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Fun And Fabulous Baby Einstein Birthday Party Ideas
The Perfect 1st Birthday Choice!

If your Baby is about to turn 1 and you have decided that you want the party to incorporate opportunities for learning, then a Baby Einstein theme is the perfect choice.

First off, to start turning your home into a Baby Einstein theme scene you're going to have to get creative. Unfortunately, finding theme party supplies can be a bit of a challenge and your focus will need to be more on the array of primary colors, numbers, alphabet, etc. To help in your endeavor to come up with some great Baby Einstein party ideas for your little Einstein, I've put together some "ingenious" ideas to help you create a memorable Baby Einstein party.


BABY EINTSTEIN PUPPET INVITATIONS – Make your Baby Einstein puppets. Start with white lunch bags. Print off pictures of Baby Einstein characters, sizing the faces to go on the bags. Add the character faces to the bottoms of the lunch bags so they can be used as hand puppets. Then, on brightly colored cardstock, write out all the details for your Baby Einstein birthday party. Slip the card inside the bag, fold up the bag and stuff in an envelope and mail to guests. You could also deliver these adorable puppet invitations by hand.

BABY EINSTEIN STICKER INVITATIONS – It is pretty easy to find Baby Einstein stickers, so buy plenty of stickers to use for these invitations. Choose cardstock in a color you plan to use for your party. Fold cardstock into invitations, writing on the front, “Come Laugh, Play and Dance with Me.” Add the Baby Einstein stickers around the border of the invitation to make a fun border. On the inside, write:

“It’s time to learn about music, arts and more
We’ll name numbers, colors and letters galore.
Come laugh, dance and play along
We want you to come sing (child’s name)’s birthday song.”

COLORING BOOK CUTOUT BABY EINSTEIN INVITATIONS – Find a nice Baby Einstein coloring book that you can use to help you make these invitations. Use cardstock on colors of your choice, folding sheets of cardstock in half to make large invitations. Cut out Baby Einstein characters from the coloring book. Glue them to the front of the invitations, but don’t color them. At the top of the invitation, write “Color Me Baby Einstein.” Then, on the inside, you can add all the details for your Baby Einstein birthday party. When your little guests get the invitations, they can have fun coloring the pictures you glued to the front of the invitations, making it a cool party invite that kids and parents will like.

BABY EINTSTEIN DVD INVITATION – If you go online, you can find Baby Einstein DVDs for very low prices. Buy enough DVDs so each guest gets one, which works best if you are having a small party. On a piece of cardstock, include all of the pertinent party details and use a ribbon around the DVD to secure the small piece of cardstock to the DVD. Hand out the DVDs and let the little ones enjoy watching Baby Einstein before they head to your birthday party.

BABY EINSTEIN ACTIVITY BALL INVITATIONS – You can buy Baby Einstein Roller Pillar Activity Balls online for really cheap, and they are so cute. The balls help to encourage the development of fine motor skills and little ones are sure to love them. You will get a set of the activity balls for about $8-9, so you can use one ball per invitation. Write out all the party information on pieces of pretty cardstock, adding a few Baby Einstein stickers to make them pretty. Place balls in a small cupcake size box and tie the box shut with some ribbon. Tape or glue the cardstock to the top with all the party info. Hand deliver to your little guests.

Invite your guests to wear Baby Einstein costumes or transform them into Baby Einstein animals with face-painted whiskers and dots on their noses.


The primary colors of red, blue, green, and yellow are the best ones to use for this theme.
  • If you have a Baby Einstein Animal Exploration Tunnel, make sure you add it to the décor for your Baby Einstein birthday party. Kids can crawl through the tunnel, exploring all the fun animals as they crawl on through. Add this to the party area and it is sure to be a huge hit with all your young guests. In fact, it may end up being more popular than all your food.

  • Make your own large flashcards to hang on the walls around the party area. For example, for the flashcards, you can print out a picture of a particular item, such as a balloon or a cake, placing the picture on the flashcard. Below the image, you can put the name of the item in print. These make cute decorations that help decorate the walls of the party area.

  • Make your own hand print wall art. Take a big sheet of butcher paper, attaching it to the wall. Put some adult hand prints around the edges in some brightly colored finger paints. When the little ones arrive, allow them to add their own hand prints to the paper as well using the finger paints. You can even place the child’s name beneath their hand print. It will double as an activity and a decoration for the party. Be sure to save this, since it will make a great keepsake for your child.

  • You can also make your own Baby Einstein caterpillar for the wall, which will add plenty of color to the party area. Take a piece of poster board to use as the background for the caterpillar. Then, cut out big circles in red, green, blue, purple and yellow. Glue the circles to the poster board in the shape of a caterpillar. Be sure to draw a face on the first circle that is the head of the caterpillar.

  • Using construction paper in purple, green, blue, red and yellow, cut out the letters of the alphabet and the numbers. Attach the letters and numbers to the ceiling using some streamers to really add to the party décor. Use streamers in complimentary colors to make your party area really look like the little ones walked into the Baby Einstein episodes.

Baby Einstein Birthday Decorations

  • Use sheets in red, blue, green, or yellow to decorate wide walkways, using some ribbon to tie them back.

  • Use yellow, green, blue or red tablecloths on tables. Add a contrasting table topper in coordinating color and tie off the corners using some curling ribbons using ribbon of any of these fun colors.

  • Use Baby Einstein designed birthday wall cutouts, cups, plates, centerpieces, tablecloths and napkins.

  • Hang up some Baby Einstein happy 1st birthday banners and posters on the wall.

  • Display Baby Einstein stuffed toys throughout the party area.

  • Attach adorable Baby Einstein Mylar balloons to birthday baby's high chair, and then add helium balloons to the high chairs of your guests, using green, yellow, blue and red.

  • Take a Baby Einstein character pinata and tie some streamers and helium balloons to it, making a lovely centerpiece.

  • Place Baby Einstein books and puppets around the party room for the babies to play with.

  • Laminate pictures of Baby Einstein characters to make fun placemats.

  • Make a bouquet of balloons in the party colors, hanging them outdoors to alert guests where the birthday bash is taking place.

  • To line the walkway, attach some helium balloons in various colors to wooden stakes.

  • Play music in the background; Mozart, Beethoven and Bach would be great choices.


    This page is filled with all Baby Einstein Games and Activities which includes:
    • Baby Einstein Puppet show
    • Bubbles
    • Baby Einstein Animal Game
    • Baby Van Gogh's
    • Baby Einstein Parade
    • Building Boxes
    • Baby Einstein Activity Centers


    MINI PB&J SANDWICHES – Your little guests probably enjoy peanut butter and jelly, since it is a kid favorite. Make up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. However, to make them appropriate for your small guests, remove the crusts and cut into small square sandwiches that can be easily held by small fingers. You can use different kinds of jelly on the sandwiches to add some selection to your party food.

    FROZEN HALF BANANA POPS – These banana pops are so good and the little ones, especially those who are teething, will enjoy nibbling on this party food. Take bananas and cut them in half. Then carefully put a popsicle stick into the banana. Place the bananas on a tray and place into the freezer. You can serve them up plain to your young guests. Another idea is to dip them in yogurt or some chocolate after they are frozen, and then freeze again. The chocolate or yogurt adds something special to the banana pops.

    BABY EINSTEIN OCTO-DOGS - Cut hotdogs in half lengthwise leaving about 1"-2" of the end intact for the head. Cut each long section in half again until you have 8 octopus legs. Cut 3 holes with knife point for eyes and mouth in head. Boil until legs curl and hotdog is cooked through. Serve with goldfish crackers.

    BABY EINSTEIN MAC & CHEESE - Make up your favorite recipe for mac and cheese, except use various pastas like wheels, corkscrews, sea shells, bows, etc. and let your babies guess the shapes as they eat.

    GRILLED CHEESE – Grill up some delicious cheese sandwiches, cutting them into fun shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles and squares.

    BABY EINSTEIN JELL-O – Make green, yellow, blue or green Jell-O in large rectangular pans. Make sure to add one extra gelatin envelope to every pan of Jell-O. After the Jell-O sets, cut into Baby Einstein characters or fun shapes like circles, triangles, squares and rectangles.

    BABY EINSTEIN COOKIES – Mix up some sugar cookie dough. Using Baby Einstein cookie cutters, create shapes from the dough. Use green, blue, yellow and blue icing to frost cookies. Have fun decorating cookies with sparkling sugar, sprinkles, toasted coconut, edible glitter or some gel icing.

    ALPHA FRUIT SUNDAE - Cut up soft fruits like bananas, kiwi, strawberries, peaches, etc. and serve in individual dish. Top with whip cream and create a flat surface. Put a letter or number on each sundae with sprinkles by using a stencil.


    BABY EINSTEIN CATERPILLAR CUPCAKES – Cupcakes are a perfect option for your young guests. Not only are they easy for younger guests to manage, but they are easy for you to make as well. Make a batch of cupcakes in any flavor. Ice the cupcakes in five different colors, including green, blue, yellow, purple and red. Make sure you have the same number of each color if possible. Then, on a piece of cardboard, arrange the cupcakes in the long shape of a caterpillar, starting with a yellow cupcake as the head. Use candy to add a face to the first cupcake, which is the head of the caterpillar. This will look amazing as the centerpiece on your food tables and the bright colors are sure to grab the attention of your small guests.

    BABY EINSTEIN CHARACTER FACE CAKE – Start with a round layer cake, making it in any flavor that you choose, or a flavor that your little one loves. Ice the cake on the top and sides with some white icing. Print out just the face of one of the Baby Einstein characters from the internet, such as the hippo, lion, goat, etc. Trace it onto wax paper and then use some gel icing to trace the outline on the wax paper. Transfer the gel outline to the cake. Then, fill in the image, making it look like the picture as much as possible, creating the face of one of the Baby Einstein characters.

    BABY EINSTEIN ANIMAL CAKES - Bake cake in any animal-shaped pan and then use the pan’s directions to decorate the cake.

    BABY EINSTEIN BIRTHDAY CAKE - Make a sheet cake. Frost white and add Baby Einstein characters and topper.

    BABY EINSTEIN PHOTO CAKE - Take picture of your baby in a Baby Einstein costume and have bakery put it on the cake.

    Be sure to take a look at our fun BABY EINSTEIN BIRTHDAY CAKE photos and how-to tips from site visitors.


    The perfect end to a perfect party would be to send your little guests home with some fun favors. You can start by decorating brightly colored paper bags with some fun Baby Einstein stickers. Then fill up the bags with all sorts of items that the little ones are sure to enjoy. Things like bubbles, bath crayons, rubber ducky soap, chunky cars, blocks, Baby Einstein finger puppets, small stuffed animal, chunky book, or Play-doh are all great ideas.

    Baby Einstein Birthday Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

    Do you have some favorite Baby Einstein birthday ideas, cakes or costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Baby Einstein cake and costume ideas.

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