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Fun And Fabulous Batman Game Ideas
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Is that the Bat signal I see in the sky? If so, I have to assume that you have decided to save the day and are probably trying to come up with some Batman Party Ideas and theme games that have some "Pow"-erful fun to them.

To help you create that action-packed party that will have your superheroes talking about it for months to come, let's head over to the Bat Cave and I'll help you plan this mission. First of all, create a fun-filled Batman birthday party by turning your home into the Bat Cave. Then add any of the following dynamite game ideas.


BATMAN GAME - BAT PLANES - Provide the kids with black construction paper, Batman stickers, glitter, and gel pens. Have the kids make paper airplanes and decorate them. Be sure they all put their names on their plane as they are going to use them for a game.

BATMAN GAME - BATMAN TO THE RESCUE - Make a large Bat Signal on a piece of butcher paper, cardstock, or cardboard and place it in the yard. Have all your Cape Crusaders line up with their bat planes and when you say, "Batman To The Rescue," everyone "flies" their planes and tries to land them in the center of the Bat Signal. Whoever is the closest wins.

Variation: - Construct a "Bat Cave" out of a large cardboard box and paint it black. Have everyone try to fly their plane into the Bat Cave.

BATMAN GAME - PASS THE BAT - Divide your Cape Crusaders into two teams and line them up. While playing some fun Batman music in the background, give the first person of each team a rubber bat. When you say, "Batman To The Rescue," the first person of each team will pass their bat over his/her head to their next teammate. That person will then pass the bat between his/her legs to their next teammate in line. This passing sequence continues (going over, under, over, under) until the bat is delivered to the last player in line. The bat is then sent back to the first teammate who started the game in the over, under fashion. The first team to pass the bat from front to back and back again is the winner.

BATMAN GAME - NAB THOSE VILLIANS - Download pictures of Batman's arch enemies, The Joker, Penguin, The Riddler, Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, etc. Try to cut them to all be the approximate same size. Tape one to the back of each of your guests. When you say, "Batman To The Rescue," everyone tries to gather as many "villains" from the backs of others. Whoever gathers the most villains wins.

Variations: - Make this be a timed event and only allow 1-2 minutes to gather the villains.

Make this be a Batman game that is an ice breaker activity and tape a villain on everyone's back as they arrive and have the gathering of the villains be an ongoing event throughout the party or a portion of the party. Everyone will have to try and protect their villain and whenever someone obtains a villain off of someone's back, they must have a parent tape that villain to their back. This will make for a sweet-swiping of villains for someone who might be able to obtain 2, 3, 4, etc. at one time!

BATMAN GAME - BATMAN SENSORY TESTS - Prior to the party, tape record various sounds and be sure to allow "dead space" between the sounds, so you have time to turn the tape recorder on and off. Tape a variety of sounds like a car horn, bicycle bell, train moving, semi-truck horn, weed whacker, chain saw, lawn mower, microwave, etc. Be sure to write down in order what the various sounds are, so you have the answers when it comes time to tally the kids' results.

Prior to the party, download pictures of various teeny-tiny to extra-large sized items. Things like a key chain, tissue box, cup, paperclip, clock, remote, toothbrush, etc. At game time, you will quickly flash everyone one picture at a time and they will attempt to identify and write down what they think they saw. Once again, be sure to keep track of the order of the items that you flash.

Prior to the party, gather various foods to feed the kids simultaneously while they are all blindfolded. It is best to have a few helpers to keep this portion of the game going, as they will need to "feed" each item to the child. After everyone eats a particular item, they may remove their blindfold and write down what they think they just consumed. Repeat this process until you get through all of the foods. Try to select items the kids can't figure out right away. Smash up foods like grapes, strawberries, and kiwi to make it harder to identify. Baby food is always a yucky, but fun option. Cold scrambled eggs, crushed cereals, finely minced hotdog, etc. are other items you might consider. For each of these Batman game "tests," give all the kids paper and pencils to write down their answers. Whoever has the most correct answers, is the winner.

BATMAN GAME - WRAP THE MUMMY - Divide the kids into teams and provide each team with two rolls of toilet paper. Let teams decide who they will mummify and have teams race against one another. Take pictures, unwrap and play again until everyone has been mummified.

BATMAN GAME - BATMAN BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS FOR AN OBSTACLE COURSE - Batman and Robin somehow always manage to get themselves into situations that have many obstacles. For a fun obstacle course for your party, create two teams and have two obstacle courses already set up. They should be identical. When you start the game, each team has a player begin the course. Once the first person gets through one obstacle, the next teammate can start. The first team that has all their teammates get through the course wins the game. Here are some fun ideas you can use to help you create the course.

Box Hop - Lay a row of six cardboard boxes out on the ground that are large enough to accommodate the kid's feet with some room to spare. The players must then jump from one box to the next.

Ladder Run – Take a wooden ladder, placing it on the ground. Then, have kids run through the ladder rungs.

Frisbee Toss – Have a trashcan located about 10 feet from your throwing line. Kids have to toss a Frisbee right into the trashcan. Then they are able to move on. Have plenty of Frisbees on hand for this obstacle.

Balance Beam - Lay out a board (8’x2”x4”) on a grassy area. Kids must quickly get across the beam without falling, as it would be like falling off a building.

Hula Hoop Run – Take 5-10 hula hoops, placing them in a line. Kids have step into a hoop, lift it over their head, drop it behind them and keep going. Have an adult at this obstacle to make sure the hula hoops are straightened after each person goes through this obstacle.

Jump Rope – Have each child jump rope 15 times before they head on to the next obstacle.

Water Balloon Balance – Using a spoon, kids have to keep a water balloon balanced on the spoon while they get to the obstacles finished line. If the balloon falls without breaking, then can pick it back up and put it on the spoon. However, if the balloon breaks, they must get a new balloon and start the obstacle again. Bat Run - Provide child with two pieces of cardstock that are shaped like bats and have them walk from the start line to the finish line for this event by only walking on the two bats. They have to place a bat on the ground, step on it, place another bat down in front of them, step on it, take the first bat, and continue using the bats to step on them until they finish the obstacle.

Balloon Table – Have a card table covered with about 100 balloons that have been blown up. String several balloons together using yard, twine or some string. Using some heavy tape, secure the balloon strips to the bottom of the table, the tabletop and the table sides. Place foam padding along the legs of the table. Kids have to crawl through the balloons as they bump and swing.

Crab Walk – Use this obstacle to conclude your course. Have kids sit down on the grass, then they must bend knees and lean back on hands, keeping arms straight. Then they have to crab walk as quickly as possible to the obstacle course finish line.

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