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Ballerina theme cakes are a fantastic way to celebrate certain milestones and events – such as birthdays and receiving awards in dance competitions – for those that have a love and appreciation for dance.

Ballerina Cakes – Creating a Stunning Cake for the Dancer in Your Life

Ballet is not only considered to be a type of dance, but an art form. It is created by moving the body in various ways. The individual that performs ballet uses the movements to express their thoughts, the emotions that they are experiencing and/or to tell a particular story. Ballet combines the components of specially designed costumes, stage lighting and even stage design in order to enhance that which is being expressed.

On this page, we have put up numerous pictures of ballet cake designs for you to enjoy. If you happen to be looking for a bit of ballet-themed inspiration on how you might design and create your "prima" cake for the dancer in your life, take a breather and review these images.


Cake Submitted By:
Milette - South Africa
Silver & Pink Ballet Cake

ballerina cake

My daughter takes ballet classes and she is ballerina crazy. Her request for a birthday cake was to have a ballerina theme but not the usual one where you stick a doll in the middle and use cake to make a dress.

I baked a two-layer vanilla sponge cake and decorated it with water-based pink icing. I used thinly rolled Marzipan to make the cut-outs that spells out her name. I found the ballerinas at a party decoration shop.


ballerina cakes images
Photo courtesy of: Grace of Cakes


ballerina cakes images
Photo courtesy of: Valerie Bredow


ballerina cakes images
Photo courtesy of: Special Day Cakes


ballerina cakes images
Photo courtesy of: Dolled-Up Cakes


ballerina cakes images
Photo courtesy of: Simone's Cakes


ballerina cakes images
Photo courtesy of: JennR1


Based on the pictures that you have just reviewed, I'm sure you discovered that you have various options and unique directions that you may go when embarking upon designing your own ballerina cakes. You may create cupcakes, sheet cakes, cakes that resemble ballet shoes, a tutu cake, a round cake, a topsy turvy cake, and a multi-tiered cake that is either round or square – or, a unique combination of both. While these types of cakes may be any color, most individuals elect to create cakes that are various shades of pink. White, purple, and yellow are also commonly used colors. If you want to create a beautiful ballerina dessert, the guidelines that follow might assist you:

Instructions For Creating a Ballet Slipper Cake

Items Needed:

  • Pink Edible Fondant Ballet Slippers Cake Topper
  • Ceramic Ballerina Cake Toppers
  • White Cake Mix
  • White Icing
  • White Fondant
  • Pink Fondant
  • Extra Large Cake Tray
  • Round Cake Pan

Step 1: Assuming your cake has been made and cooled, start by rolling out some pink fondant. Be sure it is large enough to cover the entire cake tray's surface.

Step 2: Carefully place your cake onto the cake tray so it doesn't break. Then use a cake spatula, cover the entire surface with white colored icing.

Step 3: Then you'll need to roll your white fondant out. Take care to insure it's large enough to cover your cake completely.

Step 4: Roll out some more pink fondant and create a strip that may be used to cover the bottom section of your cake.

Step 5: Decorate the top of your cake with a pair of edible pink fondant ballet slippers.

Step 6: Place the ceramic ballerinas on the cake tray in a decorative manner.

Capturing the essence of ballet in ballerina cakes is an art form in itself. It takes time, commitment and practice to create beautiful ballet cakes. By using the pictures and guidelines contained on this page, you should be able to design a cake that will leave the dancer in your life absolutely thrilled.

If you already made a ballerina cake previously and have a'vepictures of your creation, we would like to see them. In the same respect, if you plan to create your own ballerina cakes, please share your creations by taking a few minutes to upload your photos to this page. I'll then add them to the pictures on this page so everyone may see your creation when searching for inspiration.

Share Your Fun & Fabulous Ballerina Cakes

I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade ballerina cake, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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