Balloon Pop

by Lesley Cameron
(San Diego, CA)

Balloon Pop -- For A Poppin' Good Time!

Balloon Pop -- For A Poppin' Good Time!

Get a piece of foam board at the 99 cent store and draw or paint a picture on it that corresponds with your theme. Buy enough prizes for all the kids at the party. I usually get all kinds of things, some better than others- kites, erasers, pencils, candy bars, notepads, etc.

Cut up regular sheets of paper into small squares, making enough for the number of prizes you have. Write the name of a prize on each square one square per prize.

Roll up each square and insert each one into its own small balloon. Then blow up balloon and tie it with the paper inside. Do this for each prize/square.

I usually blow up the balloons with a little balloon pump or a ball pump from 99 cent store.

Then tape the balloons to the board that you made. You can use balloon colors that go well with your theme. Hang it on the wall.

You can use something pointy and let each child have a turn popping one balloon. They get the prize that is written on the square of paper.

I took a dowel and taped a tack to one end. Then I covered it with wrapping paper. I once made it look like a huge arrow for a Valentine's Day party. The kids love this game, especially the little tiny ones because they can do it themselves. They like it even better than pinatas.

If you can, get enough prizes for each child to get two rounds. Just be careful because of the tack. Before and after the game, I put the dowel up high, somewhere they can't reach, and take it from each child right after they pop their balloon.

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