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Fun And Fabulous Alligator Party Ideas
That Have Just A Little Bit Of Bit To Them

Alligators are certainly intriguing animals and many children, especially little boys, find them to be very interesting.

So, if you are trying to come up with a special 1st birthday party that isn't run of the mill, perhaps an alligator theme party just might float your boat. It has the potential to not only be a really fun time, but will also certainly be unique!

If your little man will soon be one, planning a fun and exciting alligator party is sure to be a big hit. You can incorporate alligators into every step of the party planning, even using other swamp themed items to make the party memorable for everyone. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start planning, the following ideas offer great tips that you can use to throw the perfect alligator birthday party.


You may want to purchase some premade invitations for your alligator party. If you do purchase invitations, dress them up with some extra embellishments, such as alligator stickers and coordinating glitter, to make them even more fun. Making your own invitations can be exciting and allows you to give out one-of-a-kind invitations that are unique and creative.

ALLIGATOR INVITATION #1 - One fun idea is to buy small alligator figures and then put each one in an empty toilet paper roll that has been painted green. Write the party information on cardstock and then roll it up and put it inside the tube as well. On the outside of your tube, write “Handle with Care!” You can mail out the tubes or deliver them by hand.

ALLIGATOR INVITATION #2 - If your alligator theme party is for a little girl and you want to be sure the invite has a girlish appeal, then why not start with a piece of light pink card stock. Download a cute little alligator as the focal point and then decorate the edges with colorful flowers and butterflies. Type out all the part details in pink, lime green or combination of the two.

ALLIGATOR TOY INVITES - Type out all of your party into and download it onto a piece of decorative scrap paper that ties into your theme. Laminate the paper and cut out the invite using a pair of decorate scissors. Then attach the invite to a stuffed alligator toy. You could punch a hole in the invite, run a ribbon through it and tie it to the neck. Hand-deliver to your guests' mom or dad.

Coming up with some fun wording can really make your invitations stand out as well. Here are a few alligator themed wording ideas to use:

- We’re throwing a “Tail Gator” to celebrate (Name’s) very 1st birthday.

- You’re invited to the (Last Name) swamp.

- See you later alligator and make sure you RSVP.

- (Name’s) crocodile rock will be on (party date and time).


Invite your guests to all join in and wear alligator costumes.

In the alternative as guests arrive you might consider giving them each a t-shirt that has an alligator decal on the front.

You could also opt to have a teen or two on hand to do a little bit of alligator face painting.


Turn your party area into a swamp with some great decorations. Here are a few ideas to help get your lizard brain thinking:

  • Use alligator and swamp colors for the alligator birthday party, including green, browns and any other accent colors you might want to add.

  • Create a swamp area by using artificial plants and trees all around the room. For added fun, put some white twinkle lights in the trees.

  • Alligator-shaped balloons can add to the décor and you can decorate with toy alligators, both plush and plastic, too.

  • If you can find some inflatable alligator pool floats, blow them up and then put them in the room for the kids to play on.

  • Tie a bouquet of balloons to an alligator pinata and use it as a centerpiece of the party table.

  • Decorate the ceiling with twisted green and brown streamers.

  • Hang some bird cutouts or inflatable birds from the ceiling on fishing line.

  • Hang some alligator posters on the walls to instantly transform them into a swamp theme.

  • Be sure to use alligator themed party ware to bring a little alligator pizzazz to the party table.

ZOO FUN - If you have a zoo in the area and it has an alligator, perhaps incorporating a trip to the zoo might be fun. In fact, you might even be able to host the party at the zoo as it is often the case that they have party rooms available.

ALLIGATOR WRESTLING - Start the party by having a little photo booth for “alligator wrestling.” Here you can have a big plush alligator that the little guests can “wrestle” while having their picture taken. Then their parents can have a cute picture to take home from the party.

PIN THE TAIL ON THE ALLIGATOR - Another fun and easy game to play is pin the tail on the alligator. Use an alligator poster or draw your own alligator, making several tails that your guests can try to pin on the gator.

VIDEO - If you happen to have some Steve Irwin videos, show some video of him with some alligators or crocodiles.

GATOR COLORING - It’s also fun to print out some gator coloring pages for kids to color or engage kids by reading them a gator themed story book.


Let the food you choose for the alligator party carry on your theme. Start out by creating some little gator sandwiches, which can be made with an alligator cookie cutter.

Another fun idea is to make some gator shaped cookies for your guests to munch on. Your alligator cookie cutter can be used to cut other foods into these shapes, such as cheese.

For the drink, serve up some green punch and label it as “swamp juice.” It’s easy to make with lemon lime soda and some lime sherbet.


ALLIGATOR CUPCAKES - To make it easy to serve your little guests why not opt to create your alligator out of cupcakes. Start by making your favorite recipe and then cover the tops with green frosting. Lay out the cupcakes onto a foil covered cake board into the shape of an alligator. Use banana candy for the claws. Accent the back with pieces of chocolate bar cut into triangles or cut square cookies on the diagonal.

ALLIGATOR CAKE #1 - Consider making a cute alligator shaped cake, decorated with green icing. You can even color the actual cake green with a few drops of some green food coloring in the cake batter.

Start by baking a sheet cake. Then create an alligator template on paper to use as a guide to cut the shape of the alligator out of the cake. Cover the cake with green frosting. Push two marshmallows together to form the eyes and create the eyeballs and note using black piped out frosting. Cut up two jumbo marshmallows to one another and cover them with green frosting and place on the head for the eyes. Leave the ends white and press a dark brown M&M into each side for the eyeball.

ALLIGATOR CAKE #2 - For the head bake one cake in a Christmas tree cake pan. For the body you'll need to bake a Bundt cake and cut it into three equal sections. To create the alligator body, lay the pieces on a cake board covered with foil. Frost everything green or pipe out the frosting to cover the cakes. Cut a jumbo marshmallow into two pieces and press into the head for the eyes. Use black cake gel to create the eyeballs and nose. Use black licorice strings for the claws. Use gummy spearmint leaves for the spiny back. Using white frosting pipe out white teeth around the mouth area.


End your party by sending all your guests home with some great alligator party favors. Cute little alligator squirt toys are fun favors to give out. Cute stuffed alligator toys or plastic alligator toys also make great favors. Green swirl lollipops, alligator themed favor boxes and wind up alligator toys can also be used as great favor ideas.

Have You Crafted An Alligator Party?

If you have gone outside of the box and hosted a non-traditional alligator party, you probably came up with a lot of cool ideas. If so, tell us all about it!

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