Arabian Nights Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Arabian Nights Party Ideas
That'll Transport Guests To An Exotic Party Atmosphere.

When throwing an adult birthday party, it’s nice to transport your guests far away to another world. If you’re looking for an exotic party theme, an Arabian birthday party is a wonderful idea. You can create a fabulous party with the music, colors and foods of another land, whisking your guests away for a party they’ll never forget.

Of course, a fantastic Arabian party will take a bit of planning and work on your part. If you find yourself stumped for ideas, here are some excellent Arabian party ideas you can use for invitations, decorations, cakes, foods, costumes and more. Use these tips and ideas and come up with your own to throw an incredible party that will thrill your guests.

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After creating the guest list for your Arabian birthday party, you’ll want to find the perfect invitation to send out. Remember, your invitations should offer a little preview to the theme of the party. You can find wonderful pre-made invites that go with your theme if you need a quick invitation solution.

Another fun idea is to try making the invitations yourself. One DIY invitation idea is to write out the invitations on some paper that looks aged. If you don’t trust your handwriting, print out the invitation information in a beautiful script font and then glue the printed paper to the aged paper you’re using. Make sure you include pertinent information, such as the date, time and place of the party.

Roll up the invitations so they look like a scroll, tying a ribbon around the scroll to keep it from unrolling. To add to the fun, attach a little fake oil lamp to the invitation. You can also attach invitations to a small box of spiced cookies or even a bag of tasty dates.


You can really increase the fun at your Arabian party by having your guests show up in some great costumes. Of course, if you want guests to wear costumes, make note of this in the invitations you send out.

The men can show up in fun Arabian theme costumes, such as Arabian sultan costumes, Persian Sheik costumes or even a desert warrior Arabian costume. Women attending the party have a variety of wonderful costume options as well.

Women’s genie costumes make a great idea, as do Arabian princess costumes. Since belly dancing is so popular within the region, a family friendly belly dancer costume can be a great costume idea for the ladies on your guest list.

Of course, the accessories can really make these costumes, sultan beards, turbans, and moustaches can really add character to the men’s costumes. Belly dancer anklets, women’s headdresses, exotic sandals and hand cymbals make great additions to the women’s costumes.


Decorating for your Arabian birthday party can be a lot of fun. If you need some Arabian party ideas for the décor, consider holding your party in a large party tent, using giant throw pillows, low benches and Persian rugs to line the floor of the tent. Low tables can be added where guests can eat.

If you’re not using a tent, you can decorate a party hall or your home with Persian rugs and plenty of giant throw pillows too.

Add to the décor by using colored swathes of fabric to the walls and ceiling. Some great colors to use as the main colors for your party include turquoise, fuchsia and bright orange.

To add to the overall décor, add brass oil lamps, candles, and Moroccan lanterns all around the room. You can purchase decorations to add to the area, such a cardboard peacocks, large standing genie lamps, flying carpet wall decals, or even some cardboard standing camels.


PHOTO BOOTH - Having a wonderful photo booth for your guests to enjoy at your Arabian party is a wonderful activity. Create a photo booth with an Arabian gazebo or another great backdrop where guests can have their pictures taken when they arrive in their wonderful costumes.

BELLY DANCING - Another great activity is to have a belly dancing teacher teach your guests how to belly dance. Even if you can’t hire an actual belly dancing teacher, you can use a belly dancing video to teach your guests how to belly dance. It’s sure to be fun and it will get everyone laughing as they learn this new dance.

MUSICAL CARPETS - One fun game to play is musical carpets, instead of musical chairs. Make sure you have some traditional music on hand to play for the game.

TATTOO CORNER - It can be fun to have a henna artist at your party to give guests a lovely henna tattoo.

Arabian Nights Party Ideas

MOVIE TIME - If you want guests to be able to kick back and relax, consider showing a movie that goes along with the party theme, such as “Lawrence of Arabia” or “The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.”

COSTUME CONTEST - It’s also nice to have a costume contest, since your guests will all be wearing costumes. Have prizes for the best costumes or the most unique costumes, offering a nice prize to the winners of the contests.

GENIE LAMP ACTIVITY - Another special activity idea is to have a genie lamp and slips of paper on a table when guests enter the party. Have each guest write a special wish for the guest of honor and then slip it into the lamp. Later in the party, you can read out the wishes and give them to the guest of honor. They’ll love having all those special birthday wishes to keep and take home from the party.


Of course, you want your food choices to go along with the Arabian birthday party theme as well.

  • Start out with big platters for guests that include kiwi, figs, dates, grapes and strawberries.

  • Stuffed eggplant, pita bread and hummus and falafel make excellent additions to your Arabian party menu as well.

  • Moroccan lamb skewers can be served up with couscous and cucumber yogurt.

  • Olives, Tabouleh and feta cheese will all go along with your Arabian themed menu.

  • Plenty of desserts can be served up to go with the theme. Date rolls, custards, lemon granite and sesame seed cookies are all tasty dessert ideas that guests will definitely enjoy.

  • Baklava is a delicious and authentic dessert to add to your dessert table as well.

  • For drinks, allow guests to sip on cinnamon tea, pomegranate juice or even Arabic coffees.


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You’ll definitely want a nice birthday cake to go with the Arabian birthday party theme. One of the great Arabian party ideas for the cake is to have a cake make in the shape of a golden lamp. A cake in the shape of a genie is sure to be a great hit as well. Another idea is to have a large sheet cake decorated with an Arabian prince and princess. Go with colors that complement the color palette you’ve chosen for the party décor.


After your Arabian birthday party comes to a close, make sure you send guests home with a special gift to thank them for attending the party. You can find some wonderful favors that go along with the Arabian theme.

  • One idea is to hand out little treasure chests that are filled with tasty chocolate gold coins.

  • Baskets filled with scented oils or soaps make excellent favor ideas, as do genie bottles that are filled with coconut candy, dates or some almonds.

  • You may also want to have photos printed out from the photo booth guests used when they arrived at the party. Have the photos put into frames and hand them out to your guests as favors that they’ll enjoy and appreciate.

Your Best Tips For Throwing An Arabian Nights Party

Did you throw a fabulous Arabian Nights party? If so, share all your fun ideas with others. Let us know about your best tips for costumes, cakes, invitations and party decorations.

Arabian Nights Party Ideas
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