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If your daughter loves to be on her toes, flit about the house, and twirl her way into the different rooms, you may very well find yourself hosting a ballerina birthday party. If this is the case, then you will also want to be sure to include lots of fun games to entertain your little prima donnas.

To help you create a fun-filled Ballerina Party, click on over to grab some ideas to see how you can start turning your home into center stage. Then of course you will need to address how to entertain your twirling ballerinas. To get you properly started in this endeavor, I've put together some games that all have a ballet theme to them. Twirl on over and see if any of these options are right on "point" and the perfect complement to your ballerina birthday party.


BALLERINA PICTURE FRAME ACTIVITY – Buy simple wooden picture frames, buying enough so each ballerina will have one to decorate. You may want to buy a couple extras in case an accident happens and one gets broken. Allow your party guests to decorate their own ballerina picture fame, starting by painting the frames with some pretty, pink paint. Then, allow them to embellish the frames with some pink boa feathers, pink tulle, fake jewels or other fun embellishments. This activity doubles as a party favor, since your ballerinas can take the frame home as a favor at the end of the ballerina birthday party.

BALLERINA DRESS UP RELAY RACE – If you’re looking for ballerina games, this is an exciting one that will be tons of fun for your little Prima Donnas. Before the party, fill two different bags, with ballet shoes, tutus and other fun items that a ballerina might wear.

To begin the game, divide up your ballerinas into two different teams. Have each team line up for the relay. At the “finish line” have the bag (or you can use a basket) include all the ballerina items. Each team should have its own bag. When the race begins, the first person races to the bag, puts on all the items in the bag, runs to start, then back to the bag, removes the items, places them in the bag and then heads back to start to tag the next team member. The next person does the same thing. It gets really fun to see your guests trying to put on ballet shoes, three tutus, and all the other items in the bag. The team that finishes up the relay first wins the game, but everyone will have a blast.

FOLLOW THE BALLERINA – Have one ballerina lead this game, playing it a bit like follow the leader. Play some ballet music and have the lead ballerina perform several ballet steps, and then everyone else has to follow what they do. After a minute or two, change lead ballerinas, giving everyone a chance to be the leader.

Ballerina Games

DRESS THE BALLERINA CONTEST – For this game, you’ll need bags or baskets of makeup, ballet slippers, tutus, feather boas, tights, tiaras and any other ballerina items you can think of. Divide the guests into a couple teams. When you start the game, each time has 5-10 minutes to choose one person to be a ballerina and then dress them up as a ballerina, using all the items in the bag. Have a judge declare which team made the best ballerina in the short amount of time.

BALLERINA TEAM DANCE CONTEST – Break up your ballerinas into 3-5 groups. Then, give them about 20 minutes to create their own dance to a piece of ballet music, which you’ll give them on a CD. They have to create a dance that lasts 2-3 minutes. Then, have each groups perform their dance together. Have a panel of judges to score each group, giving prizes to the group that has the highest score.

BALLERINA SAYS... - This game is played like "Simon Says..." except all the requests consist of ballet-related actions. The birthday girl starts by saying, "Ballerina says do three plie's." Then all the players must do three plie's. If Ballerina just says "Do three plie's" without saying, "Ballerina says," the players do not plie'. It is Ballerina's goal to get everyone out as fast as possible. It is the players' goal to stay in as long as possible.

TIPI-TOES TOE WALK - Little ballerinas walk on tipi-toes and older ballerinas with toe shoes walk on toes. Whoever walks on toes longest wins.

Ballerina Games

BALLERINA DANCE FREEZE - While playing ballet music have ballerinas dance. Turn music off and ballerinas must freeze in their current positions. If someone moves they are out. Repeat until only 1 ballerina remains.

BALLERINA GAMES - BALLET THEME PINATA - Blindfold ballerinas with piece of pink fabric. Wrap bat with pink tulle and decorate with pink and white streamers and curling ribbons.

BALLET RECITAL - Either teach the girls or hire someone to teach them a simple ballet sequence that can be put to music and performed. Have them wear headpiece, tutu, and carry star wand. Conclude party with dance recital for parents to see.

PRINTABLE GAMES - When it is time to wind down and restore a bit of order, a fun way to do so is with printable games. Everyone will still be engaged in playing a game, but there won't be any need to dance and flit about the house. Garner those little ballerina energies into a fun Print & Play game. Here's a fun site that has lots of great options: Printable Birthday Games

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