Alphabet Party Ideas For 1st Birthday

by Deliah Shaw

ABC It's All About Me!

ABC It's All About Me!

My favorite 1st birthday party is an alphabet party theme. Here are some 1st birthday party ideas that I used for my daughter's birthday.

Make ABC invites out of the birthday baby's name and card stock.

Create a table centerpiece out of building blocks, colorful balloons and curling ribbons. I glued the blocks together. I also glued a little teddy bear to sit on top of the blocks.

I decorated the walls using a lot of alphabet letters. To save time I bought pre-made letters from the teachers' resource section at the dollar store.

As the babies arrived, I had my friend paint a little ABC on one of their cheeks.

I used ABC cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches and make sugar cookies.

I made little favor bags out of paper bags that I added alphabet stickers too.

Hope this helps to get you started making your own baby's alphabet party.

An alphabet party is always loads of fun and these are some wonderful user submitted 1st birthday party ideas that you can try. I came up with a few more fun ideas that you may want to integrate into your own alphabet party.

If you need a good invitation idea to go with your alphabet theme, consider making invitations that look like alphabet blocks. You probably remember those alphabet blocks you had when you were a kid. On a piece of cardstock, draw three blocks. Two on the bottom and one block on top of them. Use stencils to add a letter of the alphabet to each block. After making the first one, you can use it for a template to help you make the rest. Use markers to add some color to the blocks. Cut out the blocks. On the back, add in the party details.

To make it even more fun, consider finding a set of those alphabet blocks and attaching the paper invitations to an alphabet block with some ribbon or string for a unique invitation.

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