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Boys usually enjoy playing military. It gives them the opportunity to make all sorts of fun gun and explosion sounds, while rolling around on the ground for cover. If they go all out in their play, they might even have some camo gear and face paint that they use during their play time.

If this sounds like your son, perhaps you are contemplating the possibility of Army Birthday Parties taking front and center for your son's upcoming birthday. If so, then you probably also have fleeting thoughts about incorporating a game time to keep your troops occupied and having fun. To help you in this endeavor, I've put together some fun party games with an Army flavor, for you to consider adding to your upcoming army party to help create a fun-filled day of adventure.

ARMY PARTY GAMES - ROPE CLIMB COMPETITION - This game leaves every army man for himself. Take a sturdy rope, tying it to a sturdy tree limb. Test it to make sure it holds the weight of an adult before allowing kids to use it. The goal is for kids to climb to the top of the rope, touching a designated spot. Time each person. The one with the fastest time wins.

ARMY PARTY GAMES - HOT GRENADE - This game is played like Hot Potato. If possible, get one of those toy grenades that make a ticking and "Boom" sounds. Push the pin to start the ticking, have the kids pass it around as the music plays in the background, and whoever is holding the grenade when it "explodes" is out of the game. Engage the grenade again and keep playing until only one soldier remains.

Variation: To make things a little more interesting, you could have 2, 3, or 4 grenades going around the circle simultaneously, which will eliminate kids quicker.

If you don't end up getting any of these grenades, you can still play the game like Hot Potato and use the stopping of music to signify the person who is holding the grenade as being out.

ARMY PARTY GAMES - TUG-O-WAR - Divide the kids into two teams and have them stand in a line opposite each other, allowing about five to six feet between them. Place a long rope in the center and give each team half of the rope to hold onto. On "Go", each team will try to pull the other team across the designated line. Whichever team succeeds, is the winner.

Variation: To make things a little more interesting, you could have the teams trying to pull the other team into a mud hole, which would be created prior to the party. If you want to keep things clean, then use a wading pool of water.

ARMY PARTY GAMES - RESCUE MISSION - Divide the kids into two teams and have two kids from each team serve as the wounded soldiers. The wounded shall start on one side of the yard and everyone else on the opposite side of the yard. On "Go", everyone will run to their wounded teammates and proceed to wrap each one up using an entire roll of toilet paper. As soon as one of the wounded soldiers is wrapped up, that soldier's teammates shall lay him or her on a beach towel or blanket and carry the wounded soldier back to the starting line. Then the soldiers must run back and repeat the process with their other wounded soldier. Whichever team accomplishes the above first, shall be the winners. After completion, you might consider giving out Medals of Honor to the winners.

ARMY PARTY GAMES - OBSTACLE COURSE - Army birthday parties are perfect for creating an obstacle course as one of your party activities. Your options are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

Hidden Tunnels - Use empty refrigerator boxes or a series of smaller cardboard boxes that are painted in camouflage colors and taped together with duct tape. Make the boxes small enough to require the kids crawl through on their bellies.

Mine Fields - Lay a strip of duct tape, masking tape, a board, or draw a chalk line for the kids to walk heel-to-toe in order to get across to the other side. If they step off the designated line, they are subject to the minefield, which will be a sibling or adult throwing a water balloon at that person.

Hula Hoop Alley - Lay some hula hoops on the ground and have your soldiers jump in and out of the hoops while working their way to the last hoop in line.

Swinging Or Climbing Rope - If possible, hang a rope over a wading pool and require your soldiers to swing over it three times before dismounting the rope. In the alternative, you could have the kids climb the rope, tap a target, and climb back down. Meanwhile, have siblings or parents "firing" upon the soldier with squirt guns.

Ladder Run - Lay a wood ladder on the ground and have the kids try and step and run through its rungs.

Tire Run - If you have access to a lot of tires, then you can create the traditional tire run of placing two tires side-by-side for a length of about six to eight tires.

Potato Sack Run - Have potato sacks available at one end of the yard and have everyone get into a sack and jump their way to the other side of the yard.

PVC Pipe - Insert pieces of PVC pipe into buckets of sand and create an area for the kids to weave in and out of the poles by lining them up on the ground in a zig-zag fashion.

Tight Squeeze - Get two pieces of plywood and glue a thick piece of foam on each piece of plywood. Create a stand for each piece of plywood and place them close together, which will require the kids to squeeze through sideways.

Chin-Ups, Jumping Jacks, & Sit-Ups - If you have a bar that can be used for chin-ups, then make this part of the course. Perhaps only require one to three depending upon the abilities of the kids. Then throw in about 10 jumping jacks and 10 sit-ups.

After completion of the obstacle course, be sure to handout Certificates of Completion.

ARM WRESTLING - We all know the drill. Pair them up, let them compete until there is one ultimate arm wrestling champion.

ARMY PARTY GAMES - HIDDEN ARMY MAN - Divide the kids into two teams. Each team selects one person on their team to hide. The remaining teammates try to find the other team's hidden Army man. Whichever team finds the hidden Army man first is the winner.

WATER WAR - Divide the kids into two teams and give everyone water guns and grenades (water balloons). Turn them loose and let them play water war.

ARMY PARTY GAMES - TARGET SHOOTING - Line up plastic Army soldiers and give the kids water guns and have them "shoot" the soldiers down. Whoever "shoots" the most is the winner.

ARMY PARTY GAMES - MINEFIELD - Divide the kids into two teams and blindfold the first child of each team. Meanwhile, place water balloons all over the ground, thereby creating the minefield. On "Go" the blindfolded kids will try to get to the finish line without stepping on any of the "bombs." The other players may direct their blindfolded teammate by yelling out things like, "Take two steps to the left" or "Take a giant step over the minefield that is in front of you," etc. Whoever gets to the finish line without stepping on a minefield first, is the winner.

ARMY PARTY GAMES - SUPER SOAKER FIELD TRAINING - Give the birthday child the Super Soaker Water Gun. Then have everyone hide with water balloons in hand. They may have as many as they are able to carry or you can limit it to one or two per person.

The object of the game is for the child with the Super Soaker to "shoot" the other soldiers as they find them, before the soldiers can hit them with a water balloon. If the soldier hits them with a water balloon before getting "shot", then that child takes over with the Super Soaker and the child who originally had the Super Soaker is out.

If the child with the Super Soaker "shoots" the found soldier before they are hit with a water balloon, then that child with the Super Soaker is allowed to keep it and continues to try to find the other soldiers.

As needed and as the soldiers feel it is safe, they may come out of their hiding places to get more water balloons and then hide again. However, if they are spotted by the Super Soaker child, they could ultimately end up being "shot" and then be out of the game. Ultimately, you will end up with one child having the Super Soaker who is the winner.

ARMY PARTY GAMES - BOMBS AWAY - Divide the kids into two teams and line them up. Place a large container at the opposite end of the yard for each team. Place a container, filled with an equal number of small water balloons (bombs), by each team. Give the first child in each line a large plastic spoon.

When you say, "Go", the first player of each team grabs a "bomb", balances it on their spoon, walks/runs to their container at the opposite side of the yard, and places the "bomb" into that container. If they drop their "bomb" along the way, if it doesn't break, they are free to pick it up and balance it again on their spoon. If it breaks, then their turn is over and they must give the spoon to their next teammate. Relay continues until all of the teammates have had a turn. Whichever team ends up with the most unbroken water balloons in their container, will be the winners.

If you're throwing Army Birthday Parties, here are some great ideas for invitations, decorations, party food, favors, and more!

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