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For any child, learning the ABCs is very important. After all, the alphabet is a fundamental part of learning to read and write.

You might already be using various teaching methods to teach your child the ABCs, so why not use this theme for a fun alphabet birthday party for your little one’s first birthday. This party theme will focus, of course, on the alphabet but you can also make it very colorful, which your little guests are sure to enjoy. An alphabet birthday party is easy to plan and there are many excellent tips and ideas that you can use to make sure you throw the perfect 1st birthday party.


Alphabet Birthday Party Invitations

Unfortunately, right now you might not find a lot of ready-made invites to buy and you might have to roll up your sleeves and get creative in order to create your own cute invitation.

INITIAL INVITATIONS - One fun idea is to use different colors of paper to cut out the initials of your child. You can decorate with some glitter and then put all the party information on the other side of the invitations.

BIRTHDAY NAME INVITATIONS - Cut out of primary-colored card stock, the birthday child's name and make sure all the letters are joined together. On one side put all the party details and on the reverse side, decorate the edges with glitter.

ABC PARTY INVITATIONS #1 – Cut some yellow card stock so you have two pieces. Then, fold them in half so they open like a book. Use some rubber stamps to decorate the front with ABCs or the name of the child. Add the party details on the inside.

ABC PARTY INVITATIONS #2 - Cut 8.5" x 11" card stock into 4 pieces. Put "Come To My ABC Party" or "Come To My Alphabet Party" on the front. Either use ABC block stickers or cut the blocks from scrapbook papers with an ABC design and glue to the front. Put the party details on back.

Alphabet Birthday Party Invitations

ABC BLOCK INVITATIONS #1 – Create a “block” by using a white gift box that assembles into a square. On one side of the block, write “Come to My Alphabet Party and Celebrate with Me.” Place the details underneath. On the other sides of the box, add an “A,” “B” and “C.” You can use alphabet stickers or stencil in some graphics to add to the beauty of the “block.” Make sure you add instructions for guests so they know how to assemble it.

ABC BLOCK INVITATIONS #2 - Another fun invitation idea is to create an invitation that features ABC blocks on the front. Draw a 3-d block with letters on it or print out clip art to glue to the invitation.

ABC PHOTO INVITATIONS – Take a piece of regular card stock (8.5 inch by 11 inch) and cut in half. Then fold each half in half again. Take a picture of your child playing with some ABC blocks. Cut the photo so it is a bit smaller than your invitation using some decorating scissors. Use glue to attach it to the invitation on the front. Above the photo, write “Please Come to My ABC Party” or write “You’re Invited to Attend My ABC Party.” Take some textured white paper and cut it so it fits on the inside of the invite. Write all the details on the textured paper and then attach to the inside of the invitation.

Suggested Wording For Invitations:

Yay you,
Yay me,
Let’s have fun,
I’ll be one!

Come To (Name's) ABC Birthday Party!
Date & Time:
Party Location:
RSVP to:
Bring a high chair


You can have your little guests all wear bright, bold primary colors to the party to match your birthday decor.

You can also invite them to wear a costume to coincide with the first letter of their name. For example, Lilly might wear a "Ladybug" costume and David might wear a "Dinosaur" costume.

Upon arrival, provide everyone with a bright yellow t-shirt, which will be used later for a simple Mommy & Me craft project listed in the Games and Activities section.


As you begin decorating for the alphabet birthday party, start with a color palette that includes primary colors like green, yellow, blue and red.

Alphabet Birthday Party Decorations

  • Announce to all your guests--okay their parents--that your baby is turning one with a big birthday banner hung on the garage door. It can be designed with individually blocked letters which will be a great introduction to your alphabet party.

  • Use some balloons and some streamers in party colors to decorate the ceilings of the party area.

  • Decorate archways or doorways with any streamers.

  • Make your own letters from A-Z and then hang them from the ceiling or the walls. Easily make them using craft foam, poster board or even some construction paper in different colors.

  • It’s also fun to include pictures of things that start with each letter, hanging them along with the letter in the alphabet. For example, the letter "A" might have a picture of an apple by it and the letter "S" might have a picture of a snake next to it.

Alphabet Birthday Party Decorations

  • Hang a happy first birthday banner on the wall made in primary colors and decorated with alphabet party ABC blocks. Make a photo collage of photos from your child’s young life. Hang it up on one of the walls.

  • Put alphabet wall appliques on your party room walls and when the party is over, transfer them to your child's bedroom wall. Cover tables in one primary color and use a second primary color for the plates and plastic ware.

  • In the alternative, cover tables with an ABC-printed fabric. Then add some actual ABC blocks, preferably wooden as they'll add a bit of character to your table. You can also make your own larger blocks for a bigger impact on the table. Try making them out of cardboard and then cutting out letters in different colors to put on your homemade blocks.

  • For a table centerpiece, tie balloons to large ABC blocks and set it on colorful shred.

  • Decorate food table with ABC blocks and , balloons and some curling ribbons.

    Attach pretty balloons to the high chair of each guest. Decorate high chairs with primary-colored bows, curling ribbon, alphabet letters, etc.

Alphabet Birthday Party Decorations

  • Laminate the pictures of ABC blocks to make placemats.

  • Create a photo area by taking large boxes and covering them with wrapping paper in primary colors. Accent with strips of coordinating paper around the edges of the box. Place pictures and letters in the middle of the blocks. Stack them up and allow kids to have their picture taken with the blocks.

  • Attach primary-colored balloons to your mailbox, tie to your car or hang them from a tree so guests know where the party is being held.

  • Attach wood stakes and helium balloons together, using them to line your sidewalk.


Here's an entire page with nothing but Alphabet Games and Activities related to the alphabet including:

  • T-Shirt Keepsake
  • ABC Face Painting
  • ABC Reading Time
  • ABC Building Blocks
  • ABC Box Race
  • ABC Bean Bag Toss
  • Alphabet Party Activity Centers


MINI SANDWICHES - Small sandwiches can be served at the alphabet birthday party. Simply cut them into letters of the alphabet to make them go along with the theme.

GERBER GRADUATES - Contact parents to find out what stage their baby eats.

ABC MAC & CHEESE - Make your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe using ABC-shaped pasta.

ORE-IDA ABC TATER TOTS - The perfect side dish for an Alphabet Party.

JELL-O JIGGLERS - Cut these little jigglers into alphabetic letters.

BLOCKS OF MUNCHIES - Create "blocks" to serve various munchies. Cover small boxes in primary colored paper and line with foil. Decorate outside with ABC's. Fill with goldfish, Honeycomb cereal, Chex cereal, and Cherrios. Give each baby their own "block."

ALPHABET COOKIES - Teach little ones the alphabet and numbers by making some fun cookies in all the various shapes. You can also turn this into a cookie-decorating craft and let your little guests "decorate" their letters.

ABC FOODS - Serve various foods in keeping with the alphabet. Emphasize the beginning letter of item you serve. For example:

A is for Applesauce
B is for Bananas
C is for Cheese & crackers
G is for Grilled cheese or Graham crackers
P is for Peanut Butter
S is for Spaghetti
W is for Watermelon
BRIGHT YELLOW PUNCH - Put lemonade in punch bowl. Intensify color with lemon-lime Gatorade. Float clean ABC's on top.


baby blocks cake image ABC BLOCK CAKE – Start by baking three cakes in the shape of squares. Use primary colors to frost them. Place an “A” on one, a “B” on another, and a “C” on the third one. Put two of the cakes beside each other, then put the third one on top of the two cakes to make the cake look like blocks.

ABC CUPCAKES – Make a cupcake recipe, decorating the cupcakes in fun, primary colors. Add letters of the alphabet to the cupcakes in frosting.

ALPHABET BLOCK CAKE – Start by baking four square cakes, 8-inch. Ensure every one is the same side and trim to make them level. Stack cakes, adding frosting between every layer. Each side should be frosted in a different primary color. The top and all the sides should be frosted with one letter from the alphabet. ALPHABET PARTY CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake and decorate it with an ABC-themed edible sugar art image.

CREATE-A-SHAPE CAKE - This is a special pan that allows you to arrange 2" square blocks to form letter combinations. The blocks fit into grid grooves to stay secure while you pour the batter into the blocks. Arrange the blocks to spell "ABC" or the birthday child's name. Frost and decorate in primary colors.

You can check out our ALPHABET CAKE IDEAS tips and pictures. I'm sure you will some get great ideas from these fabulous photos.


Send home your young guests with a colorful bag that is decorated with ABC stickers and filled with some cute alphabet themed favors when the alphabet party is over. Some cute ideas include alphabet coloring books with crayons or markers, magnetic letters, ABC wood blocks, ABC plush blocks and ABC stickers.

Cookies in the shapes of letters are a fun edible favor idea or you may want to give out a fun book that teaches kids their ABCs. For a take-home treat, insert a popsicle stick into an Oreo's cream center and dip into melted chocolate. Let dry on wax paper. Pipe on "ABC". Wrap in cellophane and tie off with a bow.

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