team that ends up collecting the most points.

  • Everything collected gets 1 point.

  • The first finishing team gets 5 points.

  • To encourage promptness, penalize teams by 1 point for each minute they are late.

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