Beach Cake

by Melissa Sloate
(DeWitt, Arkansas)

Fun Beach Cake Idea

Fun Beach Cake Idea

This cake was for a young lady's 21st birthday. She and her sister were going on a cruise for her birthday present and she wanted a cake that was themed as a beach, so this was what I created.

The decorations were made of fondant. The sand was made with: Brown sugar, powdered sugar, & crushed Oreos. And the water was made with piping gel.

What a fun cake to go with a beach party theme! It gave me some inspiration for a few more beach party ideas for other beach cakes.


If you need some help creating your own beach cake, you might want to consider making a fairly simple 10-inch round cake out of any flavor you prefer. Then, bake a 6-inch round cake for the second tier. Use icing to attach the two tiers together and then ice the two cakes with blue buttercream. Next, crush up some graham crackers and add some sugar crystals to the crushed crackers to create the sand. Sprinkle the cake with the “sand.” Use fondant and gum paste to create a couple of beach towels. Decorate the cake with sea shells which can easily be made using chocolate molds. Add some mini beach chairs to the larger tier of the cake and have fun adding some other touches, like a mini cooler or mini flip flops, these can be made out of fondant.


Start with a 9x13 cake in any flavor and use butter cream icing. Color about 1/3 of the icing with a nice blue/green color for the water. Shade the rest of the icing to look a bit gray. Ice the sides of the cake and about ½ of the cake with the gray icing. Then crush graham crackers to create the sand on that half of the cake. Once again, if you prefer, you can add some sugar crystals to the crushed graham crackers as noted above before sprinkling the "sand" on the cake, but this is not necessary, but it does give it more of a grainy sand-like look. Then, take the blue icing and create the water, swirling the icing to look like waves. If you really want to have fun, use Teddy Graham bears or gummy bears as surfers. Use chewing gum to create surfboards or add teddies to gummy savers to look like inner tubes out on the water.

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