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Fun And Fabulous Beach Party Games
To Make Your Beach Party Perfect!

Cowabunga Dude! If you are getting ready for some fun in the sun, then you will surely want to plan some cool games to play at the beach. So grab your floral shirt, flip on your flops, and let's get to planning your entertainment for your beach party blowout!


Whether you're celebrating a birthday or just wanting to create a fun summertime bash, a beach party is sure to make a splash! You can easily mix and match any of the following games which will help you to throw a cool, warm-weather party, along with entertaining the troops during non-swim time.

SANDCASTLE BUILDING CONTEST – Even teens will enjoy playing in the sand, so break guests up into teams of 3-5 members. Have several adults to be a team of judges for the contest. Give teams about 20 minutes to create a sand castle, making it as elaborate as possible. Make sure teams have shovels, buckets and other building supplies. When the time runs out, everyone has to stop. Then, judges will choose winners in different categories, such as the largest castle, most creative castle, neatest castle, most intricate castle, etc.

BEACH BALL GETTING TO KNOW YOU GAME – If you want a game to use as an icebreaker to get the party going, this is one of the best beach party games to get everyone relaxed. It will help everyone get to know each other just a bit. To prepare for this game, blow up a big beach ball before the party. Using a permanent marker, write all kinds of funny questions on the beach ball, covering the entire ball with questions – don’t leave any areas blank. To play, have guests sit in a circle on the sand. Throw the ball to someone. The person that catches the ball has to answer the question their left thumb is touching. Then, after answering the question, they throw the ball to someone else and that person has to answer the question. Keep this up for about 15 minutes, ensuring everyone has a chance to answer at least one question. Funny questions you can write on the beach ball include:

- What is your favorite amusement park ride?
- What is your favorite marine animal?
- What’s your favorite beach?
- Would you like to learn how to surf?
- Do you know how to swim?
- What’s your favorite season?

BEACH BAG RELAY RACE – This is one of the beach party games that will be extra fun when played in the sand on the beach. To prepare for the game, you will need to beach bags. In each beach bag, place beach related items, such as sunglasses, flippers, swimming trunks, snorkeling mask and a medium sized beach ball. Ensure that both of the beach bags have the same items in them. To play this game, divide teens into two different teens and have them line up at the starting line about 15-20 feet from the water. Have teams line up. Give each team one of the beach bags. When you start the relay race, the first player on both teams has to pull the items out of the bag, put them on (of course they have to carry the beach ball) and run all the way down to the water and back to their team. Then, they take everything off and put it back in the bag, giving the bag to the next person in line. The next person repeats the same thing. This continues until one team gets through all their team members, winning the relay race.

Beach Party Games

KARAOKE - Karaoke is always a fun add-on to any party and a beach party is certainly no exception. Get there early so you can set up a stage, so when the time comes for your guests to belt out their talents, they will have a stage that is fitting their abilities.

PHOTO BOOTH - As each of your guests arrive to the party, be sure to snap their picture so you can commemorate your fabulous beach party bash. You can easily set up an area using God's wonderful beach creation as your backdrop, or opt for renting an old-fashioned photo booth and let everyone take pictures with one another throughout the party.

beach paddle images

VOLLEYBALL, 3-WAY VOLLEYBALL & BADMINTON - Set-up nets so the teens can play volleyball and badminton games.

FLING TOSS, PADDLE BALL, WHAM O-TRAC - These are all good 1-on-1 games that are easily played and transported to the beach.

LIMBO - If you don't buy a limbo kit, then just use a good old-fashion broomstick.

POOL NOODLES, SQUIRT GUNS & SUPER SOAKERS - Have these available, your teens will know exactly what to do.

WATER BALLOON TOSS - Fill balloons with water prior to the party. Allow at least 4-5 per person. Divide everyone into pairs. Have partners toss back and forth until one person is eliminated. Continue to pair up until only one person still remains who will be crowned the winner. For an added challenge put a little vegetable oil on the balloons and proceed with the game.

BEACH CRAFTS - Depending upon the age of your guests, you could set up an area with everyone one needs to decorate a pair of flip-flops, a picture frame, or perhaps create a work of art in a bottle using various colors of sand. Another fun option might be to string real flowers to create leis or you could have guests make bracelets or necklaces using sea shells.

PRINTABLE GAME IDEAS - If you would like to add some party games that do not require any preparation ahead of time, check out the following printable games. Perhaps you'll find something that will work well with your beach theme.


Now that you have some game ideas, if you're still in need of some help for your Beach Party, click on over to snag a few ideas for your beach-themed invites, decor, party food, and favors.

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