Alphabet Party - Alphabet Flash Card Game

by Roxanne Turner
(Boise, ID)

ABC - 123 - This Party Is Just For Me!

ABC - 123 - This Party Is Just For Me!

Although this may be a little advanced for one year olds, it is still fun for them to play and maybe you have a few toddlers at the party too.

Arrange some of the alphabet flash cards in ascending order. Ask your child to close their eyes. Quickly remove one card from the arranged ones. Now ask your child to open their eyes and find out which one is missing. Of course, you will have to help them figure out the missing card, but when you are able to get them to repeat what you have said, encourage them by giving them a hug.

Since many kids are already beginning to learn their ABCs at this age, an alphabet party is such a fun choice for a 1stbirthday. It gives you may fun ideas for decorations, food, games and more. For example, it’s easy to find letters of the alphabet at party stores that you can hang around the room. You can serve up some alphabet soup to your young guests, which is fun and tasty.


If you want to play some alphabet games, one idea is to play the “Alphabet Song.” Play the song for the kids and allow them to dance around and sing along. Music is wonderful for kids and can help them better retain what they learn. They’ll be having fun and learning at the same time. A copy of this song is easy to find online.


Another fun idea for alphabet games is to find an alphabet coloring book and print out different pages for the kids to color. Once the kids are done coloring, you can show their pictures to everyone else, taking a minute to talk about the letter of the alphabet on their page.


When your alphabet party is over, consider sending kids home with their own alphabet coloring book and a box of crayons. You can also find sets of magnetic alphabet toys or even alphabet puzzles that make great little favors for your young guests as well. The parents of your guests are sure to appreciate the educational, yet fun, gifts that you give out at the end of the party.

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