Basketball Party Ideas For Slam Dunk Success!

Fun And Fabulous Basketball Party Ideas
That Will Create A Great B-Ball Party!

Hey, B-Ball fans! Are you are looking to create a slam-dunk basketball theme party success? Then keep reading so you can learn what to do and not end up air balling your party.

To start your planning process, you will want to engage your "hops" in order to bring America's favorite B-Ball theme to your home. Don't be a ball hog and try to do everything, hand off chores and set yourself up for an assist as needed. This way you will surely be able to create a fantabulous celebration that's nothing but net with all your B-Ball fans.


Once you've decided on your basketball theme party invitation, you will want to focus on adding a fun theme slogan for your invites, along with adding all the party details. Here are some slogan options to consider:
  • Don't box out; join us for some B-Ball fun at (Name's) basketball birthday party!

  • We're gonna have a "ball" at (Name's) basketball birthday party!

  • "Charge" on over and join us for some B-Ball fun at (Name's) basketball birthday party?

  • (Name's) having a basketball birthday party; engage your hops and charge on over!

  • Come hoop it up! Join (Name) for a basketball birthday party.

Here are some options to consider for creating your basketball invitations:

BASKETBALL JERSEY PARTY INVITATION – One great idea for basketball party invitations is to make basketball jersey party invites. Start by using some cardstock in the color of your favorite team and cut out a piece of cardstock in the shape of a basketball jersey. Then, cut out numbers to go with the age of your child and put that number in the middle of the jersey in the secondary team color. You can even put your child’s last name on the basketball jersey as well. On the back of the jersey invitation write, “Slam Dunk! (Child’s Name) is turning (age) and you’re invited to celebrate at an all-star party. Dribble over to (place) for a fabulous hoops party.” Of course, include the rest of the party information on the back as well, including contact information so parents can RSVP.

BASKETBALL TEAM HAT INVITATIONS – Another fun idea for basketball party invitations is to purchase basketball hats that show off the team colors of your child’s favorite basketball game. In fact, you can even ask your guests to show up to the party wearing their basketball team hats as well, which will help them come prepared for a fun, basketball themed party. Make sure you write all the details for your basketball themed party on a piece of cardstock and attach to the basketball team hat with some string. Box up the hats and send them to guests or deliver the hats to guests by hand if you don’t want to send them.

HOT DOG INVITES Cut the shape of a hot dog out from a piece of brownish card stock. You can also cut the bun out of a tan piece of card stock and glue the two together. Then write out all of the party info on one side and put something like "Join (Name) For A Hot-Diggity-Dog Of A Birthday Party" on the other side.

BASKETBALL CARD INVITES - Turn a photograph of your youngster all decked out in her or his basketball uniform into a basketball card. Write/type party particulars on the back.

Fun Option - Use a basketball card as the foundation of the invite. Glue a piece of paper to the back of the card that has all of the party details.

Basketball Party Invitation

BASKETBALL TICKET INVITES - Cut out of card stock a rectangle and design it to look like a basketball ticket. You can either create your invites by using your school's colors or those from your child's favorite team.

BASKETBALL INVITATION #1 - Cut out a large circle from orange card stock and draw some black lines on it to give it the look of a basketball.

BASKETBALL INVITATION #2 - Use a Sharpie and write on a mini basketball your basketball party info and hand-deliver them to your guests.


Invite all of your guests to wear their basketball uniforms or you can opt to have them come in their favorite basketball team jersey and cap. Another option to consider is giving out t-shirts and ball caps that have a basketball design.


You can select colors stemming from your favorite team or opt for your school colors. Regardless of the colors you select, to help bring courtside success to your party, you can incorporate any of the party ideas that follow:

Basketball Decorations To Transform Party Room

  • Greet your guests with a life-size basketball player standee. You can place it at or near the front door. Make sure to get your money's worth by creating a fun photo-op. Everyone will love having a photo taken with a "famous" B-Ball player!

  • Using your selected colors, create some bouquets of balloons to place around the room.

  • Jazz up door and window frames, along with the ceiling's perimeter by hanging basketball garland around them.

  • Spiff up your window and door frames by twisting streamers around them.

  • To give the room a touch of festivity, use lots of streamers. This is an inexpensive way to jazz up a room real fast.

  • Accent special areas of your venue with some colorful Mylar balloons that are shaped like basketballs and jerseys.

  • Accent your archways and doorways by hanging streamers in them.

  • Hang some basketball swirl decorations from your ceiling to add a little theme and interest.

  • Turn your ceiling into a colorful masterpiece by filling it with balloons in your selected colors.

  • Another ceiling option would be to twist colorful streamers so they cover your entire ceiling. Start early (like the day before) on this one or you'll be sorry.

Basketball Party Decorations For Your Walls

  • Alert party-goers by hanging a basketball birthday banner across your garage.

  • You can also use banners inside by hanging them over your cake or gift table, or one of your main party walls.

  • Hang a colorful pennant banner in your party colors to accent ceilings, mantels, etc.

  • Hang decals of basketballs and hoops on the walls to give them a little theme appeal.

  • Another fun way to jazz up your walls would be to hang some basketball jerseys on the walls.

  • Give those white walls a touch of B-Ball theme by hanging some posters of your favorite players on them.

  • Hang signs that say, things like Air Ball, Bank Shot, Slam Dunk, Defense, Fast Break, etc.

  • You can also liven up the walls with pom poms.

Basketball Party Decorations For Your Table

  • Give your dining room table slam dunk success with a fun basketball themed table cover and party ware.

  • Turn your tabletop into a basketball court by covering it with tan butcher paper and drawing on the court or use black electrical or painter's tape. If this sounds like too much work, then you can just cover up that table with a basketball themed piece of fabric or table cover.

  • Decorate the backs of the chairs with basketball pennants.

  • Jazz up the back of the chairs by tying small balloon bouquets to them.

  • Create a fun centerpiece to add a themed focal point to your party table.

  • Serve up munchies in basketball printed bowls, plates and trays.

  • Toss basketball confetti onto your tabletops.


BASKETBALL GAME - If you have a hoop at the house, you can have everyone play a half-court game of B-Ball. You can either shorten up the game time or specify the first team to "X" amount of points is the winner.

STICKER HIGH JUMP CONTEST – One fun game idea for your basketball party is to have a sticker high jump contest. For this game, you’ll need a life sized image of one of your child’s favorite basketball players and some basketball stickers. Hang up the poster on the wall. Give each of your guests a basketball sticker and have each person write their name on their sticker. Have guests walk up to the basketball player poster and have them jump as high as possible, sticking their sticker on the poster. See who can get their sticker the highest. If you have a tie, you can always have a tie breaking jump contest. Kids will have fun trying to see how high they can jump when compared to the height of a real basketball player.

BLINDFOLD H-O-R-S-E BASKETBALL GAME – Another fun idea to keep your guests busy is to play a game of blindfold H-O-R-S-E. Play the game just like regular “Horse,” but to mix it up a bit, players have to play to wear a blindfold when they make their shot. This adds a fun twist that will make the game even more exciting.

CHASING THE TAIL BASKETBALL DRIBBLING GAME – For this game, you’ll need to have enough basketballs for each player to have one and you’ll also need a bandana for each player. To play the game, have each guest put a bandana in his or her back pocket so it looks like a dog tail. Give each person a basketball. When the game starts, players have to move around while continuing to dribble their basketball. They also have to try to grab the bandanas of other players. If a player loses their “tail” then they are out. The person who keeps their “tail” the longest while continuing to dribble wins this game.

H.O.R.S.E. - This is my son's favorite basketball theme game and it's one that spans just about all ages. Have everyone line up to shoot or have them draw numbers to determine the order of all of your shooters.

The first kid up will select a place on the court to take a shot. If they make the basket, the next person in line must duplicate the shot and location. If that person misses, they will receive the letter "H".

The next person in line then will attempt to duplicate all of the first shooter's moves and shot. Then the game will continue in this same way until everyone has had an opportunity to take a shot. Those who did not succeed at making the shot each receive the letter "H".

Now we're back to the first shooter. That person starts the process again, but let's say he or she misses the shot then that person will get an "H" and the first play of the round moves to the next player in line.

If that person makes the shot then that is the one that everyone will have to duplicate. If that person does not make the shot, he or she will earn an "H" and the shot of the round moves to the third person in line.

This sequence continues until there is only one player remaining in the game. Every time that someone misses their shot, they will then "earn" a letter and if they end up receiving enough letters that eventually spell out "HORSE", they are out.

Basketball Party Ideas For Basketball Games & Activities

BASKETBALL CONTESTS - This is the kind of party that is begging for a little B-Ball competition. You will need to have a little assistance, both physically and visually to help with these drills. Here are some drill ideas to get your mind thinking:

  • Free Throws - Line 'em up and see who can successfully do the most free throws in a row.

  • Lowest Dribbler - Have someone dribble a basketball as low as possible and as long as possible or for a designated amount of time. Then move on to the next person and repeat the process. Whoever does it the lowest and/or longest wins. Depending upon the age of the players, you might need to add speed into the mix to get rid of possible ties.

  • Double Dribble - Have someone dribble two basketballs simultaneously for as long as possible or for a designated amount of time. Then have the next person in line repeat this process. Whoever is able to dribble the longest shall be the winner. This is a bit more challenging as two balls must be controlled. You can also add variations to this by having the participants dribble low or fast.

  • Dribble Relay - If you don't have enough balls for everyone to do this simultaneously, then you can have each person do it individually and time them. The goal is to dribble the ball as fast as possible by traveling from one side of the court and back again. Whoever ends up having the best time will be the winner.

    Slam Dunk - If your guests are old enough to dunk or at least try, you can have a dunking contest.

  • Basketball Finger Spin - See who can spin the basketball the longest on one finger.

  • Back Pedal - No ball needed. Everyone lines up with their back to the finish line. On "Go" everyone back runs backwards as fast as they can to the finish line.

  • Step Slide - No ball needed. Everyone lines up and takes a defensive stance (feet apart, squatting down, hands up). On "Go" everyone step slides their way as fast as possible to the finish line.

Basketball Party Ideas For Basketball Games & Activities

BASKETBALL CARD HUNT - Before the party commences hide a bunch of basketball cards in the party room and/or outside. Then have everyone go on the hunt. Whatever they find is theirs to keep or trade.

HOT BASKETBALL - You'll play this game like Hot Potato except you'll use a mini basketball. Everyone sits in a circle and passes the basketball to the person on their right while basketball appropriate music is playing. When you stop playing the music, whoever is left holding onto the ball will be out. This game will continue like this until one player remains.

PIN THE BASKETBALL TO THE HOOP - Hang onto a wide-open wall a large blown-up picture or poster of a favorite basketball player that depicts him shooting a basketball toward a hoop. Cut basketballs out of orange card stock and draw black lines on them. Using double-stick tape, have your guests (while blindfolded) try to pin the ball into the hoop. Another option would be to try and pin the ball into the shooter's hands. Either way, whoever gets it the closest to the target wins.


When it comes to food, especially for kids, this can be an easy basketball party to host. Serve up concession type foods. However, if your party is for the biggest kid in your life, your husband, you might want to go with some yummy BBQ options and side dishes. Things like:

  • Hot dogs
  • Corn dogs
  • Pizza
  • Hamburgers
  • Nachos
  • Tri-Tip
  • Chicken
  • Garlic Bread
  • Baked Beans
  • Potato Salad
  • Pasta salad
  • Macaroni Salad
  • Peanuts
  • Popcorn
  • Cotton Candy
  • Snow Cones


  • Gatorade & PowerAde
  • Bottled water
  • Juice boxes
  • Punch


BASKETBALL COURT SHEET CAKE – Make a ¼ sheet cake in your child’s favorite flavor and decorate the entire cake with white buttercream. Then, on top of the white icing, use blue icing to create a basketball court. You can show only one side of the court or you can show both sides, placing basketball hoops on both sides of the cake. Make your own mini basketball hoops or make your own using some Styrofoam, netting and a small doll stand. Write a birthday message on the cake in blue as well.

BASKETBALL HAT CAKE – Make your own basketball hat cake by making a double layer round cake. Attach the two layers using some icing. Then, take a bit of thin cardboard and cut and bend it into the shape of a sports hat brim. Insert the brim right into the cake. Cover the cakes and the hat brim in dark blue buttercream icing. Then, using yellow icing, write in the name of your favorite basketball team on the brim and add any basketball team logos if you desire. You can write a birthday message on top of the “hat.”

BASKETBALL CAKE - Mix up your favorite cake batter and pour it into a sports ball shaped cake pan. Decorate it to look like a basketball by frosting it orange and piping on some black lines. Add a birthday message and place it on a tan covered cake board.

Basketball Cake

BASKETBALL SHEET CAKE #1 - For a quick cake solution, frost a rectangular-shaped cake with light tan frosting and pipe out a basketball court design. Then top it off with some plastic B-ballplayers to create courtside fun.

BASKETBALL SHEET CAKE #2 - For the most super-simple, quick and easy to make cake--after you bake your child's favorite cake (from a mix of course), frost that baby up and then all you will need to do is but a basketball themed edible picture that is made from sugar and center it onto your cake.

BASKETBALL CUPCAKES - Make cupcakes in basketball themed cupcake holders. Frost them orange and pipe on black lines. Another option would be to add a basketball pick to each one.


As your guests ready themselves to depart from the best B-Ball party of all, hand them some fun basketball party favors to thank them for coming. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Basketball trading cards
  • Basketball cap
  • Sweat bands
  • Mini basketball
  • Nerf basketball and hoop
  • Basketball themed sports bottle
  • Basketball themed bookmarks, stickers, pens, tattoos, notepads, or pencils
  • Basketball team poster
  • Basketball pennant
  • Basketball tags to hang on their b-ball bags

Your Favorite Basketball Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite basketball party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your basketball cake and costume ideas.

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