Baby Ninja

by Vicky

All Decked Out & Ninja-Fied!

All Decked Out & Ninja-Fied!

I love making costumes for my grandchildren. I handmade the turtle shells out of fabric and quilt batting. I made the weapon holders out of paper towel rolls, fabric, and leather strips. The suits were green sweat shirt and green sweat pants. I bought the knee and elbow pads and the blue and purple masks separate. I used Velcro to hook the front and back of the shells together for easy on and off. Had a great time making them. Approximately one yard each for the back shells and 1/2 yard for the front shells. You decide how thick to make the shells so use batting accordingly.

Reply: Great Costume, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

I'm sure Vicky's grandson was strutting his stuff when he wore this fabulous costume! Although I don't know the occasion for which this was made, it did get my creative juices flowing and I have a few ninja turtle party ideas to throw your way:


As guests arrive, have a couple of artistic teens available to do face painting and transform them into the turtle of their choice--Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael.


To start decorating a party room, think about all the ways you can use the Ninja Turtle Mask to exemplify your theme.

For example, one of the least expensive decorating options is to use balloons and the great news is that green balloons are just crying out to be Ninja-Fied. All you have to do is tie a colorful streamer around the upper portion of the balloons and color in some eyes on the streamers. Then using a Sharpie, draw a mouth on the lower portion of the balloons. You can do this to various-sized balloons and use them throughout the party room.

Decorate water bottles with the infamous Ninja masks by either tying streamers around the bottles and drawing eyes on them as you did for the balloons or create the mask out of construction paper and glue or tape it to the bottle.

Transform a wall with various shades of green streamers by running them from ceiling to floor. This accent them with colorful Ninja Turtle masks. This will make for a great backdrop for photos.

Create a Ninja Turtle head garland using green card stock and various other colors for creating the eye masks. Attach them to a piece of twine and hang them around the room to accent the perimeter of the room, tables, windows, etc.


Adorn green lunch bags or bags with handles by gluing the streamer mask to the bag. In the alternative, you could create the Ninja Turtle heads out of various colored card stock and glue them to the bags instead.

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