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A backwards theme party is not only fun to plan, but certainly fun to attend. A Backwards theme party is like a regular child's party, except everything possible is done in a backwards fashion. Whether you're designing invitations, figuring out decorations, determining appropriate backward costumes and party food, just think of what you want to do and then do the opposite!

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I usually like to help people get into a particular party frame of mind by letting them know where the best party supply links to a particular theme may be found. However, at this time, there just aren't any Backwards Party kits available, so we'll have to work at creating this little baby from scratch! You'll have to go with solids, but you can pick as many different colors that you want and with lots of festive decorations and fun activities, this party is sure to a blast!

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MIRROR INVITATIONS - Write all of your party details backwards so they must use a mirror to decipher the fun. Note: Be sure to tell them they must use a mirror to read your birthday message!

THANK YOU INVITES - Instead of sending the usual birthday party invitations, use thank you cards instead and say, "Thank you for coming to my Backwards Party" and then add all the party details.

BACKWARDS INVITES - Fold the invitation inside out so the invitation opens backwards and put the party information on the outside.

Suggested Invitation Wording:

detivinI erA uoY, which translates, "You Are Invited." OR
Party Birthday Backwards To Invited You're, which translates "You're invited To Backwards Birthday Party."
BIRTHDAY GIRL/BOY: Spell the name backwards.
DATE, TIME & LOCATION: You might want to spell these items out properly to avoid confusion.

You can tell guests to dress backwards and to practice doing everything backwards in preparation for your party. Things like walking, talking, eating, playing, etc. will all be done backwards.


For added fun, invite your guests to wear their clothes backwards and inside out. Examples:
  • Ball cap wore backwards.
  • Pants on backwards with zippers in the back.
  • V-neck top with the V-neck in the back.
  • Wear underwear on the outside of your pants.
  • Hooded and front zip jacket on backwards with it zipped up the back and the hood hanging on the chest.
  • Wear sunglasses on the back of your head.
  • Shoes on the wrong feet.


  • Put a sign on the front door that either says, "EXIT" or "TIXE", which is "EXIT" spelled backwards.

  • Put a sign on the back door that either says, "ENTRANCE" or "ECNARTNE", which is "ENTRANCE" spelled backwards.

  • Have guests enter through the back door and greet them by saying, "Good-Bye, glad you came."

  • Put streamers and balloons all over the party room floor.

  • Hang balloons upside down from the ceiling.

  • Put clusters of balloons in the corners of the room at floor level.

  • Print out a birthday banner that reads backwards or upside down.

  • Turn chairs around so the backs face toward the tables.

  • Put a tablecloth under the table on the floor and have the kids sit under the table to eat.

  • Place plates and cups upside down, fold napkins inside out, and place the silverware backwards.

  • Hang pictures upside down.

  • Place gifts under the gift table instead of on top of it.

  • Place glass vases of silk flowers around the room, but put the flowers in the vase upside down.

  • Hang any party posters upside down on the walls.

  • Make party signs to hang on the walls that all read backwards. They can say things like, "Party Let's", "Down Party", "Hardy Party", etc.


When it comes time to play some games, you'll want to be sure to do them in backwards style. To help you come up with some fun options, I've put together an entire page that has nothing but Backwards Party Games and Activities. Click on over and you'll be able to discover how to play them.
  • Backwards Freeze Dance
  • Un-Hot Potato
  • Backwards Scavenger Hunt
  • Backwards Musical Chairs
  • Seek And Hide
  • Backwards Water Balloon Toss
  • Backwards Relay Races
  • Guessing Game
  • Blindfold Cake Eating Contest

PRINTABLE GAMES - There might come a time when you need to curtail the high energy of your little guests, and a great way to accomplish this task, while still entertaining them, is with the use of some printable games. Here's a great site that offers fun Print & Play Birthday Party Games that would be a perfect party game add-on: Printable Birthday Games


At this party, you will want to serve your birthday cake and ice cream or dessert first and then serve the main meal. Perhaps smaller servings of dessert to insure the kids each the main course.

Also, if you want to add yet another backwards flair to the party, be sure to provide the opposite type of utensil. For example, give the kids a spoon to eat spaghetti or a fork to eat soup, floats, milkshakes, or anything liquid.

BACKWARDS HOT DOGS - Split a hot dog down the center and place a piece of bun between the pieces of hot dog.

PIZZA IN A CUP - Serve slices of pizza in a cup instead of a plate.

INSIDE OUT SANDWICHES - Deli meat and cheese on the outside and a slice of bread on the inside.

MEATLOAF CUPCAKES - Fill muffin tins with your favorite meatloaf recipe. After they are cooked, frost them with your favorite mashed potato recipe.

UPSIDE DOWN FRUIT SALAD - Put a cherry on the bottom of the bowl, sprinkle chopped nuts on top, add a scoop of yogurt or a dollop of whip cream, add chopped fruits, and top with a lettuce leaf.

UPSIDE DOWN SOFT DRINKS - Poke holes in the bottom of the soda cans and serve them with straws already inserted into the holes.


BACKWARDS BIRTHDAY CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake and write "Happy Birthday Name" backwards on the cake. Decorate the sides with edible toppings like sprinkles and add a few curling ribbons around the edges for decoration.

PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE - Use your favorite recipe or make it easy on yourself and go with a box mix.

UPSIDE DOWN BANANA SPLITS - Make your sundaes backwards. Put a cherry in the center of the dish. Sprinkle chopped nuts, add a squirt or dollop of whip cream, spoon on chocolate sauce, caramel, marshmallow, butterscotch, etc. Add the ice cream and top it off with a banana.

UPSIDE DOWN ICE CREAM CONE - Put some sprinkles in a bowl, a scoop of ice cream on top, chocolate sauce, and top with an ice cream cone.

UPSIDE DOWN CUPCAKES - Make cupcakes. turn them over and frost the bottoms.


Since there aren't any "backwards" party favors, you might want to just opt for giving everyone some items that are just plain silly or fun. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:
  • Silly Putty
  • Silly String
  • Silly hat
  • Colored fortune cookies
  • Anything that can be personalized; you can put the child's name on backwards.
  • Give the kids a plain favor box that they must wrap before leaving the party to take home their favors.

Your Favorite Backwards Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite backwards party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your backwards cake and costume ideas.

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