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As you probably know, Baby Einstein products are geared toward not only entertaining your child, but also assisting with the development of your youngster by incorporating "unique combinations of real world objects, language, numbers, music, art, animals and nature."

So, if you have decided that you want your little one's 1st birthday party to be a Baby Einstein Birthday, then you will also want to be sure to incorporate some party games for toddlers that have the Baby Einstein theme. With this in mind, I've put together some fun games that will complement your party nicely, that are geared toward young learners, and some will allow for parent-child interaction. So, if you're throwing a Baby Einstein Party, here are some great games to consider:


BABY EINSTEIN PUPPET SHOW – Get some local kids or parents to help you out with a puppet show. Watch some Baby Einstein DVDs to help guide you and create a fun show for the kids. Keep everyone’s attention by using fun expressions, hilarious voices and plenty of movement.

BUBBLES - Put on a bubble show using bubble wands to make big bubbles the babies can watch float and change color and shape. They can also try to catch them or pop them before they hit the floor.

BABY EINSTEIN ANIMAL GAME - Birthday baby starts the game by pulling out an animal from a basket and identifies what kind of an animal it is and the noise it makes. Then everyone else makes the animal noise. Play continues until all the babies have had a turn.

BABY VAN GOGHS - Put down a plastic drop cloth to protect floor and put t-shirts on babies. With parental supervision, give them paper, paints, markers, crayons, sponges, etc. and let them create their masterpieces.

TUNNEL OF FUN - To create a fun tunnel or even a maze for youngsters to crawl through, all you need to do is gather large boxes that are big enough for little ones to crawl through. You can jazz them up a bit by painting them in primary colors and then painting numbers, the alphabet, etc. on the outside. Of course you want to periodically leave openings so the little kiddos don't feel scared and blocked in without being able to see the exit and mom and dad anxiously awaiting their arrival.

Baby Einstein Games

BABY EINSTEIN PARADE – Hand out musical instruments to everyone, such as bells, cowbells, rhythm sticks, cymbals, chimes and tambourines. Line up the little ones and let them march in a parade in front of parents as they play. Make it fun by letting them change instruments from time to time.

BUILDING BOXES - Cover square, empty tissue boxes with colorful paper and decorate with numbers, letters, and shapes. Let babies build with the boxes. In the alternative, provide building blocks.

Really show off the theme by creating some tables for exploration. Just have helpers or parents at every table to help out the kids as they enjoy fun activities.

Instrument Table – Have a variety of different instruments available for kids to play with. Some easy instruments that are size appropriate for young kids include shakers, maracas, the ukulele, chimes, cymbals, triangle, rhythm sticks, cowbells and tambourines.

Building Table – At this table, have plenty of geometric stackers, building blacks, alphabet blocks, or stack and sort cubes for kids to build with.

Puzzle Table – Large, chunk puzzles will definitely offer plenty of fun. Choose puzzles that have jungle animals, shapes, the alphabet, farm animals, fish or dinosaurs on them.

Toy Table – Kids are sure to have fun playing with toys. Just make sure you choose some educational toys for this table. Some great ideas include Fish Price Lil People Musical Zoo Train, the Play Pals Dragon, Baby Einstein Octoplush, Tummy Ticklers Dog, Discovery Sounds Home and Tummy Ticklers Bird.

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