Ballerina Games - Around The Dance Floor

by Amanda Davis
(Addison, Michigan, United States)

Pretty In Pink & Ready To Twirl Away The Day!

Pretty In Pink & Ready To Twirl Away The Day!

For this game you will need a CD of ballet music, and the game board would be a mat with squares drawn all around the outside. You could make one out of posterboard, but you would need to tape 2 pieces of it together to make the mat big enough for 2 little girls. Every 6th square would have an X drawn in it.

You would play the music 10 seconds at a time while the girls "dance" around the mat. When the music is stopped, they have to stay on their square. If it has an X, they have to go back to start. The first girl around the board wins.

What a fun ballerina party idea from Amanda. This game is sure to be loved by little ballerinas everywhere! If you decide to use this as one of your ballerina games, make sure you choose some awesome music. Go with ballet music if you can find it. Consider going with music from Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Peter Pan, or A Midsummer’s Night Dream. These are some of the most popular ballets and offer some fun music options that the young ballerinas can dance to.

Since you’re hosting a bunch of little dancers, consider a game where each girl, or guy, gets a chance to improvise a short little dance for the rest of the kids. Have a lot of fun dance music on hand so kids can pick a fun tune. Then give them each 30 seconds to a minute to do a quick little improvisational dance of their own. Don’t judge the dances, since this can make the losers feel left out, but consider having a cool certificate of participation for each of the ballerinas to take home.

Along with some fun ballerina games like this one, make sure your little ballerinas are dressed to play their part. If your party guests don’t have ballerina outfits, considering having some tutus that the girls can dress up in while they are at the ballerina party or better yet, let them keep the tutus as a party favor. The dancing games will be more fun for them if they really feel like a ballerina as they dance.

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