Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

by Sally B.

Join Me & Have Some Pink-Tastic Fun!

Join Me & Have Some Pink-Tastic Fun!

My daughter wanted a Barbie birthday party for her 8th birthday. So, I rolled up my sleeves and got busy to make it the best party I could.

For the Barbie invitations, I downloaded some pictures of Barbie and added some word bubbles. The bubbles said come to Sarah's 8th birthday!

I wanted the Barbie decorations to really turn the room into everything Barbie. I mainly used pink with accents of lavender. I used pink balloons and streamers where ever there was an open area. I placed pink lace tablecloths on the tables and used lavender plates, cups, silverware, etc. I sprinkled sequins on top of the table, and confetti on the floor. We tied big pink and lavender tulle bows to the backs of the chairs. Barbie posters covered the walls. I also placed candelabras of pink candles on the tables.

I went online looking for some Barbie cake ideas and I ended up making a sheet cake, then putting an edible sugar Barbie picture on top.

The party came off perfectly. Sarah had a wonderful time and now has a great memory.

Sally’s cool Barbie birthday party ideas made me think of a few more of my own that you may want to use. One of the Barbie party ideas you may want to consider is using a Barbie house and car to help decorate for the party. If your daughter already has these toys, they’ll add to the décor and the girls are sure to enjoy playing with them toys during the party as well.

Barbie Show & Tell

A game of “Barbie show and tell” might be a fun idea to use at the party as well. Consider asking all your guests to bring along one of their Barbie dolls to the party; be sure to tell them to wear their Barbie best. Let moms know ahead of time or make sure that you have some extras in case one of the girls forgets to bring a doll. Girls love to show off their dolls and they are sure to enjoy “oohing” and “awing” over the other dolls brought to the party.

Barbie Party Favors

If you need some Barbie birthday party ideas for favors, considering handing out pink bags full of small gifts, such as Barbie sticker books, lip gloss, mini nail polishes, and mini hairbrushes.

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