Fun Animal Birthday Cakes

Fun And Fabulous Animal Birthday Cakes
For Your Animal Lovin' Kids!

Animal cakes are a wonderful option if you have a desire to delight and thrill a crowd at the birthday bash that you are planning.

Animal Cakes – Create a Fun-Filled Celebration with These Fabulous Cake Ideas

Everyone has a favorite animal – whether real or imaginary. Animal-themed parties allow guests to enjoy a birthday celebration that brings back fond feelings of closeness that they have experienced with animals throughout their lifetime, hours of imaginary play that they experienced as a child, or the imaginative adventures that they personally experienced with various types of mythical and pretend animals.

Animal cakes are more than a design; they are a popular option for those that wish to throw a birthday party that engages those that are in attendance and to create memories for many years to come.

Throughout this page, we have posted many pictures of various types of animal birthday cakes that our readers have personally created and submitted to us. We also have some pictures of animal cakes that have been professionally created. If you have an interest in creating this type of cake, we encourage you to look over these photographs for the spark of creativity that will allow you to create a beautiful, fun masterpiece that will be perfect for absolutely any type of birthday bash.

alligator cakebeaver cake
Courtesy of: Lincoln Log Courtesy of: Emer & Sam
caterpillar cakehorse cake
Courtesy of: Edwaado Courtesy of: Samdogs
horse cakeladybug cake
Courtesy of: Am. Candy Stand Courtesy of: Stuart Berry
ladybug cakelion cake
Courtesy of: Jetalone Courtesy of: Fred Hsu
monkey cakemonkey cake
Courtesy of: Kristin A. Courtesy of: MontageMan
octopus cakesheep cake
Courtesy of: Richie Courtesy of: LittleMissCupcakeParis
sheep caketeddy bear cake
Courtesy of: Moron Noodle Courtesy of: Kristin A.
teddy bear caketeddy bear cake
Courtesy of: Monjurul Hoque Courtesy of: Payslmaginaire
turtle caketurtle cake
Courtesy of: Sweet Angel Delights Courtesy of: Omad

If you find, after looking through our pictures, that you are experiencing complications in creating animal birthday cakes, the following set of instructions may assist you in your endeavor:

Instructions on Creating a Puppy Animal Cake

Items Needed:

  • 10” Wide by 2” Deep Puppy Dog Cake Pan
  • 2 Boxes of Cake Mix
  • Icing
  • Cake Tray
  • Rolling Pin
  • 24 Ounces of White Fondant – Rolled
  • Black Gel Paste
  • Icing Tip #3

Step 1: Prepare the cake mix, place in puppy dog cake pan, bake, and allow to cool.

Step 2: Place the cake on the cake tray.

Step 3: Roll out the white fondant and cover the cake.

Step 4: Then, use the white icing to cover the cake, using the icing tip #3.

Step 5: Mix the black gel paste with the white fondant to create black ears and black spots that will be placed in various locations on the cake.

Step 6: Once the spots and ears have been created, place them on the cake.

Step 7: You should use the black fondant to create little black dots for the cheeks section of the cake and straight lines for the feet. You may also use it to create a black circle around one of the eyes of the puppy dog.

Now that you have observed our pictures and have a set of instructions to assist you, it is now time to try to make one or more animal cakes of your own. Be certain to jot down any techniques that you use and to take plenty of pictures of your creation. You may then revisit this page and upload the pictures and information that you desire via our submission link. By taking the time to show off your creative talent, you may inspire others to utilize theirs! We look forward to seeing your animal birthday cakes!

Share Your Favorite, Tasty Ideas For Animal Birthday Cakes

If you had a big animal themed birthday bash for your child, you probably made a fabulous cake. We’d love to hear about your animal birthday cakes. Share your tips for baking animal cakes, whether you made a giraffe cake, a puppy cake or a cake featuring some other adorable animal.


Cake Submitted By:
Kelly - Milwaukee, WI
Animal Cakes

animal cakes

These giraffe and pig cakes were made for my daughter's 1st birthday. The theme was an animal party. They were fairly easy to make. I just followed the instructions that came with the animal cake pan I had. Everyone loved them!


Cake Submitted By:
Robin - Florida
Animal Cakes


My teen daughter loved owls, and we needed a big cake for our big family. I didn't have the supplies needed to pipe icing, so instead I decorated the cake with food items. See if you can recognize them!


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