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No one wants to attend a boring birthday party so why not take your guests on a fun and exciting adventure by throwing an Asian theme party.


You can focus your party on one country or city in Asia or you can get inspiration and ideas from several different countries. From Tokyo, Bangkok, Seoul and Hanoi, you can enjoy taking your guests to these exotic locations with fabulous Asian parties.

From the invitations to the cake you choose, make sure everything goes along with your Asian theme. If you’re not sure where to begin your party planning, here are some excellent ideas you can use to plan out the perfect Asian party that your guests will find exciting and exhilaration.

As you begin planning for Asian parties, start by deciding on your guest list and then choosing your invitations. Give your guests a little preview of the party with invitations that go along with your Asian theme. If you want to create your own DIY invitations, you can choose from many easy ideas.

TEA BAG INVITATION - One easy option is to write out the party information on a piece of cardstock. Then, attach the cardstock to a teabag for a unique, three dimensional invitation. Guests will like the unique idea and enjoy using the tea bag.

FORTUNE COOKIE INVITATION - Another fun idea is to purchase fortune cookies to use for your invitations. Print out invitation details on long slips of paper. Then, take the slips of paper and insert them into the fortune cookies. Carefully place in a small box with bubble wrap and mail out the invites.

THEME INVITE IDEAS - Start by typing out your party info and downloading it onto a piece of decorative themed scrapbook paper. Laminate it to give it some stability. Punch a hole in the upper left-hand corner and attach it to a piece of dogwood, an oriental fan, a pair of chopsticks, bamboo, or a mini object like a pagoda and then hand-deliver your invites.

RED INVITES WITH ASIAN THEME - You may also want to use red cardstock and then type out the invitations with an Oriental style font, printing them onto the red cardstock. Add Asian themed clip art to the invitations.

READY-MADE INVITES - If you don’t have time to make your own invitations, look for Asian themed notecards and then write your party information on the inside and mail them. Decorate the envelopes with an Asian-themed seal or sticker.

The Asian people tend to be more proper and formal; therefore, your invitations should follow suit. Suggested wording might include something like:

-- A festive night with an oriental flair is planned on (date)

-- Mr. & Mrs. (Name) request the honor of your presence to help us celebrate the birthday of (name) in oriental style

-- Please join us for a (Chinese/Japanese, Thai, etc.) dinner party; your presence would be most appreciated

-- Join us for a sushi soiree

-- It would be our good fortune if you would please attend our asian theme party

-- Chop chop, wiki wiki--hustle on over to our Asian party

Since you’re throwing an Asian theme party, it may be fun to have your guests dress up in Asian attire. If you’ve decided to go with a general Asian theme, let them choose the type of Asian costumes they want to dress up in. However, if you’ve decided to focus on a specific country, such as Japan or China, you may want guests to choose costumes specifically from these countries.

JAPANESE COSTUMES - For example, if your party is focusing on Japan, women may want to show up wearing Kimonos and the men may want to wear a Japanese Samurai costume.

CHINESE COSTUMES - Parties focusing on China may work well with Chinese lion costumes or a Geisha costume for women.

MISCELLANEOUS ASIAN COSTUMES - Other general Asian costume ideas include ninja costumes, Chinese dresses, sumo wrestlers, or even an Asian emperor costume.

The décor for Asian parties can be very diverse, since you can glean décor ideas from various Asian areas or you can concentrate on one specific country or area. Some of the popular colors to consider using for your décor color palette include black, yellow, red, orange, white, green and blue. Concentrate on a couple of these colors or use them all to decorate the party room(s).

  • One excellent decorating idea is to create a temple shape or pagoda shape from cardboard. Paint it gold or red and then add it to the doorway where guests will be entering the party.

  • A variety of different Oriental themed items can add some ambiance to your party, such as Oriental dolls, vases, kimonos, and more.

  • Transform the room by covering the walls with Asian gossamer or fabric.

  • Create a photo-op by adding a large Asian standee of an elephant, bamboo, or pagoda.

  • Cover walls with an Asian mural to make the party room come alive with Orient style.

  • Asian paper lanterns can be placed around the area and they’ll especially look amazing if you’ll be holding the party outdoors in the evening.

  • Hang oriental theme streamers around the room.

  • Hang oriental cutouts and large fans on the walls.

  • Paper parasols and hand fans can definitely add Asian inspiration to your tables.

  • Vases full of cherry blossoms and some well-placed bonsai trees also will add to the ambiance.

  • You can even create a Zen feeling with some lovely tabletop fountains placed throughout the party area.

Your Asian theme party should have some great games and activities to keep guests entertained and having fun.

CHOP STICK PICK-UP - One fun idea for a game is to have a table covered with marshmallows. Give each guest their own chop sticks and have them take turns seeing who can pick up the most mini marshmallows in one minute.

THEME MOVIE - It’s also fun to show a movie that takes place in an Asian locale, such as “Memoirs of a Geisha,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” “The Karate Kid” or even “The Last Samurai.”

JUDO/KARATE ENTERTAINMENT - If you have a local judo or karate school, considering having some students come to the party to provide guests with a little demonstration. Guests are sure to enjoy watching these ancient Asian martial arts being demonstrated.

ORIGAMI CRAFTS - Offering some origami crafts is an exciting idea and guests will enjoy making something that they can take home with them.

When it comes time to eat you can have your guests remove their shoes before entering the dining room. Have them sit at low tables on the floor. You can create these with the use of sheets of plywood balanced on 5-gallon buckets and covered with colorful tablecovers. Also be sure to give everyone chopsticks to use. Lastly, don't forget to play appropriate music in the background.

TAKE-OUT - When you’re planning out the food for Asian parties, you can really make it simple and easy on yourself by ordering takeout from some of your favorite Asian restaurants in the area. Some restaurants will even cater for your event.

MAIN DISH OPTIONS - Of course, you can also make up the party foods on your own and many Asian themed foods are easy to make. For the main course, consider a dish like orange chicken, sweet and sour chicken, beef fried rice, sweet and sour pork or Mongolian beef.

ASIAN SIDE DISHES - For the sides, fried rice, white rice, egg rolls, spring rolls, lo mien and crab poppers are tasty options.

SUSHI - You may even want to have some sushi available to guests at the party. Go with simple sushi options that aren’t too expensive to keep party food costs down.

Serve up the foods from bamboo or lacquered trays and offer your guests chopsticks to use if they want. You can use paper goods that are Asian inspired for guests to use when eating.

If you’re planning a sit down dinner, use small hand fans with the guest’s name on them to serve as the place cards for your tables.

To end the meal, have fortune cookies and honey cakes on hand for guests to enjoy. Place fortune cookies at each guests seat or you can have a big bowl full of them for guests to take.


LANGUAGE OF THE LAND CAKE - A cake that goes along with the Asian theme party is a wonderful idea. One excellent option is to have a simple round cake but decorate it by writing the guest of honor’s name in Chinese or Japanese. It may take a bit of research on your party, but it will be worth it when you see how wonderful the cake looks.

CHINESE TAKE-OUT BOX - Another idea is to bake a double layer square cake and decorate it like a Chinese takeout box.

LANTERN CAKE - Round cakes can also be decorated to look like beautiful Asian paper lanterns.

Make sure you pick out some great favors to hand out at the end of your Asian parties. You’ll want favors that remind guests of the great party they just attended.
  • Anime cartoons and comic books make for great favor ideas.

  • Small Japanese dolls are also goof favor options for the ladies that attend your party, as do parasols and hand fans.

  • Lacquer chopsticks are a favor option that everyone will surely appreciate and enjoy using at home.

  • A nice selection of teas in a pretty Asian designed teacup makes an excellent favor.

  • Other great options include fortune cookies and Mandarin hats.

YOUR Favorite Asian Parties Theme Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Asian parties theme ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Asian party cakes and costumes.

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