Backwards Obstacle Course

by Undisclosed

Slow & Steady Wins The Race!

Slow & Steady Wins The Race!

This is the same as a normal obstacle course but they must go through it walking or crawling backwards.

Another backwards party game is to do the crab walk backwards. The kids sit on the ground and bend their knees and then straighten out their arms and start walking. Instead of going forwards--they go backwards.

Obstacle courses are just so much fun, but I never dreamed of actually doing an obstacle course backwards. That has to make the game even more exciting and hilarious. This idea for a backwards obstacle course made me think about some other cool backwards party games that would be tons of fun.

If you’re looking for a fun backwards party game, consider doing some relay races backwards. Sack races are definitely fun, but think of the laughter it will bring when the sack race is done backwards. Make sure you do this in a grassy area so kids don’t fall backwards on pavement. You want to have fun – not accidents! Another relay race that would be cool to do backwards would be a three legged race. Tie those legs together and have the kids hopping backwards. That’s sure to use up some of that energy!

Ever played the game, Red Rover? This would definitely be fun to try as one of your backwards party games. Have the kids line up and hold hands, but have their backs facing the other line of kids. When they call someone over, that person also will have to run backwards, making this game even more interesting to play. Once everyone ends up in one straight line holding hands, the game is over.

These are just a few fun ideas you can try if you want to change things up with some backwards party games. Do you have more ideas? Feel free to share them.

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