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If you are hosting a Beach Birthday Party, you will want to be sure to have a fun beach themed cake. Keep scrolling and you will soon discover lots of great options that are really cool and will have all your guests oohhing and ahhhing!

A beach cake is a great way to create the yummy portion of a birthday's celebration. To help make your special day delicious, the following beach inspired cakes offer some wonderful cake ideas that might be just what you're looking for. Family Fun has come up with some great confectionary delights with simple-to-follow directions.


beach cake
Photo courtesy of: FamilyFun

Beach Cake

Family Fun created a "Hawaiian Cake and their recipe follows." This cake will make a big splash at your next luau or tropical-themed party.


  • 1 baked 13- by 9- by 2-inch cake
  • 2 1/2 cups blue frosting
  • 1/4 cup white frosting
  • 1-cup graham cracker crumbs
  • Candy rocks
  • Birthday candles
  • Plastic Hawaiian dancers
  • Candy flower sprinkles
  • Plastic palm trees
  • Fruit Stripe gum (surfboards)
  • Plastic figures
  • LifeSavers (inner tubes)
  • Sour tape, cut into 1-inch lengths (beach blankets)
  • Paper parasols
  • Plastic dolphin or gummy fish


Lightly coat the entire cake with a thin layer of blue frosting. Swirl extra blue frosting on two-thirds of the cake to create the ocean with waves and a curvy shoreline. Add whitecaps by squirting white frosting through a pastry bag.

To make the sandy beach, sprinkle graham cracker crumbs on the remaining third of the cake (the crumbs will stick to the thin layer of frosting). Next, let your kids help you turn the cake into a bustling beach. Arrange a circle of candy rocks around a candle bonfire. Add Hawaiian dancers, a candy flower path, plastic palm trees, Fruit Stripe gum surfboards, plastic swimmers, LifeSavers tubes, sour tape beach blankets, and paper parasols. Don't forget to stock the ocean with edible and decorative sea creatures.

fish cake
Photo courtesy of: FamilyFun

Fish Cake

Here's the recipe and instructions for a fun "Fish Cake." If you're looking to create a bit of a splash at your party, nothing says wow like a great cake. This colorful fish cake would be a perfect addition to an under the sea type of party or perhaps a party that has the theme of a mermaid or luau, the beach and of course anything relating to a fish theme.

  • Baked rectangular cake
  • Blue frosting--you'll need about 6 cups
  • Yellow-orange frosting--make up about 2 cups
  • Old-fashioned candy--Necco wafers (you might have to special order these online)
  • 1 chocolate mint patty


    fish cake
    Cut the fish shape out of your cake using the pics as a guide.

    Then cover the entire cake with blue frosting. Accent the tail and fins section with the yellow-orange frosting. Then cover the portion of the fish body as shown in the picture with the Necco wafers. Slightly overlap them as you lay them down; they will serve as the fish scales. Finish off your cake by adding the Gummy fish for the mouth and the mint patty as the eye.

    fish cake
    Cut and arrange the cake as shown.

    mermaid cake
    Photo courtesy of: FamilyFun

    Mermaid Cake

    This cute little Mermaid Cake would be great for a little girl's mermaid party. The colors are a fun combination and would give everyone a nice visual bit of party eye candy. This cake would also work well with any kind of an underwater theme.


    • Bake a round cake that is about 8"
    • Bake a 13- x 9- x 2-inch cake
    • 12 baked cupcakes
    • 8 cups frosting (white, blue, and yellow)
    • Necco wafers (pink, green, and purple)
    • 2 green Necco wafers and 2 blue M&M's for eyes
    • Shoestring licorice eyelashes
    • Fruit by the foot mouth
    • Colored sugar


    mermaid cake
    Cut and arrange the cakes as shown in the small photos.

    Frost the mermaid's tail blue and cover it with Necco wafers. Frost the head and body white and the bikini top blue.

    mermaid cake

    Add the candy eyes and mouth. Frost the cupcakes with yellow icing; they will be the mermaid's hair--curls, then sprinkle on colored sugar for marine sheen.

    octopus cake
    Photo courtesy of: FamilyFun

    Octopus Cake

    Family Fun's "Octopus Cake" would be a fun cake for a boy's underwater type of theme party or it could be frosted in bright colors to make it more girly.


    • Round ball cake pan
    • Twinkies
    • Gummy Savers
    • Brown sugar or cookie crumbs
    • Colored Saran Wrap


    Use a round ball cake and set it on colored Saran Wrap.

    Position the Twinkies in rows to act as arms.

    Gummy savers candy is put on the arms to act as the octopus' suction cups.

    Sprinkle brown sugar or cookie crumbs around the cake to act as sand.

    Add gummy dolphins, sharks, octopus, etc. in the sand.

    The shells were made with frosting.

    pail of sand cake
    Photo courtesy of: FamilyFun

    Pail of Sand Cake

    This Pail of Sand Cake is an fast and easy cake to make. It's another cake option that would work well with beach-related themes. It's also a great choice for a younger group of kids. They'll either enjoy scooping out a bit of cake from the bucket or at least see someone do it for them.


    • 1 baked 8-inch round cake
    • 1 8- to 9-cup capacity new plastic sand pail
    • 24 oz. unsweetened applesauce (or 1 3-oz. package pudding,
    • 1 cup crushed graham crackers or cookies
    • Shell candies
    • 1 plastic shovel


    pail of sand cake

    Cut the cake into 1-inch slices. Fit the slices into the pail, alternating layers of cake with applesauce or pudding, ending with applesauce.

    Sprinkle on the crushed cookie sand and top with shell candies. Now dig in with the plastic shovel.

    snorkeler cake
    Photo courtesy of: FamilyFun

    Snorkeler Cake

    This Snorkeler Cake is certainly a cute choice. You can adapt this little guy to look like your little guy and it is sure to go over swimmingly. When it comes to beach cakes relating to under sea adventures or beach party themes for kids, this is one that you will want to really consider. Imagine your child's face when they see a cake that looks like them!


    • 2 baked 9-inch round cakes
    • 2 to 3 cups chocolate icing
    • Hershey's Kisses
    • 2 green LifeSavers Gummies
    • 2 blue M&M's
    • 1 piece red shoestring licorice
    • 1 orange gumdrop
    • New snorkel and diving mask, washed with soap and water


    Layer and frost the cakes.

    Unwrap the Kisses and place them around the top for hair.

    Add the LifeSavers and M&M's for eyes, a licorice mouth, and a gumdrop nose.

    Remove or unfasten the strap on the diving mask, then place it over the face and lay the snorkel next to the cake.

    sunglasses cake
    Photo courtesy of: FamilyFun

    Sunglasses Cake

    All this Sunglasses Cake needs is a little diva-tude. Jazz them up with some edible decorations and they will be the hit of the party. Use beach cakes with kids or teens birthday parties relating to pool or beach parties.


    • 9-inch round cake baked from your favorite recipe
    • 1/2 cup chocolate frosting
    • 1 1/2 cups white frosting
    • Pink food coloring or icing color (we used Wilton brand)
    • Gumdrops (we used Sunkist Fruit Gems)
    • Pink sugar sprinkles


    sunglasses cake
    Once the cake has cooled, cut off the domed top with a large knife.

    sunglasses cake
    Cut the cake in half, as shown, making sure the curve is gradual (an exaggerated curve will create angular lenses). Cut out a 2 1/2- by 1-inch notch on each side.

    sunglasses cake
    Flip one half of the cake over and join the 2 pieces at the bridge.

    sunglasses cake
    Create the lenses with chocolate frosting, leaving a 1-inch border around the edge for the rims.

    Tint the white frosting pink (for our shade, you'll need about 50 drops of food coloring or 1/8 teaspoon of icing color), then finish frosting the cake. Decorate the pink frames with the sprinkles. Cut the gumdrops in half crosswise, then create star shapes with mini cookie cutters (we used 1/2-inch and 1-inch sizes). Serves 10.

    under the sea cake
    Photo courtesy of: FamilyFun

    Under The Sea Cake

    This Under The Sea Cake will make a big splash at your next party. If you're considering beach cakes, this one is perfect for parties with a mermaid or under the sea theme.


    • 1 baked cake - 13" x 9" x 2"
    • 2 to 3 cups blue icing
    • Green apple Sour Belts
    • Blue and/or green fruit leather
    • Candy rocks
    • Candy seashells
    • Gummy sea creatures, such as fish, sharks, and octopuses
    • Mini Swedish fish
    • Sour tropical fish


    Frost the cake with the icing.

    To create plants, roller twist various lengths of sour belts and fruit leather before placing them on the cake.

    Place candy rocks and seashells along the bottom.

    finish off your underwater scene by arranging schools of gummy fish, sharks, and other deep-sea dwellers.


    Beach cakes are not only perfect for a beach party, but they also compliment under-the-sea parties, luaus, fishing themes, pool-related get togethers, and mermaid parties.

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