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To Help You Create An Angel 1st Birthday Party

If you’re little angel is turning one, a lil’ angel 1st birthday party is a cute idea for that very first birthday. It’s a great way to celebrate your little angel’s first year and this theme is sure to be the background for some adorable pictures. The great thing about going with an angel theme party is that ideas are everywhere.

While an angel theme for a kid's birthday party is sure to be cute around the Christmas season, it’s also a great theme that is perfect at any time of the year. For a bit of inspiration, here are some fun ideas to get help you started planning for this all-important event.


HALO INVITES - Bend metallic pipe cleaners into a circle and embellish with tulle, satin ribbons, strings of mini pearls, and white feathers. Print out onto a piece of angel-themed scrapbook paper all of your party details and attach to the halo. For added fun, when you hand-deliver your invites, dress your little one up in an angel costume to make the delivery.

ANGEL CLIPART - It’s always great to highlight your party theme with your invitations and you can make or purchase invites to go along with your angel party theme. You can easily use a word processing program along with some great angel clip art to make a simple and cute invitation.

EMBELLISHED INVITES - Another great idea is to make a simple invitation out of cardstock and then decorate the invitation with angel stickers and other fun embellishments. If you’re looking for stickers and embellishments for your invites, look in the scrapbooking section of a hobby store.

ANGEL-SHAPED INVITES - Of course, if you have a little time and some creativity, you can also create an invitation that actually looks like an angel. Invitations in simple angel shapes look great and you can color them in the colors you plan to use for your party décor.


Turn your little one into an angelic sweetie with a cute little halo, wings, and wand. The halo could be made out of twisted metallic pipe cleaners and accented with white satin ribbons, mini pearl strands and perhaps marabou feathers. Add a simple white dress made out of gossamer, chiffon or perhaps a tulle overlay--anything that gives that angelic look. Of course you'll want to add some little wings that can also be accented with any of the above embellishments.


The decorations you choose for your lil’ angel 1st birthday party will depend on the color scheme that you select. For an angel theme, you have many options. You can go with white, gold and silver, which offers a “heavenly” backdrop for the party. Another option for a little girl’s party is to use pink, silver and pale yellow. For a little boy, blue and silver will make a great color palette. If you take your cue from the Lil' Angel party decorations, then you'll want to go with black and pink.

  • Once you decide on your color scheme, you can then purchase paper goods, streamers, balloons, and other items in those colors to set the tone for your party and create your angelic atmosphere.

  • Of course, you’ll want to include plenty of angels as a part of your décor as well. Consider creating your own out of poster board, decorating them with the colors you’ve chosen, and adding plenty of glitter to make them sparkle.

  • Angel posters, stuffed angels and angel figurines also make great decorations that you can use throughout the party area.
  • To break thing us a bit, hearts and clouds can also be used to complement the overall angel theme that you’re using.

  • Create a little whimsy by covering your tabletop with satin and accenting with the corners with bows made out of tulle. You can also accent the chairs with a tulle bow or opt for a little pair of angel wings which little ones can take home as a favor.
  • Hang glittery stars from the ceiling at various heights using fishing line. The stars can be made out of poster board and embellished with glitter, feather boa, sequins, pearls, and anything else that you can find that will help add to your angelic atmosphere. You can also add a few clouds into the mix, just cover the poster board with cotton balls or polyester stuffing that is used with crafts.

  • Decorate the room accordingly with mini white Christmas lights. Accent the doorways and window frames and perhaps around the perimeter of the party room.


To keep your young guests entertained, it’s nice to have a few games and activities.

PIN THE WINGS ON THE ANGEL - Pin the wings on the angel is a cute little game very similar to pin the tail on the donkey. Simply put a large angel on the wall and make angel wings that your little guests can stick on the angel.

MUSICAL CLOUDS - This is another fun game that is taken from the traditional musical chairs. The only difference is you'll be using pillows placed on the floor. You might need to enlist the help of a few tween or teen helpers to make sure little ones find their way to their clouds.

ANGEL COLORING - For little ones who are discovering the thrill of coloring, give them each a printout of an angel and let them create their masterpiece. Simply make sure you have plenty of crayons on hand.

FINGER PAINTING - If you’re feeling really adventurous, finger painting can be a fun activity as well.


Finger foods are definitely a great food option and you can customize them to go along with your angel party theme.

Consider finger sandwiches in the shapes of clouds or angels.

Angel hair pasta with a light cream or red sauce would be yummy, just be sure to cut it up to make eating an easier and less messy affair.

Serve up some marshmallows and call them angel clouds.

Cookies in the shape of angel wings are a cute food option too.

For drink, serve up some lemonade and call it angel juice.


ANGEL CUPCAKES - Angel food cupcakes will look good with a light, fluffy icing and a little angel pick. Another fun idea would be to add some little white fondant angel wings that have a dusting of edible gold.

ANGEL WING CAKE - For the birthday cake, a cake shaped like angel wings or a sheet cake decorated with an angelic scene is sure to be a hit.

LIL' ANGEL CAKE - Let your party ware be your guide. Start by making your favorite cake and then take your decorating cue from your party ware. Ultimately you'll want your cake to be black, white and pink and look like a combination of the Lil Angel motifs and designs.


Be sure to send guests home with a nice thank you gift at the end of the party. Great angel party theme favor ideas include wrapped angel-shaped cookies and stuffed angels. Angel themed coloring books or story books are great favor options to consider too. Another fun option would be to give little ones a bottle of bubbles that has been covered with pretty paper to coincide with your theme. If you can find an angel bath toy that would make a wonderful favor for an angel theme party and little ones may very well enjoy playing with it for years to come.

Give Us Your Most Exciting Ideas For An Angel Party Theme

Have you thrown a birthday party with an angel party theme? If so, you probably have some great ideas for costumes, cakes and games. We’d love to hear about your favorite ideas. Feel free to share your angle themed games, decorations, invitations and more. Don’t forget to clue us into you’re your tips for costumes and tasty birthday cakes.

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