Make Your Ballerina Party Memorable By Creating Tu-Tu Much Fun!

Fun And Fabulous Ballerina Party Ideas
The Perfect Choice For Your Little Prima Donnas!

Create a fun-filled ballerina theme party by turning your home into center stage. Your beautiful ballerinas will then be able to twirl their way into your heart in their little tulle tutus.

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It's time to break out the tulle and create those tutus; you can't have too much pink for this party. It's all about little girls who dream of being prima ballerinas, so the emphasis will not only be on how much pink can you create, but also about how dainty and delicate everything presents. So grab your toe shoes and pirouette your way to fun, ballet style. Discover how to celebrate your little ballerina with a fun and magical party.

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BALLET THEME INVITATIONS – Take some shiny pink card stock (8.5x11”), cutting it into four pieces. Then, cut pieces of textured white card stock to be a bit smaller than the pink invitations, and write the party info on the white pieces. Attach the textured paper to the pink card stock with glue. Use some pink ribbon, create a bow, gluing it at the top center of the invite. Add glitter to the edges and use ballerina stickers to decorate the corners.

TWINKLE TOES BALLERINA PARTY INVITATIONS - Cut out a pair of ballet slippers from pink card stock. Type or handwrite the party details in calligraphy on scrapbook paper and glue it to the slippers. Turn the invite over and glue contrasting pink glitter around edges. Then glue a ribbon rose at the toe center. Punch two holes at the top and thread 18" long, 1/2" wide ribbon through the holes. then tie it into a bow so the slippers hang at different lengths.

BALLERINA TUTU INVITES - Cut a leotard shape from a piece of pink cardstock. Write all your party info on the top portion. Decorate the edges with some darker pink or lavender glitter, stick-on jewels, or mini pearls. Then cut out a piece of pink tulle that is about 2" x 12" and gather the top using a needle and a piece of embroidery floss. Tie off the floss and glue the tutu to the leotard. Glue a piece of decorative ribbon around the waist to conceal the embroidery floss. Hand-deliver your invites.

Ballerina Party Invitations

BALLERINA PHOTO INVITATIONS - Cut 8 1/2" x 11" shiny pink card stock into 2 pieces and fold in half. Using decorative scissors, trim edges of photo of your daughter in ballerina garb, so photo is slightly smaller than card stock. Glue photo to front of invitation. Put "Twirl On Over To Ballerina Birthday Party!" or "Come Dance And Twirl With Our Ballerina Birthday Girl" above the photo.

Using scrapbook paper with light pink design (finished size will be 4 1/2" x 7 1/2"), type or handwrite in calligraphy on left side:

Prima Ballerina Party
Dance and twirl with our birthday girl.
Tu-tu much fun is expected to come.
Tulle and tiaras adorn ballerinas,
Twinkle your toes in your slippers with bows.

Put party details on right side. Using decorative scissors cut inserts and glue to inside of card stock. Decorate corners with ballet stickers.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE BALLERINA INVITATIONS - Buy ballerina invitations that are pre-made. Embellish ballet slippers with ribbons, glitter, and ribbon roses, embellish tutu with tulle, and leotard with glitter.

Be sure to request that your ballerina guests wear leotards, tights, and ballet slippers. Provide tutus, headpiece, and ballet wand.


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In order for this party to be the ultimate success, you'll probably want to invite guests to wear their leotards, tights, and ballet slippers. Then as guests arrive, give them the following:

BALLERINA HEADPIECE - Make all your little ballerinas a beautiful headpiece by twisting silver and pink metallic star garland into a circle to fit head. Tie eight 48" to 60" (depending on child’s size) pieces of white and pink curling ribbons on the back of the ballerina headpiece. Curl the ribbons. To hold in place, add a few bobby pins.

BALLERINA WAND – Use a wooden dowel that is 12" long and 1/4" thick. Take a Styrofoam star and paint it pink. Spray the start with some tacky glue and then sprinkle the glue with silver and pink glitter Tie several pieces of white and pink curling ribbon on the end, using glue to secure it. Once the star is dry, push it on the dowel over the ribbon knot and use glue to secure. Curl all the ribbons.

BALLERINA TUTUS - Make pink tulle tutus for each child. Cut tulle into 12" x 36" lengths. Gather waist using upholstery needle and pink string leaving enough string on each end to tie around waist.

BALLERINA MAKEUP – Take a few minutes to apply body glitter, blush and lip gloss to all the little ballerinas.

BALLET COSTUMES - If you're in need of a complete Ballerina Costume, here are several options to consider, some of which are not the traditional ballerina.

For some more ballerina costume ideas, check out our BALLERINA COSTUME photos and how-to tips. They are nothing less than fun and fabulous!


You'll certainly be able to create a fun and festive atmosphere for your Ballerina Party using some of the following ideas for ballet decorations:
  • Decorate the ceilings using white and pink twisted streamers, as well as pink and white balloon clusters with some curling ribbons hanging from the balloons.

  • At the entrance, use white and pink streamers to create a canopy at the entry. Attach the streamers to the middle of the ceiling, draping to the wall joint to make it look like a canopy. Allow the streamers to go all the way to the floor.

  • Use white and pink streamers to decorate doorways, allowing the ballerinas to pass through the streamers.

  • Wide walkways can be decorated with white or pink sheets that are tied back with pretty bows.

  • Use pink sheets, white sheets, white tablecloths or pink tablecloths to cover party tables. Use white or pink ribbons to tie off the corners, then sprinkle the tables with sequins, jewels, glittery confetti and gold or silver stars.

  • To create each place setting, start with a white paper doily topped with a princess plate. Add pink cutlery, napkins and plastic wine goblets with white or pink bows tied around the stems. Use pink satin ribbon to tie bows in the napkins.

More Ideas For Ballerina Party Decorations

  • Take white Christmas lights, hanging them in sheets on the walls. Place thin, see-thru pale pink fabric over the white lights for a pretty effect.

  • Hang ballerina posters on walls.

  • Hang a personalized ballerina banner on the wall to wish "Happy Birthday" to your special little lady.

  • Hang some fun ballerina wall graphics on your main party room wall. After the party is over, transfer the graphics to your child's bedroom walls.

  • Use vases of white and pink flowers to add to the décor.

  • Put mirrors decorated with tulle bows around room so ballerinas may see themselves dancing.

Ballet Decorations
  • Place a bunch of white and pink balloons on the mailbox, tied to a car or from a tree to show guests where the party is being held.

  • Take pink tulle ribbon and use it to tie bows on the chairs for the party.

  • Add a tutu to the punch bowl. Begin by cutting out a 6x24” piece of tulle. Using some pink string and an upholstery needle, gather the tulle to one side. Tie it off, then shape it around the punch bowl so it looks like a tutu.

  • Make your own sign, saying, "Welcome to ____'s Dance Studio of the Stars" and then hang it on the front door.

  • Place a bubble machine by the entryway to the party, allowing the ballerinas to dance through all the bubbles.

  • Dress dolls and teddy bears in ballet attire and decorate room with them.


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Although I'm sure you'll incorporate some front-stage fun for your little ballerinas, you might also want to have them play some party games that have a ballet twist. To help with this endeavor, I've created an entire page of nothing but Ballerina Party Games and Activities, so click on over and check out how to play the following games:
  • Ballerina Picture Frame Activity
  • Ballerina Dress Up Relay Race
  • Follow The Ballerina
  • Dress The Ballerina Contest
  • Ballerina Team Dance Contest
  • Ballerina Says...
  • Tipi-Toes Toe Walk
  • Ballerina Dance Freeze
  • Ballet Theme Pinata
  • Ballet Recital

PRINTABLE GAMES - When it's time to quiet down all your little lovelies, you might want to have them play some games that involve sitting still. Here's a great site that has some fun Print & Play Birthday Party Games


After all your little ballerinas have twirled their way around the room and perhaps played a few ballet-themed party games, I'm sure they'll work up a bit of an appetite. The following party food ideas will help you satisfy that hunger ballerina style.

BALLERINA SANDWICHES – Create cute sandwiches using a heart or ballet slipper cookie cutter to cut the bread.

Filling Options: Fill the sandwiches with chopped pecans and cream cheese, peanut butter and jelly, tuna salad or chicken salad. Use a bit of food coloring to make the filling appear pink.

BALLERINA MAC & CHEESE – Make your favorite recipe for mac and cheese. Add some red food coloring and then stir until you have a pretty pink color.

BALLERINA FRUIT & CHEESE PLATTER – Cut cheeses and fruits into small pieces. If using apples, soak in lemon juice to ensure they do not brown. Place toothpicks that have pink tops in each piece of fruit or cheese.

BALLERINA CRACKER MUNCHIES – Mix cream cheese with some red food coloring until it becomes pink. Add some chopped pecans. Spread the cream cheese mixture on top of decorative crackers, topping with small pieces of ham.

BALLERINA PINK LEMONADE - Stir together water and lemonade concentrate. Then, pour it into an ice ring mold and freeze it for a couple hours until it is slushy. Add strawberries to the slushy mold, making sure the strawberries show just a bit. Freeze overnight. Mix up pink lemonade mix and add to a punch bowl. Place the prepared ice ring in the bowl and serve the punch.

Easy Party Food Ideas For Ballerina Party

BALLERINA PINK LEMONADE PUNCH - Combine 1 large can of frozen pink lemonade and 2 quarts 7-up or Sprite and mix in punch bowl. Add 1 quart softened raspberry sherbet, stir, and serve.

CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES – In a microwave safe bowl, or in a double boiler, melt a six ounce package of semi-sweet chocolate chips, along with two tablespoons of butter and a tablespoon of vanilla. Dip large strawberries into the melted chocolate, covering berries about halfway. Place chocolate covered berries on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper, refrigerating for 1-5 hours before you serve.

BALLET SUGAR COOKIES – Mix up some sugar cookie dough. Use ballet slipper cookie cutters to create pretty ballet slipper cookies. Bake and then use pink icing to decorate cookies, adding nonpareils, candied flowers, edible glitter or some sprinkles to the cookies.

STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM – Find plain strawberry ice cream or look for some that has pieces of strawberries in it.


What's a ballet party without a spectacular cake that also doubles as a wow-type centerpiece. Here are a couple of ideas, along with a link to page of nothing but cakes.

BALLERINA SHEET CAKE #1 – Bake a two layer round cake or a large white sheet cake. Use pink frosting to decorate it. Add a pretty ballerina cake topper and then decorate further with sprinkles, edible glitter, nonpareils, flowers or other fun decorations.

BALLERINA SHEET CAKE #2 - Bake or buy a double layer round cake or a sheet cake, then decorate with some pretty pink frosting. Refrigerate 3-5 hours. Cut out and trace simple ballet picture of slippers or dancer on top of cake using a toothpick. Fill slippers, tutu, etc. with cake gel and outline with writing gel. Use picture as decorating guide.

BALLERINA CAKE - Bake 2 white cakes – a 6” one and a 9” one. Stack the cakes with the small one on top, then top with pink icing. Decorate with ballerina figurine or plastic ballet slippers and any combination of sparkling sugar, cake gel, sprinkles, nonpareils or edible glitter. Add silk or candied flowers to the bottom.

BALLERINA CUPCAKES – Bake white cupcakes, then use pink frosting to decorating them, topping with cake gel, sparkling sugar, sprinkles, candied flowers or edible glitter to decorate them. You could even allow the ballerinas to decorate the cupcakes for fun.

For some really great, unique, and totally chic birthday cake ideas, check out these fun photos and how-to tips for BALLERINA CAKES.


A ballet-themed party certainly calls for some fun and frilly favors. To help you in this endeavor check out the following ideas to see if anything might spark your interest:

Fill some clear cellophane baggies with fun favors, tying them with white and pink ribbons, curling the ribbon. Cut pieces of pink tulle and tie around the bag with ribbon to conceal the favors.

Fill bags with fun ballet themed favors, such as ballet stickers, pink barrettes, flower rings, friendship bracelets, pink lip gloss, bubbles, edible jewelry, body glitter, pink nail polish, pink crystal rock lollipops, paper dolls, pink pony tail rings or pretty ballet bookmarks.

If you're looking for an all-in-one ballerina favor box, there are a couple of really fun options above which contains lots of girly-girl items.

I also really like the idea of giving the girls a marabou ring, which is also in the above options. It too is very girly and very ballerina-like--a perfect favor.


Hopefully you were able to gather a few ballerina party ideas that perhaps sparked some of your own and you're now in a position to create a prima ballerina fantasy for your special little girl.

When all is said and done, we would love for you to share photos of your party, along with any tips and hints that might help other visitors create their own ballet party. If you opt to do so, then just fill out the form below, upload your photos and we'll create your own web page and tell your ballerina party story so all your friends and family can visit and re-live the fun!

Your Favorite Ballerina Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

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