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Raise the Bat Signal and gather your Caped Crusaders, as it is time for the Dynamic Duo to fight crime party style.

If you're throwing a Batman Birthday Party you will want to be sure to add some exciting games, so to help you in this endeavor--to the Bat Cave everyone and start scrolling.


BAT PLANES - This is a great activity that your little superheroes are sure to enjoy. Have available plenty of black construction paper, for the kids to create paper airplanes. Then give them a bit more time to decorate them with gel pens, Batman stickers, glitter, etc. Then have everyone test their airplane-making skills with a contest to see whose plane will fly the furthest.

BATMAN GAMES - MR. FREEZE DANCE - Play Batman music and have your little Cape Crusaders move around the room or yard Batman-style. When the music stops, everyone must freeze. If someone moves, they are out. Repeat until only one Batman character remains.

BATMAN MUSICAL CHAIRS - This game is played like musical chairs. Set chairs in 2 rows, back to back using 1 less chair than the number of Batman characters. Turn Batman theme music on, have Batman characters walk around chairs. When music stops, everyone sits down. Whoever is left standing is out of the game. Repeat until only 1 Batman character remains and she is the winner. You can also play this with large pillows instead of chairs.

BATMAN GAMES - MUSICAL BAT MASKS - This game is played like Musical Chairs, except the kids walk around a table that is filled with Batman masks while the music plays. When the music stops, they each must try to grab a Batman mask and put it on. The child who doesn't get a mask is out. One mask is then removed and the play continues until only one child is left.

BATMAN GAMES - PIN THE BAT ON BATMAN – You’ll play this game just like the game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Take a Batman poster and use it for this game. Cut bats out of black cardstock, making enough for each guest to have one. Blindfold your little batmen, then spin them around and let them pin their bat on the Batman poster using some double sided tape. The child who gets the bad closest to the bat on the poster will win the game.

BATMAN GAMES - DON'T TOUCH THAT BAT – You’ll play this game just like the Hot Potato game, except you’ll use a rubber bat. Put your Cape Crusaders on the floor in a circle, letting the birthday child start with the bat. Turn Batman music on and then have the kids pass the bat to the child sitting on their right. Continue playing, stopping when the music stops. The crusader with the bat is out of the game. The last cape crusader wins the game.

BATMAN GAMES - BEFORE THE BOMB BLOWS - The birthday child hides a timer and sets it for 3 minutes. The other Batman characters try to find the "bomb" before it goes off. Whoever finds the "bomb" gets to hide it next.

BATMAN GAMES - BATMAN PINATA - Of course a Batman Birthday Party wouldn't be complete without a Batman Pull String Pinata, which is the perfect alternative to the traditional bat for the younger crowd.

BATMAN BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS FOR AN OBSTACLE COURSE - As any avid Batman fan knows, Batman and Robin generally manage to get themselves into sticky situations. They usually have to figure out how to battle the many obstacles that they face along the way. Capitalize on this by creating an obstacle course for the kids to maneuver. Start by dividing your guests up into two teams. Each team will need to have their own obstacle course, which should be identical. The game begins with the 1st person from each team running the course while competing against the other team to be the first one through. Once a teammate finishes the course, the next teammate in line will then immediately start running it. Whichever team finishes first shall be the winners. Here are some ideas that you can consider incorporating into your obstacle course:

Box Hoppin' - Place five to six cardboard boxes in a row and then have the kids jump from one box into the next box and so on until they have jumped in and out of all the boxes. Run That Ladder - In typical military style, have the kids run in and out all of the rungs of a wooden ladder that lays flat on the ground. If you don't have a ladder, you can easily create one with a few boards.

Frisbee Throw - Place a clean trash can, extra-large box, or other large container about 10 to 12-feet away from the throw line. Then have the kids toss a Frisbee into the container. This could be harder than it sounds since Frisbees have been known to have a mind of their own. Anyway, Once this task is done, the child may move on to the next obstacle. If they miss, then they must remain at this station until they throw a Frisbee in. Be sure to have plenty of extra Frisbees on hand so not to lose any time.

Beam Balancing - To keep injuries at bay, you can lay an eight-foot long board on the ground rather than creating a true balance beam. Then have the kids try to walk across the beam as fast as they can, but they must do so without falling off. If they topple, then they will have to start again until they successfully walk across the board without falling off.

Hula Hoop Run - Place five to eight hula hoops on the ground in a straight line. Then have each child step into the first hoop and lift it over their head and then drop it down onto the ground behind them as they move on to the next hula hoop in line. Be sure to have someone available to straighten out the hoops so the next child has the same course to follow.

Jumping Rope - Have a jump rope available and have each child do 10-15 jumps in a row. Once this is accomplished they will then move to the next portion of the obstacle course. To make it a little more challenging, you could require all of the jumps be successful with no misses.

Water Balloon Balance - Have a bucket full of small black water balloons. Each player shall place a water balloon on a spoon and proceed to try and balance it while walking/running to the drop off point for this station. If the balloon falls off of the spoon, the player may pick it up and re-balance it and proceed on. If the balloon breaks, the player must return to the bucket, get another balloon and start over.

The Bat Run - Give each team two pieces of bat-shaped card stock and have the kids walk from the start position for this portion of the course to the designated finish line for this event by only walking on the bats. This require everyone to place one of the bats on the ground and step on it, while placing the other bat on the ground in front of their present position and stepping onto it, then picking up the first bat and repeating this process.

Balloon Table - Cover a 3-foot by 6-foot table with blown up black balloons. This will take about 100 balloons. Create strips of balloons by tying them together onto a piece of twine. Then cover the entire table with the strips; you will need to periodically secure them so they strips don't move. You can use black duct tape. Be sure to cover the legs with padding so the kids are protected from getting hurt on the hard legs. The kids will then crawl and bump through the swinging balloons. For added challenge, you could blindfold the kids before they make the crawl.

Crab Walk - This will be the last leg of the journey. The kids will need to sit on the ground and bend their knees. Then they will need to lift up onto all fours so to speak, and proceed to "walk" as fast as they can to the finish line. In the alternative, if you think this is too hard for your superheroes, you can have them bend over frontwards and walk instead. Whichever team makes it through all of the obstacles course first shall be the winners.

PRINTABLE GAMES - If you would like to play some games that are a little more subdued, this website has some fun Print & Play games that are sure to please your young guests: Printable Birthday Games


With a fun assortment of Batman games, along with fun Batman-themed party decorations, you're sure to create a fun atmosphere that any Cape Crusader would be thrilled to attend!

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