Beach Photo Hunt - A Cool Beach Activity!

Fun And Fabulous Beach Photo Hunt
A Great Beach Activity For All Ages!

A photo scavenger hunt done at the beach is a perfect activity to incorporate at just about any beach party. This hunt offers the opportunity for your guests to either work in teams or individually.

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A beach themed scavenger hunt is the type of scavenger hunt that can be adapted very easily to fit a younger crowd or entertain tweens or teens. This type of hunt is a teriffic way to have some good old-fashioned fun at the beach, memorialize your day with lots of silly photos, and give everyone an activity to do while enjoying the shoreline and all that goes with it!

Each team will need to have a camera, preferably digital, but an old Polaroid will also work just fine. Obviously, younger kids will need to be with an adult or an older responsible teenager.

beach scavenger hunt
Photo courtesy of: JL Welsh

Be sure to create your beach photo hunt well before the big party day so you don't needlessly stress yourself. Start by making a list of specific items or photo scenarios that you have decided that you want for your teams to either try to find and/or create.

For a younger group of kids, you might want to just have them take photos of specific items; that way they won't get frustrated and will easily be able to focus on finding one thing at a time.

However, for an older group you will need to make it a more engaging, challenging, and make them think so they don't lose interest. For example, have those teens find a man on the beach wearing a Hawaiian shirt and hat and have him take a picture with a dog that's on the beach, along with a piece of driftwood. This way everyone will have to work together to create the necessary outcome, along with engaging beach dwellers to help out.

To help get you thinking about items and senarios related to the beach, I have prepared a list of things that are generally found at most beaches. You can print out my list and instruct your crew to try and get as many photos of these items as quickly as possible or use it to help you create your own list of items.


  • __________Anchor

  • __________Beach Sign

  • __________Beach Towel with a Disney character imprinted on it

  • __________Bird eating something

  • __________Boat

  • __________Dog swimming in the water

  • __________Food Vendor's Stand at the beach

  • __________Lifeguard sitting in a high chair

  • __________Lighthouse

  • __________Palm trees

  • __________People playing Frisbee

  • __________People playing volleyball

  • __________Sand Castle

  • __________Someone bar-b-queing on the beach

  • __________Someone buried in the sand except for the head

  • __________Someone fishing off a pier

  • __________Someone riding a Jet Ski

  • __________Someone riding an ATV

  • __________Someone roasting marshmallows over a bonfire

  • __________Someone sitting in a beach chair with attached umbrella

  • __________Someone sitting on a floatable beach chair in the water

  • __________Someone wearing a bathing cap

  • __________Someone wearing a Speedo

  • __________Someone who is sunburned

  • __________Someone with numerous tattoos

  • __________Surfer

Make sure everyone stays on task by not giving them too much time to become diverted by the wonderful beach atmosphere. Allow them sufficient time to try and find everything, but not so much that they are tempted to wander off and do other things. Also, be sure to make it clear where everyone should meet up at when the time that is designated arrives.

The team who will be the winner can be determined based upon whichever team returns on time or early with all the requested items, and also ends up receiving the most points.


  • One Point - Each item collected.
  • Five Bonus Points - The 1st team who finishes the game and returns to the designated location.
  • One Point Penalty - If any team is late they shall be issued a penalty for each minute they are late.

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