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Fun And Fabulous Baseball Party Ideas
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Hey, batter, batter, batter, get ready to create a home run with all your friends with a fun baseball party. Be sure to start your party planning early so you don't strike out!

Bring America's favorite pastime into your home--party style and you will surely nail down a victory with all your little sluggers. This is an all-star theme that is sure to be a grand-slam with any baseball fan regardless of their age. If you are looking to host a party worthy of the majors, here are some fun baseball party ideas to help blend the love of the sport with a special birthday celebration. These ideas are guaranteed to hit one out of the park and score you a home run. So, get ready to host a barn burner of a party!


To create a baseball party that is sure to be a home run with all your baseball fans, you'll want to send out some invitations that'll have everyone stealing bases to make their way to the party. Start by laying out your game plan with all the party info that your guests will need in order to step up to the plate successfully. Be sure to add a fun play on word slogan to your invite for added team spirit. Here are a few ideas:

  • Join us for some Big League fun at Bob's Baseball Birthday Party!

  • Be sure to bring your A-Game and get ready to play ball at Tony's Baseball Birthday Bash!

  • Let's play ball! Home run fun is a happening thing at cuz Tim's having a birthday party baseball style

  • Sam's having a baseball birthday party that sure to be a grand slam!

  • For some All-Star fun, join (Name) for a baseball birthday party.

When you address your envelopes, be sure to put "Big Hitter (Name)" for each of your guests.

To get you going on creating that winning celebration, I have put together some invite ideas that will help have you racking up the votes for MVP (most valuable party) of the year.

BASEBALL GLOVE PARTY INVITATIONS – Using brown cardstock, cut out the shape of a baseball glove. You can print off a template of a baseball glove online to make it easier. Use a black marker to fill in all the details of the glove. Then, on the front of the baseball glove write, “Catch! You’re Invited to Join Us Outfield for an All Star Party!” On the back of the invitation write, “You’re invited to the playoffs. (Child’s Name) is turning (age), so pick your team colors and join our game.” Include all of the important party information on the back as well.

SPORTS MAGAZINE INVITATIONS – For this cool invitation, you’ll want to create invitations that look like a sports magazine. Fold a full size sheet of cardstock in half like an invitation. On the top of the front, draw baseball right in the middle, then draw a baseball bat over the ball. On top of the bat, write “Baseball News.” In the middle of the front, add a picture of a favorite baseball player, which you can print off from the internet or you can use a baseball card picture. Beneath the picture write, “Breaking Baseball News! (Child’s name) Wants You to Celebrate With Him at an All-Star Party!” Inside of the invitation write, “Cracker jacks, peanuts, hot dogs and fun, (Child’s name)’s birthday will definitely be a huge home run!” Then, give all the details for the party.

More Baseball Party Ideas For Invitations

BASEBALL INVITATIONS #1 - Cut a large circle out of white card stock and draw on some red lines to give it the look of a baseball.

BASEBALL INVITATIONS #2 - Start handing out the favors early by hand-delivering an actual baseball to your guests that has all the party info written on it.

BASEBALL TICKET INVITES - Cut out and design the look of a baseball ticket from card stock. Select the colors of your favorite team or your school colors to create the ticket invites.

On the front, the tickets could say one of the following:

Help Slugger (Name) Celebrate His/Her Birthday In Baseball Style
Take Me Out To The Ball Game...
Hey Batter, Batter, Batter, It's A Baseball Birthday Party
It's A Baseball Birthday Party For (Name)
Join (Name) As He Hits His Birthday Out Of The Park

You can also add a computer code that looks like a baseball ticket code.

On the back write, "Ticket Is Non-Transferable. Confirm with Coach Parent's Name) by calling (Phone number). Add all of your party details.

More Baseball Party Ideas For Baseball Invitations

BASEBALL JERSEY INVITES - Cut out a baseball jersey shaped invitation in your child's favorite team colors. Put one of the greetings noted above on the front and the party details on the back.

BASEBALL TEAM PENNANT INVITATIONS - Cut out pennant shapes from posterboard or cardstock in your child's favorite team colors. Put one of greetings noted above on the front and all the necessary party info on the reverse.

CRACKER JACK INVITES - Type up your invite and attach it to a box of Cracker Jacks. Be sure to "borrow" the famous line of, "Take me out to the ball game....Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack... and add that to the front of the invite.

More Baseball Party Ideas For Baseball Invitations

BASEBALL CARD INVITES - Turn a picture of your child dressed in uniform into an All-Star baseball card with party stats on the reverse side. Download onto white cardstock and print out a pic of your child in his/her baseball uniform. Under the picture put, "All-Star", "MVP", "Slugger", "All-American", etc.

Alternative: Use an actual baseball card and affix a piece of paper to the back of each card that has the party info.

BASEBALL OR BASEBALL BAT BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITES - Buy plastic baseballs or inflatable bats and write all of your party details on the balls or bats with a permanent marker.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE INVITATIONS - Buy some ready-made baseball themed invitations and then embellish the picture. For example, add some glitter to accentuate the various details on the invitations.


Make sure you have your baseball fans show up in baseball attire. You could have them wear their own baseball uniforms to the party. Another idea is to have kids pick a favorite team and then they can show up in team colors, hats and jerseys for the party. If you want to make sure that every child has something to wear, buy some affordable baseball caps online for kids to don when they arrive at the party. You could also consider putting an iron-on transfer that is baseball-related either on the front or back of a t-shirt.

Other baseball accessories, such as baseball whistles, sunglasses or baseball bracelets make great items to give out to your guests when they arrive, ensuring everyone is dressed for the baseball occasion.


The colors you select for your baseball theme party can be those of your favorite team or you can go with good old-fashioned red, white and blue. Here are some ideas to help you transform your home into the Big League:

Baseball Party Ideas For Decor

  • Make a big sign of out of cardboard, designing it to look like a big baseball scoreboard. You can put the sign right outside of the party entrance to welcome all your baseball guests to the party.

  • In the front yard, hang a big banner that welcomes all your guests, letting them know where the party is. Have the sign read, “Welcome to (last name) Field.”

  • Place a life-size baseball player standee at the front door in such a way that it creates a fun photo-op. Then have everyone take their picture with the baseball "star" as they arrive.

  • Create bouquets of balloons using your favorite team colors.

  • Hang baseball swirl decorations from the ceiling to jazz it up.

  • For added festivities, you can't have too many streamers in your team colors adorning the party room.

Baseball Party Ideas For Decor

  • Twist streamers around door and window frames.

  • Have streamers hang freely in doorways and archways.

  • Fill the ceiling with red, white and blue balloons or use your team colors.

  • Another terrific way to cover your ceiling is to twist streamers across it. This will take a long time to do, but the final look is well worth the effort.

  • Mylar balloons in the shape of baseballs and jerseys can be used to accent special areas in the party room.

  • Hang baseball garland around the ceiling and/or accent your window and door frames.


  • For a fun birthday banner, make it span the length of a large wall. On one end of the banner place a picture of the birthday child. Then print, use stencils or write free-hand, “(Child’s Name) MVP! Happy Birthday!” It’s sure to make the birthday child feel extra special.

  • Hang Baseball Team Pennants on the walls of your favorite team(s).

  • Hang signs that say, "Go Team", Hey Batter, Batter, Batter, etc.

  • Cover those white walls up with lots of posters of your favorite players or teams.

  • Another way to cover white walls is with colorful baseball jerseys. Let the walls scream out your favorite players.

  • Placement of decals of bats and gloves on the walls to bring your theme to life.


Baseball Party Ideas For Decor

  • Set up a small table and place some cool baseball trophies on it. You could even purchase some fake ones to place on the trophy table and then hand them out as favors at the end of the party.

  • At the entrance to the party, set a table with some baseballs, decorating the table with other baseball themed items. As guests arrive, give them black Sharpies and have them “autograph” the baseballs. Then, the birthday child can keep the balls as a cool memento of the party.

  • For the party tables where your young baseball players will be eating, make placemats that look like baseball cards. To do this, ask parents for a photo of each child you have invited. Then, blowup the photos and place on placemat size pieces of paper. Write their name beneath their picture. Make sure you use some clear contact paper to laminate the “baseball card” placemats.

  • To make a cool centerpiece for your party table, use a large bowl and fill it with baseballs. Then, stick baseball pennants into the bowl of balls, using pennants in colors you’re using for the rest of the baseball party décor.

  • Place a bright red tablecloth on a table. Cover the table with baseball stickers and baseball cards. Then, cover with a clear plastic tablecloth, so the stickers and cards won’t move or get damaged. It will make party tables look amazing and you can always hand out the cards and stickers as favors later in the party.
Baseball Party Ideas For Decor

  • Another fun centerpiece idea is to take a large baseball glove and put a baseball in the middle of the glove. Then, tie some baseball balloons to the glove, making a cool centerpiece that is easy and cheap to make.

  • On one of the serving tables, use a green tablecloth on the table. Then using some white poster board, cut out bases, including home plate, first base, second base and third base. Place the bases on top of the green table cloth, arranging them to look like a baseball diamond. You could cover the “baseball diamond” with a clear tablecloth if desired, or secure the bases to the table using some double-sided tape or glue.

  • Take a piece of poster board or cardboard and draw some bleachers on it. Add pictures of people so it looks like people are sitting in the bleachers. Then, hang up the poster behind one of the food tables so it looks like a bleacher full of people is watching the event.

  • Using a metal pail, fill it up with peanuts as a centerpiece for your tables. Stick one baseball pennant down into the pail of peanuts. It’s a simple, easy centerpiece and kids can enjoy eating the peanuts too.

  • Toss baseball confetti onto your tabletops.


SPRING BASEBALL TRAINING – Baseball players always go through spring training, so do your own spring baseball training for your guests. Put together some activities, such as pushups, jumping jacks, batting, catching and throwing. Have whistles on hand to keep your trainees going.

WORLD SERIES GUESSING GAME – Give all your guests some paper and something to write with. Tell them to come up with World Series winners. Let them write down all the World Series winners they can think of. Give bonus points if they remember the years. Give a small prize to the one that gets the most right.

BASEBALL SKILLS COMPETITION – Have a competition where guests can show off their baseball skills. Include different skills, such as how far they can hit the baseball, who has the longest throw, who can run between bases the fastest and who can do the best slide into bases. Give prizes to the winners in different categories.

BASEBALL PLAYER PAINTING ACTIVITY – You’ll need a roll of butcher paper for this activity. Have guests take turns drawing each other on large pieces of the butcher paper. After they are outlined, give them paints so they can paint their outline into cool baseball players. Let them take their painting home at the end of the party.

Baseball Party Ideas For Party Games & Activities

BASEBALL GAME - Ideally, if space permits, play a game of actual baseball, this would of course be an activity sure to entertain your guests. If you don't have the necessary space, use a Whiffle baseball instead. If you don't want the party to encompass a full-on baseball game and you want to call it a day a bit sooner, just shorten the game to five innings.

BALLOON BASEBALL - Let the kids pick teams or divide them up and let them play baseball with the use of balloons as the balls and cardboard gift wrap tubes as the bats.

BASEBALL RELAY - Divide the kids into teams. On "Go" the first child of each team shall run to the opposite end of the yard and put on a baseball jersey, cap, and glove, along with grabbing a ball. Then the kids shall run towards their teammates, stop at a designated line and toss the ball to the next teammate in line. Once the ball is caught, the child runs back, takes off the jersey, hat and mitt and then the next teammate in line repeats the process. If the ball isn't caught with the first throw, the ball must be returned to the person who threw it to toss it again to his or her teammate. This must be repeated until the ball is caught. Whichever team finishes first shall be the winners.

More Baseball Party Ideas For Baseball Party Games

ONE-HANDED PITCH AND CATCH - Have everyone stand facing someone and give everyone on one side a Whiffle ball. Then have everyone toss their ball using one hand to the person across from them and that person must then catch the ball with one hand. Upon each successful toss and catch, have the kids take a step back. If someone fails to catch the ball, both kids are out. The two kids who remain to the end will be the winners.

BASEBALL PINATA - You can decorate your party room with a fun baseball shaped pinata or one that is shaped like a jersey of your favorite team. Then when it's game time, your decoration instantly becomes a fun activity. Here's a link to all sorts of Baseball Jersey Pinatas.

BASEBALL CARD HUNT - Before the party hide some baseball cards throughout the party room and/or in the backyard. Have the kids go on the hunt and find what they can. Whatever they find, they keep or trade as their heart desires.


You can also take some of the classic party games and give them a baseball twist. Here's a few to get you started:

More Baseball Party Ideas For Baseball Party Games

HOT BASEBALL - This is the baseball version of Hot Potato. Use either a real or whiffle baseball and have everyone sit on the floor or stand in a circle and start passing the ball to their neighbor in a continuous circle while baseball theme music plays. Periodically have Mom or Dad stop the music and yell, "Yooooour Ouuuut" to whoever is left holding the ball. Play the game in this fashion until there's only one baseball fan left standing. Simple, easy and fun all rolled up into one!

PIN THE BASEBALL TO THE FIELD - Draw a baseball field on a piece of poster board. Be sure to draw each of the bases, along with the pitcher's mound and hang it on a wall. Create some baseballs out of white card stock and draw on the red stitches. Using double-stick tape, while blindfolded, have each child try to pin their ball to the field. Assign points for each location. You can either have them each pin one ball and try to get the maximum amount of points or let them pin three balls and add the points together. Whoever has the most points is the winner.

PIN THE BASEBALL ON THE PLAYER - Hang a poster of your child's favorite ball player on a wall. Be sure to select one that has him in the hitting position with his bat poised and ready to go. Mark the sweet spot with a big red "X". Cut baseballs out of card stock as noted above. Have the kids use double-stick tape and try to pin the ball onto the sweet spot of the bat. Whoever gets it the closest is the winner.


The good news is that the food portion of the party will be easy. Of course you will want to serve those kinds of items that you would find at the ballpark. However, if you're hosting a party for adults, you might want to toss in some lip-smackin' good old-fashioned BBQ and side dishes, along with a few side dishes. I've put together the following few food ideas for a fun baseball theme menu:

  • Pizza
  • Hot dogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Corn dogs
  • Nachos
  • Chicken
  • Tri-Tip
  • Pasta salad
  • Potato salad
  • Macaroni salad
  • Baked beans
  • Peanuts
  • Popcorn
  • Cracker Jacks
  • Cotton Candy
  • Snow Cones
  • Babe Ruth candy bars


  • Root beer
  • Gatorade & PowerAde
  • Bottled water
  • Fruit juices
  • Your favorite punch


BASEBALL TEAM COLORS CUPCAKES – Bake a batch of cupcakes in any flavor. Use the colors of the birthday child’s favorite baseball team to ice the cupcakes. Then, in the center of the cupcakes, draw on the team logo using some decorator gel.

BASEBALL DIAMOND CAKE – Bake a square cake in your favorite flavor. Turn the cake like a diamond. Start by decorating the cake with green icing. Then, add some brown icing around the home plate area. Using white icing, add home plate and all of the bases. In the middle of the cake write “Play Ball! Happy Birthday All-Star (Child’s Name)!”

BASEBALL SCOREBOARD CAKE – Bake a 13x9 cake. Ice the cake in blue. Using green icing, create a large rectangle to be the scoreboard in the middle of the cake. Use black and white icing to add the details to the scoreboard. Use white and red icing to add some baseballs around the scoreboard. Then, use bright green icing around the border of the cake to add some contrast.

Baseball Party Ideas For Cakes

BASEBALL HOME RUN HITTER CAKE – Wilton offers a Home Run Hitter cake pan, which looks like a Little League baseball player holding a bat. You can buy the cake pan to make this adorable cake and it comes with decoration instructions so you make ice the cake to look incredible. Of course, you could always change up the colors to go along with your own child’s favorite team.

BASEBALL MITT - Make a cake in a baseball mitt pan like the one above. Frost it medium brown and pipe on some dark brown stitches. Also make a small ball cake, frost it white, and pipe on red stitches down the center of the mitt.

BASEBALL JERSEY CAKE - Cut the shape of a baseball jersey out of a sheet cake. Cover the cake with fondant and add a birthday message and/or the birthday person's name and age.

More Baseball Party Ideas For Baseball Cake

BASEBALL & BAT CAKE - Make a round cake for the ball using a sports ball cake pan. After it cools, frost it white, and pipe on some red lines. For the bat, make a rectangle cake, cut it into two pieces and after it has cooled, cut out the shape of a bat twice using a template. Stack the cakes and frost them light brown. Then wrap a plate or cake board with green foil and lay your bat and ball onto it. If you want to add a little more reality to your cake, pipe out grass onto the foil before placing your cake bat and ball onto it. Add a birthday message.

BASEBALL CUPCAKES - Make your favorite cupcake batter, frost the cupcakes white and pipe on red stitches. You can also top each one off with a little baseball player cake topper. Be sure to use baseball themed cupcake holders.

BASEBALL SHEET CAKE - For a fast and easy, super simple cake, all you need to do is frost a sheet cake green and add some plastic baseball players, pitcher's mound, perhaps some bases and create a baseball scene.


Send all of your little sluggers on their way with big smiles and fun baseball favors. Here is a list of some baseball favorites to get you thinking in the favor zone:
  • Baseball trading cards
  • Baseball cap
  • Baseball
  • Baseball themed sports bottle
  • Babe Ruth candy bar
  • Plastic baseball helmet
  • Baseball theme stickers, tattoos, pens, pencils, notepads, or bookmarks
  • Baseball team poster
  • Baseball pennant
  • Baseball bag tags

Your Favorite Baseball Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite baseball party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your baseball cake and costume ideas.

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