Ballerina Games - Pin The Slipper On The Ballerina

by Nikki
(Paso Robles Ca)

Stay On Your Toes & Don't Get Out Of Step!

Stay On Your Toes & Don't Get Out Of Step!

Print out a large ballerina picture and tape it together if needed. Then make a pattern off of her slipper and cut it out from any colored paper that you'd like. Be sure to cut out enough slippers as there are kids. Put the kids' names on a slipper. Use a blindfold like you would in pin the tail on the donkey. Put tape on their slippers and let them try to pin it to the ballerina's foot. Whoever gets it the closest to the foot in the picture is the winner.

This is one of the cutest ballerina games! If you’re trying to find a ballerina picture to use for this game, try looking in coloring books, check out coloring pages online or find online pictures of ballerinas that can be enlarged and used for this exciting game.

As I read about this game from Nikki, I immediately started getting even more ideas for games that you can use at a ballerina party. One fun idea you can try is a ballerina treasure hunt. Around the party area, hide a variety of different ballet shoes, whether they are real ballet shoes or fake ones – it doesn’t matter. Then, give your little ballerina guests two minutes to see how many of the ballet shoes they can find. To add even more fun, you can hide little prizes in the shoes so everyone gets some cool prizes as they find the shoes.

Do you happen to have one of the Wii Fit dancing games? If so, why not have a dance off. Dancing games are pretty popular, whether you have PlayStation, Wii or another gaming device, you should be able to find a fun game for the kids to use for a dance off. These cool games let kids learn new dances and they get scores as they dance. The more moves they hit right, the higher their score. This is sure to be a blast for all the guests at your ballerina party.

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