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If you have decided your Baby's 1st birthday theme is going to be an Alphabet Party, then you are probably in need of some ideas for games that have an ABC theme.

To help get you started in your quest for the "perfect" games to entertain your little tots, along with keeping the focus of the games on the alphabet, I've put together several options that you might want to consider. These games are not only a great choice for toddlers, but also for that all-important 1st birthday party. They are geared toward young learners and some allow for parent-child interaction. So, if you're throwing an Alphabet Party, keep reading and scrolling so you can check out these great games.


T-SHIRT KEEPSAKE - Give everyone a yellow t-shirt when to create an alphabet theme "costume" and let the little ones make it personal with the assistance of Mom, Dad, or helpers. Using fabric paints, write the name of each child on the front. Then put fabric paint on each of their hands and press them on to the shirt under their name. Be sure to set the shirts out of little hands reach while they dry.

ABC FACE PAINTING - When guests arrive at the alphabet party, have a face painting station where kids can have their name painted on their face, little ABC's on one of their checks, or perhaps random letters of the alphabet on their hand. This is a great activity to get the party started.

ABC READING TIME - To quiet the little ones down, have them sit in a circle and read an ABC book to them.

ABC BUILDING BLOCKS - An ABC Party wouldn't be complete without giving the little tykes some time to build with toy alphabet blocks. Create your own, by covering square, empty tissue boxes with colorful papers and decorating them with ABC's. You can also provide the basic ABC blocks and a set of alphabet nesting stacking blocks for free play time.

ABC BOX RACE - Decorate cardboard boxes that are large enough for a baby to sit in. paint boxes in primary colors and paint coordinating ABC's on the sides. Put a pillow in each box for comfort. Line the babies up on the start line and parents push them to the finish line.

ABC BEAN BAG TOSS - Sew red, yellow, blue, and green beanbags out of fabric and fill with beans. Cover cardboard boxes in various primary colored wrapping papers and decorate with ABC's. Have babies try to toss their bean bags into the boxes.

MOVIE TIME - A short movie that includes something related to the alphabet, such as a Barney DVD that teaches the alphabet, offers a great education and fun activity.

ALPHABET GAMES ACTIVITY CENTERS - Set-up activity centers for each letter of the alphabet. Place a sign with a large letter at each center, along with the posted activity for everyone to do.

A - Airplane. Pretend to be airplanes and fly around room.
B - Boat. Float a boat in a wading pool.
C - Car. Plays with a car.
D - Dance. Dance to music.
E - Elephant. Imitates an elephant.
F - Feather. Tickles each other with a feather.
G - Glasses. Put on silly glasses with big nose.
H - Horse. Play with plastic horses.
I - Insects. Have plastic insects available to play with.
J - Jump. Do jumping activities. Jump on right or left foot or both feet.
K - Kazoo. Blow kazoos and parade around.
L - Ladybug. "face" paint a ladybug on the top of each baby's hand.
M - Monkey. Imitate a monkey.
N - Nail. Pound plastic "nail" with plastic hammer into shape sorter.
O - Orange. Eat bites of orange.
P - Pin. Play pin the tail on the pig.
Q - Queen. Put crowns on the babies and take pictures.
R - Ring. Let them play with stacking ring toys.
S - Shapes. Play with shape puzzles.
T - Trains. Play with trains.
U - Ukuleles. Learn to play a few songs, then play and sing with babies.
V - Vehicles. Play with various vehicles.
W - Watermelon. Eat pieces of watermelon.
X - Xylophone. Let them make music with a xylophone.
Y - Yo-yo. Do yo-yo tricks for the little ones.
Z - Zoo. Read a short zoo story emphasizing the word "zoo."

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