Around Town Scavenger Hunt

Fun And Fabulous Around Town Scavenger Hunt
The Perfect Addition To Any Party!

A scavenger hunt around town is the perfect activity for a birthday party, youth group, or a fun get together. The great thing about this scavenger hunt is that it will require some teamwork, speed and organization. Take the list below and run with it, or adapt it to include specifics to your town.

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Of course you'll want to be sure to establish some ground rules in order to keep your little scavengers safe and under control. To help get you started, here are a few rules that you might want to consider implementing as you develop the necessary parameters on the hunt boundaries:
  • May only obtain 1 item or photo from 1 location.

  • Stay with your teammates at all times.

  • Remind everyone to be on their best behavior--no running, yelling, etc.

  • The boundaries that the participants may search within.

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Split your guests into teams and assign a chaperone to each team if necessary. Be sure each team has transportation, a pen or pencil, and a digital or cell phone camera. Now if you want to go old school, everyone can be equipped with a Polaroid camera. And all the young people said, "A what?"

The two scavenger hunt lists noted below have things that the kids can find and take with them or things that they can find and just photograph. You can use either one, both, a mixture of the two, or customize it to create your own hunt to suit your city.


Have your participants try to obtain the following items:

  • _____Bank deposit slip

  • _____Bus schedule

  • _____Business card with a picture

  • _____Cancelled postage stamp

  • _____* Change of address card from post office

  • _____City map

  • _____Coin found on the street

  • _____* Document/brochure with picture of city Mayor

  • _____Flyer of any kind

  • _____Disposable cup with business logo

  • _____DMV form of any kind

  • _____Flower

  • _____Insurance form of any kind

  • _____* Menu with Caesar salad on it

  • _____Newspaper clipping regarding a sporting event

  • _____Newspaper's front page

  • _____Pizza coupon

  • _____Promotional pen with company logo

  • _____Receipt found on the ground

  • _____Recipe

  • _____* Safety tips from any source

  • _____Shopping bag with store logo

  • _____Take-out menu

  • _____Throwaway weekly free newspaper

  • _____Toothpick with decorative top


Have your participants try to obtain digital or Polaroid photos of each of the items on the Around Town Scavenger Hunt list.

  • _____Children playing

  • _____* City's official seal

  • _____* Clock tower

  • _____Construction work being performed

  • _____Fire hydrant

  • _____Fountain

  • _____Gas station

  • _____Graffiti

  • _____Historical landmark

  • _____House with a unique feature

  • _____Limo

  • _____Out-of-state license plate

  • _____Park

  • _____* Restaurant's decorative statute

  • _____Sandwich board sign advertising anything

  • _____School

  • _____Someone jogging

  • _____* Someone playing an instrument

  • _____Someone talking on a cell phone

  • _____Someone walking a dog

  • _____Someone wearing a hat

  • _____State flag

  • _____Statute

  • _____Swimming pool

  • _____Traffic light

To make their scavenger hunt a little more challenging, if you live in a larger city, require the teams use only public transportation to get to their various locations as opposed to personal vehicles.

Designate both a time to meet, as well as a place to meet. The rules for scoring follow and the team that racks up the most points is declared the scavenger hunt winner.


  • Give 1 point for every item the team collects.

  • Items with an "*" get 1 bonus point.

  • The first team to get back gets 5 points as a bonus.

  • For every minute after the meeting time, teams get a 1 point penalty.

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