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Fun And Fabulous Bart Simpson Costume Ideas
When Only An Underachieving Wise-Cracker Will Do!

A costume of Bart Simpson is one of the most enjoyable options for those that find the animated series called, “The Simpsons” to be appealing. Bart is the most popular character on the show.

Costume Creation Of Bart Simpson – Instantly Transform Yourself or Another into the “Bartman”

Bart Simpson made his debut in the series on the 17th day of December in the year of 1989. Since that initial appearance, many have found his personality, characteristics and his antics to be highly entertaining. On this page, we have posted several different pictures of Bart Simpson costume ideas that you may use to come up with your very own costume. By looking through the pictures below, you will find that it is actually quite easy to transform yourself or another individual into the infamous, “Bartman”. All it takes is a little bit of time, a creative streak and a few supplies to turn into one of the most famous cartoon boys of all time. Regardless of what type of dress-up event that you or someone close to you will be attending, the Bart Simpson costume is sure to be a hit!


bart simpson costume
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bart simpson costume
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bart simpson costume
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bart simpson costume
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bart simpson costume
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bart simpson costume
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As you looked at the pictures above, it is quite likely that you experienced inspiration on how to create your very own fun, exciting Bart costume. In examining each costume, you will find that there are several common elements. These include the spiky “hair” exhibited by Bart in the animated series, the yellow skin displayed by the character, and the red shirt and blue shorts worn by the character. When creating your own costume, it is essential that you capture each of these elements so that you may appropriately capture the character – as a whole. If you find that you are a bit challenged in creating the Bart Simpson costume, you may use the instructions we have listed below in order to instantly transform yourself or another into the famous cartoon boy:

Instructions to Create a Bart Costume

Items Needed:
  • Long Sleeve Yellow Shirt
  • Yellow Pants
  • Yellow Gloves
  • Yellow Face Paint
  • Red Shirt
  • Blue Shorts
  • Red or Blue Shoes
  • Yellow Poster Board

Step 1: The first step is to put on the long sleeve yellow shirt and the yellow pants.

Step 2: Next, slip on the red shirt over the yellow shirt.

Step 3: Then, slip on the blue shorts over the yellow pants.

Step 4: Now, create the head piece. Simply roll up the yellow poster board and seal it. Then, cut our jagged edges along the top to reflect the spikes in Bart’s hair.

Step 5: Before putting on the head piece, paint the face yellow.

Step 6: Put on the yellow gloves.

Step 7: Slip on the blue tennis shoes that you will be using for the costume.

Step 8: Finally, slip on the head piece that you created.

As you can see, it is really easy to create a very basic Bart costume. In most instances, you may use the products in and around your home to instantly create this popular costume for a social dress-up event, such as a birthday bash or a Halloween party.

If you have created a Bart Simpson costume, we would love to see the pictures of your creation. Simply submit them to us so that we may share them with our readers. Additionally, if you have any Bart Simpson costume ideas that you would like to share with us and/or our readers, we would love for you to submit those, as well! We always love to see and hear about the costumes that our readers create!

Share Your Fun & Fabulous Bart Simpson Costume

I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade Bart Simpson costume, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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