Beach Party Ideas For A Terrific Beach Party Bash!

Fun And Fabulous Beach Party Ideas
For An Easy, Breezy Beach Soiree!

Mix and match these fun ideas for a beach party to help you throw a cool, warm-weather party. Whether you are looking for ideas to celebrate a birthday or just want to have fun with a great summertime bash, rest assured that a beach party will certainly make a splash!

To help you design and create one unforgettable and fun-tastic party we've put together some super cool ideas that'll help set your beach theme party apart from all the rest. If you hold your party at a beach, then you will obviously, have an automatic beach theme backdrop. All that you will need to then do is add the little extras that will keep your theme alive around the food table, under the canopy, and the like.


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Dive into the following invitation ideas to help you entice your guests to attend your summertime bash.

SURFBOARD BEACH PARTY INVITATIONS – If you’re looking for beach party ideas for fun invitations, consider making your own surfboard beach party invites. Start with cardstock in a color that goes with your party, such as a pretty blue. Then, cut the shape of a surfboard out of the cardstock. Add a strip of white down the middle of the surfboard as you decorate it so you have a place where you can write. Decorate the outer part of the surfboard as you desire. Then, on the white stripe write “Surf’s Up So Surf Over for a Fab Beach Bash.” On the back of your surfboard, make sure that you write out all the details for your beach birthday party.

BRIGHT SUN INVITATIONS – Another fun idea for your beach birthday party invitations is to make some bright sun invites for your guests. Start with bright yellow cardstock or construction paper and cut out your invite in the shape of a large sun. Instead of just cutting out a circle, make sure you cut out the sun’s rays as well. Look online for a template if you need one. On the front of the sun, use black permanent market to write, “You’re Invited to a Day of Sun, Sand and Surf.” Then, flip the sun over and write out your party information on the back. Place your sun in a small Ziploc bag along with a bit of sand. Close the bag and place in an envelope. Send out to your guests or hand deliver if you desire.

BEACH SCENE POSTCARD INVITATIONS – Beach scene postcard invitations make a fabulous invitation idea if you’re looking for great beach party ideas for stunning invites. You can purchase postcards that have beach scenes on them or you can print out pictures of beach scenes and make your own beach postcards to use as invitations. Leave the front of the postcard blank, just including the photo of the beach in the front. Then, all the party information can be written on the back of the postcard. If you’re using real postcards, simply add a postcard stamp and send out the invite. If you’re making your own postcard invitations, then place them in envelopes before mailing them. This will definitely give guests a cool glimpse into the party theme you’ll be using.

Beach Party Ideas For Invites

BOTTLE INVITATION - Put party details on piece of torn paper and insert into a bottle with a little sand and seashells. Cork it with a wadded piece of paper. Add a written invite that says something like: "Come And Splash Your Day Away", "Dive Right In For A Beach Party, or "Dive In For Some Beach Party Fun". Tie your invite around the bottle neck. Hand-deliver invitations.

BEACH BALL INVITATION - Blow-up beach ball and write party details on ball with permanent marker and hand-deliver invitations. As an alternative, deflate the ball, place it in an envelope, and mail it to your guests instructing them to blow-up ball and read.

FRISBEE INVITATION - Write party details on Frisbee and hand-deliver invitations.

FLIP-FLOP INVITATION - Cut out your invite shape from scrapbook paper or card stock with decorative scissors. Type or write party details. Laminate and hole punch upper left corner. Thread curling ribbon through hole and tie to a flip-flop. Hand-deliver invitations.

BOARD SHORTS, TROPICAL FLOWER, OR FLIP-FLOP INVITATION - Cut board shorts, a tropical flower, or flip-flops from card stock. Type or write party details and mail them out or deliver them by hand.


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Primary beach party ideas for guests' beachwear are bathing suits, board shorts, Hawaiian shirts, sarongs, sundresses, etc. If the party lasts into the evening, suggest guests bring a change of clothes, sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc. as it does get cool at the beach, even in the summertime.

For added fun you guys might like to invest in a beach bum dreadlock type of wig to go with your board shorts. The perfect add-on for this type of party. Also, a beach party lends itself nicely to handout floral leis as they arrive.


Although the beach provides its own natural decoration, you will probably want to add a few items to create and define your party location. If you're not able to go to a beach, then select from the following beach party ideas to bring the beach to your home:
  • Alert all your guests as to the party location with a beach themed yard sign.

  • To define your space, line the party area with bamboo tiki torches.

  • Cover your party room walls or fence with a beach theme wall cover. It will instantly bring the beach to the great indoors or into your backyard.

  • Decorate your party area with fun Mylar beach balloons.

  • Another fun decorating option would be to use inflatable flip flops and inflatable palm trees. You can place them throughout the party room to bring your theme to life.

  • Hang colorful beach signs on the walls or fence that point the direction to various beach communities. Examples: Venice Beach, North shore, South Beach, Laguna Beach, Waikiki, Maui, Malibu, etc.

  • Another idea to transform your walls or fence is to hang a tropical wall border on those surfaces.

  • Have plenty of colorful beach towels available for people to sit on.

  • Have plenty of lounge chairs or beach chairs with umbrellas to help protect those who want to get out of the sun.

  • Put up a few canopies to define party area and provide shade.

  • Hang paper lantern garland that has a beach theme or beach colors. This would be perfect for decorating the edges of your canopies.

  • Hang some cool beach-themed lights around your party room, fences, canopies, etc. to illuminate the party area, while adding a little more beach theme to your party.

  • Keep food table under a canopy with net "walls" to keep food bug-free.

  • Put food tables under the canopies.

  • Add some jumbo Mylar beach themed balloons throughout your party area. Look for balloons shaped in sand castles, girls and boys swimming, crabs, seahorses, and flip flops, just to name a few.

  • Sprinkle beach themed confetti on your tables.

  • Place citronella candles on tables and citronella yard stakes throughout party area to keep bugs away.

  • Have beach balls, floats, and water guns available for use by your guests.

  • Fill wading pool with water balloons.

  • Use tropical party plates, cups, and napkins.

  • For a fun beach cooler to keep your drinks chillin' you might want to use an inflatable beach ball cooler. If you prefer palm trees, there's an option for that one also which could hold your drinks nicely, while adding beach ambiance to the party.


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If you are scratching your head as to what you might want to incorporate into your day of fun in the sun, I have some ideas that will keep everyone busy. I've made up a page that has all sorts of Beach Party Games and Activities. Just click on the link for all the how to's.

  • Volleyball
  • 3-Way Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Fling Toss
  • Paddle Ball
  • Wham-O-Trac
  • Limbo
  • Pool Noodles, Squirt Guns & Super Soakers
  • Water Balloon Toss

PRINTABLE GAMES - When you need a break from all the beach activities, you might want to think about playing some games where you can kick back and put forth a smidge of brain power. If this sounds like a plan, then check out the following game options that all have that beach-type theme to them.

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Munchie types of food and foods that can easily be picked up (finger foods) are best for a teen beach party. Create a buffet style table, which allows teens to select what they like and leave behind that which they do not care for. Select from the following beach party ideas for party food:

HAMBURGERS & HOTDOGS - A BBQ is always the perfect complement to a beach party. This can also give mom or dad a "legitimate" opportunity to be with the teens and keep an eye on things.

BAKED POTATO BAR - Provide bowls of butter, sour cream, bacon bits, shredded cheese, chives, cooked broccoli, etc. You can cook the broccoli and potatoes on a BBQ or cook them ahead of time and just use the BBQ to heat them up.

PRE-MADE SALAD - Make your favorite potato, macaroni or pasta salad and use shell-shaped noodles

MEAT & FRUIT KABOBS - Cook various sausages, cut them into bite-size pieces and skewer. Do the same with various fruits like grapes, pineapple, strawberries, orange, and banana chunks (soaked in lemon or lime juice so you don't end up with brown fruit).

MUNCHIES - Fill beach buckets with Goldfish crackers, Sandie cookies, dried pineapple slices, chips and dips, nuts, Skittles, etc.

SNOW CONES - Buy a small snow cone machine that doesn't require electricity to run. This will be a hit throughout the day. Just be sure to bring plenty of ice or have close access to buy more.

DRINKS - Provide lots of water bottles, along with sodas and juice boxes.

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Just because you're at the beach doesn't mean you can't have a birthday cake. Select from the following beach party ideas for birthday cakes:

SAND CASTLE BEACH BIRTHDAY CAKE – When you think of the beach, you probably think about building huge sand castles while you play in the surf. Why not take inspiration from sand castles and use it for your beach birthday cake? To make your own sand castle beach birthday cake you’ll need a castle cake pan, which is available from Nordic Ware. You could also use the Enchanted Castle Pan available from Wilton. Use the pan to bake the cake and then have fun using icing to decorate your sand castle cake. Use graham cracker crumbs around the base of the cake to make it look like loose sand. Since these cake pans can be expensive, consider purchasing one used from a site like eBay or Amazon, so you save some money. You could always resell the pan when you’re done with it too.

BEACH BALL BIRTHDAY PARTY CAKE – If you want beach party ideas for beautiful cakes, you’ll be surprised at how easy this beach ball cake is to make. A beach ball cake will look stunning, but it’s simple and doesn’t take a lot of time to decorate. Start by baking a cake in your flavor of choice, baking the cake in a Pyrex baking bowl. When the cake is done, flip it over on a cake serving dish so the rounded part of the cake is facing up. In the middle of the cake, make a circle and decorate it with green icing. Then, divide the rest of the cake into four different parts, making one red, one blue, one white and one yellow, so your cake ends up looking just like a beach ball.

Beach Party Ideas For Cakes

SUN ON SHEET CAKE - Frost a cake with blue frosting. Use a toothpick to draw a big, smiling sun on top of your cake. Use 2 different shades of orange or yellow to color the head and points on the sun. Make sunglasses outlined in green with black centers around eye area. Add a big, white, toothy smile.

FLIP-FLOP CAKES - Cut out 2 flip-flops from a sheet cake. Frost them white. Either pipe out frosting or use icing in various colors to create a thin stripe design on top of them. Edge the top of each flip flop with a small candy like a Red Hot or Skittle. Create toe thong with sugared strips of red candy.

FLIP FLOP SHEET CAKE - Add a beach-themed edible image to the top of your cake to instantly achieve a professional-looking cake.

SAND CAKE - This is not only a tasty treat for a hot day at the beach, but very easy to make.

What you will need:

2 pkgs. (3.5 or 4-oz) vanilla instant pudding
4 cups milk
1 container (8-oz.) Cool Whip
2 cups Vanilla Wafer cookie, crushed
Pebble candies and paper umbrellas

How to make it:

Prepare pudding with milk, according to package directions. Fold in Cool Whip. Spoon half the pudding into plastic beach bucket. Sprinkle with half of the Vanilla Wafer crumbs. Repeat layers. Cover and refrigerate 4 hours. Decorate with pebble candies and opened paper umbrellas.

BEACH BEAR CUPCAKES #1 - Make or buy cupcakes and cover with tan frosting. Top with tan frosted coconut. Add any kind of thin, flat candy on top that could look like a beach towel. Then add a little Teddy Graham to the middle of each towel, along with a paper drink umbrella.

BEACH BEAR CUPCAKES #2 - Make or buy cupcakes and cover with blue frosting. Create a life preserver by piping on a circle of white frosting on each cupcake. Decorate with red icing stripes. Pipe on a face on a Teddy Graham, along with a bikini or swim trunks and place one in the center of each life preserver.

BEACH CUPCAKES #1 - Make or buy cupcakes and cover with a swirl of blue and white frosting to create the look of water. Top each of them off with a plastic beach sand toy pic.

BEACH CUPCAKES #2 - Buy some cupcakes that are frosted white and then just add beach-related pics to the top, along with decorative sprinkles.

FISH-SHAPED CAKE - Make a fish cake using a cake pan that is fish-shaped or save the cost of the pan and cut out the fish shape from a rectangular cake. Then decorate it using the cake pan directions or opt to create your own fun and colorful fish.

Add some cute flip flop candles or other beach themed candles to any of the above cakes.


Say thanks to your guests for coming to your party with some beach-related party favors. Any of the following items would be both useful and appreciated by, I'm sure, all your teen guests: Sunglasses, visors, beach towels, beach CD, sunscreen, squirt gun, or after-sun lotion.

Your Favorite Beach Party Ideas, Costumes & Cakes

Do you have some favorite Beach Party Ideas, costume options or cake ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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