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Little girls are starting to have an avid interest in Ariel mermaid costumes. It is exceptionally easy to create an under the sea princess costume to make The Little Mermaid part of your world

Create An Under The Sea Princess Costume To Make The Little Mermaid Part of Your World

Girls all around the world have been immensely fascinated by Ariel’s beautiful flowing red hair, her lavish blue eyes, the beautiful green tail, and her exotic bikini top composed of purple seashells. Ariel costumes for kids have been popular for several years; however, many have found that the store bought versions are extremely expensive. As a result of this fact, many adults are now creating their own Ariel costumes.

On this page, you will learn how to create Ariel costumes for kids, and will be able to observe numerous pictures of these type of costumes made by others. If your little girl dreams of becoming part of a magical under the sea world, you can make her dreams come true by transforming her into her favorite sea princess with the information contained on this page.

As you scroll past the following pictures of Little Miss Ariel, you'll soon discover all of the necessary how-to instructions for creating your own simple Ariel masterpiece.

ariel costumes
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Ariel Costumes
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Ariel Costumes
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As you observed the pictures of the Ariel costumes for kids on this page, it is quite likely that you have received inspiration on how to create your very own Ariel costume. As you can see, there are at least three common elements that each of the photographs have in common. The first is the beautiful, long red hair that Ariel proudly displays on each animated feature that she is part of. The second is the long, luxurious green tail that Ariel uses to move magically through the water. The third is the purple-colored bikini top. At the bare minimum, you will want to be certain that the Ariel costume that you create has these three components. Of course, there are many extras that you may add to the costume to enhance the overall “Under the Sea” experience. You may choose to include hair pieces that resemble star fish and/or shells, you may elect to add a hair tiara to reflect Ariel’s princess status, or you may even add sequins and/or jewels to the tail piece to create a flashy costume. The choice is yours!

The following instruction guide provides details on how to create a lovely costume of your own. There are numerous methods that may be used. You simply have to determine which set of instructions is most appropriate for your level of expertise, the design that you and your little girl have in mind, and your ability to acquire the items that are needed for the particular costume that you select. If you are a beginner, and are looking to create a basic mermaid costume (Ariel), the following instructions will assist you:

Instructions for a Simple Princess Ariel Costume

Items Needed:

  • A Long-Haired Red Wig
  • A Bikini Top That Looks Like Seashells
  • Purple Clothes Dye
  • A Green Skirt That Looks Like a Fin
  • Sequins
  • Green Lace
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Large Curlers
  • Pick or Comb

Step 1: When you purchase a bikini top that looks like shells, it is best to opt for a piece that is purple in color; however, should you be unable to locate this type of top, you could opt for a white top. It is important to ensure that the top is modest and covers the breast area completely.

Step 2: Once you have the appropriate fitting white bikini top, you should then utilize purple clothes dye in order to transform it to a purple piece that looks like the one that Ariel wears. Ritz clothes dye is the best and least expensive option for this endeavor. Simply follow the detailed instructions listed on the clothes dye that you have purchased to ensure that you properly convert the color of the top.

Step 3: Once you have finished coloring the bikini top for the Ariel costume, you should allow it to completely dry, per the instructions listed on the clothes dye that you have utilized for the endeavor.

Step 4: While the bikini top is drying, you could start working with the green skirt that you have elected to use for the creation of the costume. The skirt should be fin-like. If you find that it is loose, you may use Velcro straps in order to wrap the piece around the legs. The goal is to ensure that the skirt resembles a tail, while providing ample movement at the feet. Naturally, the piece may fit snug around the legs, but because of the nature of how a mermaid tail looks, this is to be expected.

Step 5: On the area of the skirt that will act as the end of the tail, you will want to fan the piece out. In addition to this, you may add green lace to the tail to enhance its overall appearance.

Step 6: Once you have completed the tail of the Ariel costume, you may attach sequins so that it reflects more of a fin-like appearance. The easiest method to do this is to utilize a hot glue gun.

Step 7: The final aspect of the costume will be the long red wig that you have purchased. In order to ensure that it reflects Ariel’s hair, you will want to use large hot rollers to curl each end. Immediately after the curls have set, you may use a pick or comb to brush them out. You may also add ocean-themed hair barrettes to complete the look.

Step 8: Once you have completed all of the pieces, you will simply put the costume on the little girl that will be wearing it. You may make any adjustments at this time in order to complete the overall appearance of the costume.

As mentioned previously, there are many different instructions that may be used to create Ariel costumes for kids. Based on our research, this is one of the easiest of all designs. The design that you elect to utilize should be based on your experience in creating costumes, your comfort in creating various aspects of the costume (such as the tail), and the amount of money that you have to budget on the expense.

If you have experience in creating Ariel costumes for kids, we would love for you to share your designs, instructions, and tips. We would also love to see any pictures of the costumes that you have created. We highly value the experiences, advice, and photographic material submitted by our readers. In addition to this, we are interested in receiving your feedback, your questions, as well as any comments that you have. Ariel costumes are unique, but highly revered among those that have a little girl that loves the beautiful sea princess from “The Little Mermaid”. By providing your insight today, you could be assisting someone in making a little girl’s dream of being part of the mystical world beneath the waves tomorrow!

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