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A Baby Einstein cake is the perfect option for a birthday celebration of a preschooler. They're sure to love all the wonderful colors and the fun characters.

Baby Einstein Cake – Creating the Perfect Birthday Cake for Your Preschooler

Baby Einstein is a special line of various products that create interactive-based activities for children ages one to six. The most prominent subjects that the line explores are art, science, language arts, and mathematics. The company was founded by a mom that formerly acted as a teacher in the year of 1997 named Julie Aigner-Clark. Today, it continues to hold an immense amount of popularity and respect by parents, teachers, and children.

If your preschooler likes Baby Einstein, it only makes sense to create a Baby Einstein cake for their birthday celebration. I've placed several different pictures of these types of cakes. We urge you to browse through our collection in order to discover different ways of creating your own cake with this theme.

Cake Submitted By:
Andrea - Syracuse, NY
Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake

For my son's first birthday, I wanted to create the Baby Einstein caterpillar that was on many of his favorite toys. I used the Wilton ball pan and two and a half batches of batter to make the five caterpillar sections. I frosted these with buttercream. The feet are nothing but frosting and I just played with the yellow frosting and shaped it until I got a look I liked. I made the face and antennae on the top with black and pink decorating gel.

baby einstein cake

For the background, I made two 9 X 13 cakes, cut them lengthwise, and then spread them out. This gave me enough area to place all the caterpillar sections.

I frosted these cakes with chocolate buttercream, which I patted down with my fingers to resemble dirt. I used green-colored buttercream to pipe in some "grass", and then used the leftover buttercream from my caterpillar sections to frost the sides of the cake.

Finally, to create my son's name, I painted some wooden craft store letters and glued them to dowels, which I also painted green. I wanted them to look like flowers popping out of the dirt.

This was my first attempt at a large-scale cake like this and it was a hit at the party!

baby einstein birthday cake images
Photo courtesy of: Pattonwp


baby einstein birthday cake images
Photo courtesy of: Pattee Family


baby einstein birthday cake images
Photo courtesy of: Carrirocks


baby einstein birthday cake images
Photo courtesy of: Sparka13


baby einstein birthday cake images
Photo courtesy of: Trent Kehl


baby einstein birthday cake images
Photo courtesy of: Erinellenward


Now that you've had an opportunity to view my collection of pictures of Baby Einstein birthday cake varieties, I'm sure you've thought of many different ideas and ways that you might want to to create your own Baby Einstein cake. For this cake it's best to ensure that it is colorful, and displays the characters and themes from the Baby Einstein products. This way, your child will absolutely love the dessert that you have created for their birthday celebration. Not only will the cake be adored by your child, it will create lasting memories of their very special day. My instructions that follow will help you out in making a simple yet memorable b-day cake:

Instructions for Creating a Baby Einstein Birthday Cake

Items You Will Need:

  • 8” x 10.5” Personalized Baby Einstein Edible Ink Image on Frosting Sheet
  • Square Cake Pan
  • White Icing
  • White Fondant
  • Red Icing for Trim
  • White Cake Mix

Step 1: Mix up your white cake mix and transfer the batter to a squared off pan. Of course you'll need to bake it according to the box instructions and let it cool off completely before starting your decorating process. Step 2: Then you'll want to lay a base of white icing onto the cake before covering it with a piece of white fondant. The white icing will help stabolize the fondant. Step 3: Trim the cake with red icing and then put the Baby Einstein personalized edible ink image on the frosting sheet on the cake's top.

Now that I've equipped you with some Baby Einstein cake images and have made some easy cake decorating instructions at your disposal, it's your turn to put the petal to the metal and start decorating your Baby Einstein birthday cake for your preschooler. Of course everyone would love for you to take lots of pictures as you go alongn and then once you are all finished, it would be great if you'd take the time to return to this page and click on the submission link to upload those photos and to post your tips for creating your Baby Einstein cake. You'll be helping our readers learn how they might be able to also easily create their own rendition of a Baby Einstein cake!

Share Your Fun & Fabulous Baby Einstein Birthday Cake

I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade Baby Einstein birthday cake, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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