Barnyard Games For A Barnyard Birthday Bash!

Fun And Fabulous Barnyard Games
The Perfect Addition To A Barnyard Baaaaaash!

Yippee Ki-Yay! If you've decided to throw a Barnyard Birthday Party for your little cowpoke, to make sure that it doesn't last until the cows come home, you will want to plan some barnyard party games to keep everyone from moseying on to greener pastures before the cows come home.

To help you plan this hoedown, start by rounding up your farm lovin' cowboys and cowgirls and get ready to lasso in some heap good birthday fun! The following games are sure to keep all your barnyard aficionados just plumb entertained!

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Barnyard Games For Your Barnyard Bash!

BRANDING STATION - As guests arrive, send them over to the branding station where they will be identified as V.I.P.G.'s (Very Important Party Goers) with a special "branding" iron. Use rubber stamps or tattoos.

BUILD A BARN ACTIVITY – When kids arrive, get everyone started with this Build a Barn Activity. You’ll need a cardboard box for each child, as well as colored pencils, markers, tape, glue, scissors, etc. Using the materials, have each child construct a barn of their own. You can also make this activity into a contest, have several different categories so everyone gets the chance to win a prize. Some good ideas for prize categories include the most colorful barn, best barn design, biggest barn, first finished barn, etc.

Barnyard Games

FIND YOUR FAMILY - This game works best if you have a few helpers. Tell each child they are a particular farm animal like cows, pigs, horses, ducks, sheep, etc. Depending upon on many kids you have, you can assign the same animal to 2, 3, 4, etc. kids. On, "Go" all the kids must make the sound their animal makes and try to find their "family members" just by listening to the surrounding sounds. Whoever finds their family first, wins. Play several rounds of this game giving everyone an opportunity to be two or three different animals.

PIG OUT WHIPPED CREAM EATING CONTEST – This is one of the barnyard games that kids will enjoy and it’s sure to bring plenty of laughter as well. You’ll need plenty of whipped cream (get the frozen kind, since it’s a lot cheaper) and some pie tins to put the whipped cream in. Start with two of the guests. Give them each a pie tin full of whipped cream. They have to eat the whipped cream out of the tin without using their hands. The goal is to “Pig Out” as fast as possible. See which “Pig” finishes first. The one who loses is out and the winner continues against the next challenger. Continue until everyone has had a chance to “pig out” and you have a final winner. Be sure to have plenty of paper towels on hand so everyone can clean up after “pigging out.”

Barnyard Games

FIND MRS. CHICK'S EGGS - Prior to the party, hide plastic Easter eggs that are filled with various candies, small prizes, and $$$. At game time, everyone goes on the hunt for the eggs.

BARNYARD ANIMAL CHARADES – A good game of charades is always a party hit, and this game focuses on barnyard animals. Before the party, put the names of different barnyard animals on separate notecards. Some barnyard animal ideas include pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, horses, goats, donkeys, etc. Divide the group of guests into several different teams. You should have about five people on each team. One team starts by picking a card and then they have to act out the animal on the card without using any words or sounds. They can’t use sounds, because it would be too easy to guess if animal sounds were used. The team that guesses wins a point. Then, the team that guesses correctly gets to go next and pick their own card, acting out their animal. Continue the game for a while so all the teams get a chance to act out an animal. See which team gets the most points – that team will win the game.

Barnyard Games

ANIMAL SOUNDS - For this barnyard game, use flash cards or pictures of barnyard animals. For example, show a picture of a pig and have all the kids make the sound of a pig. Then a picture of a cow, horse, sheep, etc. At the conclusion of the game, give everyone a prize.

FARMER DRESSING RELAY RACE – You’ll need two adults to be the “Farmers” for this game. You’ll also need two bags full of 5-10 different farmer items, such as suspenders, boots, bandanas, farmer’s hat, etc. You’ll also need two balloons that have been blown up, although you may want to have a couple extra balloons on hand in case a balloon is accidentally popped. Divide your guests into two different teams. Have them line up at the starting line. At the finish line, place the two bags of farmer items and have the two farmers stand by the bags. Designate a farmer for each team. When the game begins, the first person on each team takes the balloon, puts it between their legs and then waddles to the finish line without dropping the balloon. When they get there, they take one farmer item and put it on their team’s farmer. Then they waddle back and give the balloon to the next person. The game continues until one team fully dresses their farmer, using all the items.

Barnyard Games

ANIMAL NOISES TEAM TREASURE HUNT – Kids will have a blast with this game. You’ll need plenty of peanuts (in their shells) to hide all around your “barnyard” area. Divide guests into teams of 3-5 people. Give each team an animal name, such as a rooster, cow, cat, duck, pig, etc. One person has to be elected the captain of the team and has a bag or bucket for collecting peanuts. The team huts peanuts together when you start the game, but the captain is the only one allowed to actually touch the peanuts. If a team member sees a peanut, they cannot talk but they have to use the sound of their team’s animal to try to alert the captain to the peanut. Captains are not allowed to look for the peanuts – they have to follow the sounds of their team. It will be hilarious to watch all the guests meowing, mooing, quacking, etc. See which team ends up with the most peanuts.

SHEEP HERDING - Blow up white balloons and draw sheep faces on them all. Curl a piece of black curling ribbon and tie it to your balloons so your sheep all have a tail. Be sure to have extras in case someone's balloon breaks. Using cardboard boxes, create cardboard paddles for everyone. Give each child a "sheep" and a "paddle." Have everyone stand on the start line and on, "Get along little doggies," everyone tries to run to the finish line, while batting their balloon with their paddle. Whoever arrives first is the winner.

Variation: Split the kids into teams and have the first member of each team bat their sheep to the finish line. Upon arrival, the next teammate will do the same. The game continues until one team gets all of their teammates to the finish line and that team is the winner.

Barnyard Games

UDDERLY FUN - Fill latex gloves with water and tie them off, so the water won't escape. At playtime, poke small holes in the gloves' fingers and give everyone a glove and let them squeeze and try to squirt each other.

HAYSTACK TREASURES - Create two haystacks (age appropriate size) and hide plastic horses and barnyard animals, wrapped candies, pennies, nickels, and dimes, etc. Divide kids into two teams. When you say "Giddy-up," the kids try to find as many Haystack Treasures in a timed period. Each gets to keep what they find and whichever team finds the most will win the game.

Barnyard Games

HELP! THE BARN IS BURNING! - Make two large barns using posterboard. At the finish line, affix your barns to the back of two chairs. In front of each barn, place an extra-large galvanized tub or Rubbermaid tub.

Divide the kids into teams and have them line their little selves up at the start line. Give each team a straw hat, bandana, work gloves, and a bucket. Place an extra-large galvanized tub or Rubbermaid tub full of water at the start line for each team.

When you say, "Help! The Barn Is On Fire," the first player in each line puts on the hat, bandana, and gloves, and scoops out a bucket full of water. They race to their barn and empty their bucket of water into their container at the finish line. Then they race back to their teammates, remove their hat, bandana, and gloves, and hand them off to their next teammate who repeats the process. The play continues until one team completes the relay.

Barnyard Games

PETTING ZOO - If you didn't opt to hold your party at a farm or petting zoo, bring the "zoo" to your home, if possible. Many farm-type businesses will bring their small animals to birthday parties and create a fenced in area for a small petting zoo. They will bring things like goats, pigs, rabbits, Shetland pony, sheep, ducks, etc.

ANIMAL SUGAR COOKIES - This activity works best if you have a few helpers. Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut out various western and barnyard animal shapes using cookie cutters or make some ropes and barns free hand. Give each of the kids a few cookies to decorate. Have bowls of icing, edible glitter, sprinkles, sparkling sugar, nonpareils, cake gels, etc. available for the kids to use.

BARNYARD ANIMAL PIÑATA FUN – Kids really love piñatas, so consider purchasing one or more barnyard animal piñatas for your barnyard themed birthday party. Some great barnyard animals to consider when purchasing your piñata include pigs, chickens, donkeys, sheep, cows, horses, etc. Use a farmer style bandana to blindfold kids as they try to hit the piñata. Fill the piñata with fun treats that kids will enjoy once the piñata is broken. Not only do piñatas make great activities for your barnyard party, but they also add to your party décor.

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