Batman, Batman, Spiderman

by Marisa
(Stow, Ohio)

Girls Make Great Superheros Too!

Girls Make Great Superheros Too!

This game is just like Duck Duck Goose, except you can change the name to Batman, Batman, Spiderman or Cat Woman, Cat Woman, Power Ranger. It's fun and creative!

This is an easy game to adapt over to whatever your superhero party is all about.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

If you’re throwing your toddler an exciting superhero party, this cool idea is one of the cutest superhero games to try. Along with this fun game idea, you may need some more great ideas for your party, from invitations to exciting favors.

Superhero Invitations

One idea you can use for invitations is a Newspaper Headline invitation. Create the invites on cardstock to look like a newspaper. However, instead of headlines, include the party information in a headline format. Be sure to add in photos of the superhero of your choice, giving guests a fun preview of the superhero party. Another fun idea for invitations is to create a superhero mask invite. For example, if you’re doing a batman theme, make batman mask shaped invitations. For a Spiderman theme, a Spiderman shaped mask would be perfect.

Superhero Party Decor

This is a fun theme and you're sure to have a blast decorating for your superhero party. If you have a specific hero you’re focusing on, use posters and action figures of that hero. If you are doing a general superhero theme, use posters and action figures of all different superheroes, such as Batman, Spiderman, the Incredibles or even Cat Woman. Another fun idea for decorating is to make the words “Wham!” and “Pow!” on poster board. Color them in, cut them out and hang them on the walls of the party area or from the ceiling using fishing line.

Superhero Favor Ideas

At the end of the superhero party, send guests home with a fun superhero diploma saying that they graduated from Superhero School. Add other fun goodies like Superhero coloring books, superhero figures or even some cool superhero t-shirts. You can also make up some cookies and decorate them to look like your favorite superheroes, making a delicious, edible favor that the toddlers will surely enjoy.

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