Asian Party--Really Fun!

by Vicky Summers

I had an Asian party recently and it was great! It's really fun to get everything ready. I hated for it to end. I kinda went all out. I didn't plan to but the more I bought the more I seemed to think of another idea. I turned my house into a real Asian atmosphere.

Two of the best things I did was to use lots of white Christmas lights to set the atmosphere--you guys probably have some of those in your Xmas stuff. The other thing I did was to download plenty of Asian sounding music to play in the background--it really helped to firm up the atmosphere.

I created a Sushi bar which all my friends really loved. But I also served some fried rice and crab rangoons, along with getting some main dish take-out from my local Chinese resturant.

My main colors were red black which coincidentally happen to be my favorite combination anyway. I put alot of balloons and crepe paper streamers around the rooms--this was really cheap and it really made the room look like a party was about to explode.

I couldn't resist hanging some dragon type decorations around the room and I found some great dragons I could hang from the ceiling and around the perimeter of the room. I also found some Japanese lanterns for like $4 each so I added a few of these around the room too. I found some great Asain fabric which I put on my walls to help create that Asian atmosphere. Yes, it did cost a bit of money but I'm a quilter and I can use it to make a really cool wall hanging when the party's over.

Anyway guys I really recommend you do an Asian party because they ar soooooo fun!

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