Batgirl - Gotham City's Female Heroine!

by Brittany
(Hollywood, FL)

To The Batmobile Batman--Batgirl's Back In Town!

To The Batmobile Batman--Batgirl's Back In Town!

I made this costume because my nickname in high school was "Batgirl."

I used an old yellow T-shirt and cut out the bat symbol from the Batman movies. Then I took that cutout and sewed it onto the chest area of a black leotard. I took a long black skirt I had and cut strips at the bottom of it up to the tops of my knees. For shoes I went out and bought some high-heeled black leather boots. I went out and bought some yellow cloth from a linen store and cut slits in it like I did with the skirt. I bought a bat symbol belt buckle and wore that over the skirt.

For my makeup I used bright red lipstick and smoky, dark eye makeup. I used black liquid eyeliner and mascara with dark brown cream eye shadow. I also bought some black acrylic nails that look like claws.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Too bad Brittany didn't tell us why her nickname in high school was Batgirl; I guess we'll all just have to wonder.

I can't see Brittany's nails and she didn't mention them, so I'll toss out one idea that comes to mind after seeing her costume--painting her nails a combination of black and yellow. If you can find some press on Batgirl nails stickers that would really be cool for a little extra fun.

Now a Batgirl that looks this good certainly needs to take her little self to some kind of a Batman themed party or host one herself. If you're thinking of creating a party using this type of theme, here are a few ideas that you might want to incorporate:

  • Start by covering the tables with black and yellow tablecloths and runners.

  • Download the infamous bat symbol and create a template so you can cut them out of card stock and then hang them from the ceiling using black and yellow ribbons

  • You could also string a bunch of bat symbols onto a piece of ribbon and use it as you would garland.

  • Attach black and yellow balloons to the backs of chairs, along with creating some balloon bouquets to accent various areas of the room.

  • A really cool addition to any party room would be to cover the ceiling with black and yellow balloons or streamers. Either way, it will certainly make a statement and transform the ordinary into the wow-dinary!

  • If you don't have containers in the Batgirl colors, then opt to use black and yellow napkins in the containers to add a touch of bat color.

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