Artist Party Theme

by Caroline Simpson
(Boise, ID)

Budding Artist At Work

Budding Artist At Work

Because my daughter is so creative and loves anything art, we decided to have an artist party. To let everyone know the theme, I made some artist party invitations in the shape of an artist's palette.

Some of the artist party ideas that I used to make the room more artsy were:

-- I covered a wall with butcher paper and had everyone draw and color onto it.

-- I used lots of balloons and streamers throughout the room.

-- I hung pretty pictures of flowers on the walls. I also had the kids "paint" with water into those paint with water books. This way they got to paint and I didn't have to worry about that much of a mess.

I turned cake time into craft time. I made some white cupcakes and let the kids decorate them with various frostings and toppings. To protect the kids' clothing I cut neck and arm holes out of plastic garbage bags and tied them around the waist with a pretty ribbon.

For some fun favors, I gave everyone an assortment of crayons, markers, finger-paints, stickers, and a paint with water book.

My daughter was in art heaven. She loved the party and thought I was the best mom ever!

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

An artist theme is a perfect idea for a toddler birthday party, and Caroline gave some wonderful ideas that you can use for your own artist birthday party.

Another exciting activity that you could use for your artist party is sponge painting. Kids just love paint and sponge painting is so easy. Make sure kids have an old shirt to wear over their clothes to avoid a big mess, or you can use Caroline’s idea of using plastic bags. Get some paint that can be washed away with water, making sure to have several different colors on hand. You’ll need some poster board or other paper that kids can use to paint their masterpieces on. Cut up big sponges into smaller ones that are about 1 inch by 2 inches. Kids can dip the sponges in paints and paint pictures onto the paper. They’ll have tons of fun, even if it does get a bit messy.

You're budding artists are sure to enjoy the time of being creative while spending time with their friends.

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